Punky Brewster

Season 3 Episode 2

Punky's Big Story

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Nov 02, 1987 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Curiously, Mrs. Winston never actually gave anyone the job of General Assignment Reporter, which was probably the job Punky was looking for. She only gave out various feature columns, to Margaux (fashion), Cherie (food critic), Spud (sports) and Punky (human interest).

    • For most of this episode Punky wears a fedora with a colorful hand-drawn "PRESS" badge attached to it.

      Late in the episode, during the scenes where she was catching flak for her gossip from everyone, she was also wearing a handwritten nametag that reads "YES, I'M PUNKY".

  • Quotes

    • Henry: (reads Punky's newspaper article) "Reliable room of department. What boy whose initials are J.W. was seen kissing what girl whose initials are C.F. behind the dessert cart in the cafeteria"? This is a bit gossipy.
      Punky: Yeah, the kids loved it.
      Henry: What happened to that fascinating interview with Mr. Weaver?
      Punky: The kids hated it. This is what kids wanna be. Boy meets girl. Boy kisses girl. Boy gets fat lip.

    • Punky: What's the matter?
      Peggy: Oh, nothing. Just that you ruined my life, that's all!
      Punky: You asked me to mention your party in my column.
      Peggy: I didn't ask you to mention that I had two boyfriends!
      Punky: Had?
      Peggy: Had. They both read your column and got into a big fight.
      Punky: Oops. (pauses) I'm sure they'll make up.
      Peggy: Oh, well, they already did, right after they dumped me!
      Punky: How about if I have a little chat with them at your party?
      Peggy: You are not coming to my party. In fact, I'm spreading the word about you. You'll never get invited to another party ever again!

    • Punky: (reads from her newspaper article to Henry) "What boy whose name rhymes with 'mud' ran 99 yards in the wrong direction, scoring a winning touchdown for the other team? Peggy 'Miss Popularity' is in a pickle. She's having a big party this Saturday night. The question is, which one of her two boyfriends will be there"?
      Henry: (disturbed) Oh...
      Punky: "Finally, the best practical joke of the year goes to Mrs. Winston's geography class. Those crazy kids ate a live frog in her briefcase. What will they think of next"?
      Henry: I realize I should let you express yourself, Punky, but this is blatent sensationalism.
      Punky: Thanks, Henry. I thought it was pretty good myself.

    • Punky: Hi Peggy!
      Peggy: Don't "Hi Peggy" me, you...you...UGH, you fifth grader!

    • Mrs. Winston: I think sports is a good department for Spud.
      Margaux: (to Cherie) Yeah. He's shaped like a football!

    • Spud: (after Mrs. Winston suggested Punky do a human interest column) Punky can't do human interest. She's sub-human!
      Mrs. Winston: What?
      Punky: Why don't you make me the crime reporter?
      Mrs. Winston: Well, we don't need a crime reporter.
      Punky: We will after I get my hands on Spud!

    • Mrs. Winston: (watching Punky chase after Spud) I knew I should've gone into my brother Bernie's locksmith business.

  • Notes

    • Alice Ghostley played as Esmerelda on "Bewitched", Mrs. Nash on "Captain Nice" in 1967, Bernice Clifton on "Designing Women" from 1987-1993, Irma Wallingsford on "Evening Shade" from '92-'94, Alice on "Mayberry RFD" in '70-'71, Bertha on a western called "Nichols" in '71-'72, Ida Mae Brindle on "Small Wonder" in '88-'89, Edwina Moffitt on "Temperatures Rising" in 1974, and Alice Ghostley was on the "Jackie Gleason Show" from '62-'64, the "Jonathan Winters Show" from '68-'69, the "Julie Andrews Hour" from '72-'73, and she often made appearances on a quiz show called "The Cross-Wits".

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