Punky Brewster

Season 4 Episode 4

Poor Margaux

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM May 02, 1988 on NBC



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    • Punky: Hi, Henry. You still working on your bills?
      Henry: Oh, yes. We've overextended again this month. We've got to start economizing. After all...
      Punky and Henry: ...money doesn't grow on trees.
      Henry: We could save quite a bit if we just...
      Punky and Henry: ...tighten our belts and cut a few corners.
      Henry: Punky, this is serious. When I was your age...
      Punky and Henry: ...children knew the value of a dollar.

    • Betty: (to Punky and Cherie) Well, girls, that's terrific! You guys earned your half, so we'll pay the other half. That was the deal, right Henry?
      Henry: My ice cream's melting. (rushes into kitchen, Betty follows him)
      Betty: Henry, your ice cream is as hard as your head. You just don't want to own up to the deal you made with those girls.
      Henry: That's not fair. The only reason I made the deal in the first place was because I never thought they'd pull it off.
      Betty: Well, they did. They set a goal and reached it. I'll really proud of them.
      Henry: Want to be even more proud? Then pay for both of them.
      Betty: Henry!
      Henry: Relax. I think I'm kidding.

    • Margaux: Oh, grow up you two! We all know you only like me because I have money.
      Cherie: That's not true!
      Margaux: Okay, then why do you like me?...Well?
      Punky: We're thinking!

    • Margaux: That trip meant a lot to you two, and you gave it up for me. Why'd you do it?
      Punky: You're our friend.
      Cherie: Yeah, and you're more important than a silly old ski trip.
      Margaux: You guys...if you think you promise not to mess up my hair, maybe we could...hug?

    • Punky: You're broke? That's impossible. Henry says that you guys are so rich that when your parents got married, they didn't throw rice--they threw Chinese people!

    • Margaux: Oh, that's right, you two have never been here before, have you? How come?
      Punky: You've never invited us.
      Margaux: I knew there was a reason.

    • Cherie: (in Margaux's room) Punky, we should live like this. We were born for caviar and champagne!
      Punky: No, we were born for Doritos and chocolate milk!

    • Punky: It's Margaux. I feel so sorry for her. She's been a mess ever since she found out she got bankruptured.

    • Betty: Thanks to you, Henry, I'll never be able to show my face in that market again.
      Henry: That's a break for the store, one look from you and the lettuce wilts."

  • Notes

    • Ivon Bonar played as Dean Hopkins on the long running series "The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet" in its last two seasons, and also played as Henderson Palmer on "The Colbys" in the mid 1980s.

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