Punky Brewster

Season 1 Episode 4

Punky Gets Her Own Room / Lost and Found

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Oct 07, 1984 on NBC
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Tired of sleeping on the couch every night, Punky asks Henry for her own bedroom, but the only room available just happens to be his favorite spot in the apartment.
If it were up to Henry, he would only go shopping a couple times a year, but with a child to take care of, he is forced to visit the supermarket. Unfortunately, the day presents more than a few challenges for both of them.


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    Soleil Moon Frye

    Soleil Moon Frye

    Penelope "Punky" Brewster

    George Gaynes

    George Gaynes

    Henry Warnimont

    T.K. Carter

    T.K. Carter

    Mike Fulton

    Casey Ellison

    Casey Ellison

    Allen Anderson

    Ami Foster

    Ami Foster

    Margaux Kramer

    Cherie Johnson

    Cherie Johnson

    Cherie Johnson

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • This is the first (but not the last) time that a regular 30-minute episode of Punky Brewster was replaced with two separate little 15-minute stories. This was done in case Monday night football ran late, and that way, they could show a 15-minute episode of Punky instead of cancelling it altogether.

      • When Punky thought that Henry abandoned her at the store, she walked back to the apartment by herself. How did she get in without a key?

    • QUOTES (10)

      • Punky: (as she sees the back of Henry's legs, covered with paint) Uh-oh. Five...four...three...two...one!
        (she covers her ears)
        Henry: PUNKY!!

      • Punky: Gee, I sure wish I had my own bedroom.
        Cherie: Yeah, a bedroom has a bed. This is a couchroom.
        Punky: Maybe I could ask Henry for his study.
        Cherie: Forget it. Nobody can get him to give that room up.
        Punky: Well, I'm not nobody. I'm Punky Brewster!

      • Henry: You had no right to change this room, young lady!
        Punky: But I thought you'd like it.
        Henry: I want everything put back exactly the way it was!
        Punky: (sadly) Okay. (starts to leave, turns back around) You know, Henry, I was hoping that you and I could become like a real family. I was hoping that I could feel like I belonged here, but how can I when everything in this whole place belongs to you?

      • Henry: Punky, I'll tell you something right now; I'll never ever leave you.
        Punky: Repeat after me - I, Henry Warnimont...
        Henry: I, Henry Warnimont...
        Punky: ...will never leave Punky Brewster.
        Henry: ...will never leave Punky Brewster.
        Punky: And if I do...
        Henry: And if I do...
        Punky: ...I'll eat a horny toad.
        Henry: ......I'll eat a horny toad.

      • Punky: Has anyone seen a grumpy old man that never smiles?

      • Punky: Let's see, what cereal should I get - Sugar O's, Sugar Bits or Sugar Beasties? I'll get Sugar Beasties - cause it has a free gift inside.
        Henry: With all that sugar, you'd better hope that the free gift is a set of false teeth.
        Punky: Ah, please, Henry, can I have some Sugar Beasties?
        Henry: Alright - you can have a little box.
        Punky: But the bigger ones are cheaper; you said so yourself!
        Henry: Come on, let's hurry it up, I want to get out of here before this food reaches it's expiration date.

      • Punky: Can we buy these pretty little bottles of fruit-punch?
        Henry: No. It's cheaper to buy this big ugly bottle.

      • Punky: What's a budget?
        Henry: It's how much money we're allowed to spend.
        Punky: Is that like an allowance?
        Henry: Sort of.
        Punky: When am I gonna start getting my allowance?
        Henry: When you're 25.
        Punky: But by then I'll be working and making my own money!
        Henry: Exactly.

      • Henry: Look at these soap powders, every one of them says "new and improved".
        Punky: What's the matter with that?
        Henry: I liked it better when they were "old and cheap"!

      • Punky: Henry, we're out of cereal and milk.
        Henry: Punky, what ever happened to "good morning, how are you today?"?
        Punky: Good morning, how are you today - we're still out of cereal and milk.

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