Punky Brewster

Season 3 Episode 17

Punky's Porker

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Nov 25, 1987 on NBC
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Punky's Porker
Punky befriends a pig at the mall, and she kidnaps it when she discovers that its owner, Jimmy John, plans to have it butchered, but Henry tells Punky that she must return the Pig to Jimmy John, who decides not to have the pig Butchered. He decides to feature the pig in an ad campaign.moreless

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  • A very hysterical episode!

    I've watched episode alot already and it's become my favorite episode of the third season of Punky Brewster. "Punky's Porker" is very hysterical! I really laughed my head off at the whole episode. It's quite a surprise to see that Punky befriends a pig in this episode. And what's more is that Cherie and Margaux thinks that Punky wants to save someone else that they think is a pig or something like that. But I loved this episode!moreless
Soleil Moon Frye

Soleil Moon Frye

Penelope "Punky" Brewster

George Gaynes

George Gaynes

Henry Warnimont

T.K. Carter

T.K. Carter

Mike Fulton

Casey Ellison

Casey Ellison

Allen Anderson

Ami Foster

Ami Foster

Margaux Kramer

Cherie Johnson

Cherie Johnson

Cherie Johnson

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    • Punky: (To Cherie and Margaux) That's Pinky, isn't she cute?
      Cherie: Punky, you could use some rest.
      Punky: Well, I think she's cute.

    • Punky: (to Cherie and Margaux) Did you bring your black clothes?
      Cherie: Yeah.
      Margaux: What are they for?
      Punky: We've gotta help the pig.
      Margaux: Are you talking about Emma Blonsky?
      Punky: No, I'm talking about a real pig.
      Cherie: Oh, Sharon Frusco!
      Punky: No, an actual 'oink, oink'!
      Cherie and Margaux: Tammy Tischman!
      Punky: Pay attention! It's a 400 pound animal with four legs and a curly tail.
      Margaux: But that's a pig.
      Punky: That's what I've been tryin' to tell you! There's a pig in the mall and we have to help it.
      Cherie: Why?
      Punky: Because if we don't, it'll be killed, put in packages and sent to stores all over the city.
      Cherie: Yeah.
      Punky: Cherie, I know this pig. Her name's Pinky, she's real smart.
      Margaux: I hate pigs. They're ugly, filthy and they have no waistline.
      Punky: So here's the plan, we wear our dark clothes, sneak in the mall and rescue the pig. Cherie are you with me?
      Cherie: I guess so, you are my best friend.
      Punky: Margaux?
      Margaux: We're not that close.
      Punky: Margaux, how would you like Richie Von Trimm know that you're not related to the Kennedys?
      Margaux: That's blackmail!
      Punky: Remember, we're not that close.
      Margaux: Count me in.
      Punky: Eeeeeee!

    • Punky: Henry, they're going to kill Pinky!
      Henry: Who?
      Punky: That sweet, adorable pig out there.
      Henry: Good grief. That animal were to keep us in breakfast 'til you got out of college.
      Punky: You don't care if she gets killed?
      Henry: Well, we could go to the funeral.
      Punky: Henry, she's going to be butchered!
      Henry: Punky, that's what happens to pigs.
      Punky: But Pinky's special. I had a nice conversation with her. You'd like her if you got to know her also.
      Henry: I'd make it a point, never to get emotionally involved. Especially with a pig.
      Punky: Don't give up hope Pinky. I'll save you!

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