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  • love this show

    Totally love this show and I could never even imagine my childhood years without watching punky brewster.. i love soleil and always asked my mom to do me a pigtails lol. The main factor I fell in love with this show is the good moral values it taught at the end of each episodes that's why I was heartbroken when this show was cancelled. The DVD was produced very well by yourdvdcorner .com which came in nice packaging and excellent audio and video quality as well. I'm definitely happy with the gift because it has all the complete episodes from the entire 4 seasons of Punky Brewster. Love seeing this show every now and then and it's good reminisce the good old times!
  • Another fun and cute show from the 80's!

    Punky Brewster is another great show from my time in the 80's! It's also a cute show in my opinion as well, just like Small Wonder. I didn't get a chance to see the show in my youth as I seem to recall, however I did watch the animated series on Saturday mornings! I recently watched all 88 episodes of the series last month and I really enjoyed most of them. After watchin' all of the episodes, I can now remember the words to the theme song as well!
  • The best sitcom of the 1980's to watch! It's about 8-year-old Penelope "Punky" Brewster and her dog, Brandon are abandoned by her mother at a local grocery store. She is taken in by Henry Warnimont, the landlord at the apartment.

    I was a fan of the show since it began on NBC for two seasons and another two seasons on syndication. I was three years old and in preschool, when the show started. I was seven years old and a first grader in grade school, when the show ended. Punky befriended Cherie, a black girl, who lives was raised by her grandmother, after her parents were killed in a car accident, while on the way the pick her up at school. Cherie's grandmother lives in the same apartment, where Henry, a friend of her grandmother's, is a landlord at the apartment. Punky is also befriended by Margaux Kramer, a pre-teen dumb blonde and Allen Anderson.
  • Punky Power!!!

    Punky Brewster...a cute, hilarious and fun show that ran from 1984 to 1988. A very plucky, energetic and entertaining character wonderfully performed by Soleil. The rest of the cast are wonderful too. I like George Gaynes of Police Academy fame as Henry Mortimer and of course Cherie Johnson as her best friend and Susie Garrett as Cherie's guardian and nurse. I have all four seasons on DVD. I have watched the first two seasons and was very entertained. I will watch the last 2 seasons at a later date. Shout! Factory has done a wonderful job on the DVDs. Of course there are minor glitches on the processing of the DVDs but what does one expect when a show first aired in 1984???? Great job Shout! Factory.
  • Punky Brewster was a personal favorite of the 80's. She had a big heart and was always up for a new adventure. She often got into sticky situations, but always meant well. The show had a positive lesson to be learned. Great for young kids to grow up on!

    Punky Brewster was a personal favorite of the 80's. I idolized her as a kid. She had a big heart and was always up for a new adventure. She often got into sticky situations, but always meant well. The show had a positive lesson to be learned. In grade school, there was an issue where I was stuck between a rock & a hard place. I hid a friend in my room who ran away from an abusive family. I thought about Punky and the episode with TC. As scary as it seemed at the time for a 3rd grader, I confessed to my parents and the authorities. I knew it was the right thing to do when I thought about the episode. I just purchased the 1st - 4th season on e-bay to reminisce. The show brings me back as a kid, and it even has the old griddy feel to it. I give this show a perfect 10! Great for young kids to grow up on! - Lora Lea Binaley
  • Just a great show.

    This was a super show to me. I wanted to be punkie buster so bad. I would even dress like her wiht her unmatched shows. I even had her doll. This live action show was better than the cartoon. The cartoon was good but this was great. Punkie would get into so much trouble. If i was her, I would be died right now. It was so neat to watch her get out of trouble every week. I just loved her and her buddy. Punkie came from a broken family and i loved that about her. She was adopted by the old man. she showed him more to life and got in trouble along the way.
  • A young girl without parents is taken in by a crotchety old man with a heart of gold.

    This was one of my favorite shows as a kid. I remember wanted to be like Punky. I was even punky for halloween one year. I wore the mismatched shoes and never matched my hairties. I even remember practicing with my friends the punky walk swaying our heads back and forth. Punky was every kids dream. None of us envied her not having parents, but her free spirit and the way she took care of herself was really cool. I know that the episodes are on dvd now so if you grew up with this show you should give it a second look. Its not like other shows of its age, it still has magic!
  • It doesn't get much more classic that this if you are an 80's child like myself.

    A friend of mine sent me a post of the theme song the other day as a joke, it brought back childhood memories. Henry rules, because I loved Police Academy, he was great in that movie, and on this show, as I remember it. I even liked the cartoon. She also got freakin' hot when she went into her teens, on other shows she was on.
  • This show was a little before my time, but I still saw every episode... my sister grew up on it and recorded it every week.

    I love this show and I think that it should be back! I can't wait to own all the seasons on DVD! I watched every episode when I was little. My sister had the doll and the shirt and she recorded and watched EVERY episode with my grandmother. It was def. one of the best!
  • Punky A Levada da Breca

    um clássico dos anos 80 muito, muito supimpa. Se você nunca viu um episódio dessa menina serelepe... eu sinto muito pela sua alma. Se você cresceu encantado com essa menininha e sonhava em ser como ela, junte-se ao clube, e saúde a garota símbolo da infância 80.
    Essa série que marcou toda uma geração de criancinhas que iam à escola...
    Punky, Sim, aquela linda e perfeita menininha...
    só resta a saudades..dos anos dourados...
  • It was a smartly written show for children to learn from and enjoy.

    Back in the '80s, every girl my age wanted to be Punky. This show demonstrated that individuality was cool, and that one can triumph over adversity. True, the basis of the show was a stretch, but it was an informative show.

    There were many comedic moments that managed to keep a child's attention span, along with the bright colors that Punky chose for her wardrobe; however, there were also dramatic/informative plotlines that were also good for teaching, such as CPR, the Challenger tragedy, Punky's abandonment, and Henry's health problems. It was a smartly written show for children to learn from and enjoy.
  • Great show! and back then you didn't have to be frightend that you would have to change the channel! Punky ( Moon Frye) is awesome! and so is Cherie Johnson. I liked T.K. Carter alot also.

    Awesome show when it was rerun in the summer of 1997 by the Family channel, I used to run home everyday to watch it and then MacGyver after! It taught a lesson that many people should know today! and it didn't preach. It is one of my faviorites. Highly recommed it to anyone with or without kids.
  • A childhood memory of the yesteryear....

    Ok i have to say that this was one of my fav programs when I was a child. I remember when I was living in the Chicago suburb of Hoffamen Estates every Saturday and Sunday I would watch Gamepro and Punky Brewster. I thought this program was great. I just don't know why though. I just know that i never missed an episode.
  • Talk about the Odd Couple

    Here is yet another show that networks such as TV Land and Nick at Nite have completely forgotten about in order to air garbage.

    Punky Brewster was a classic show that touched your heart each and every week. George Gaynes as Henry was the classic grumpy senior who hated kids while Soliel Moon Frye was the little girl who provided the warmth and made you fall in love with her each week as she battled the generation gap and the system.

    Punky Brewster was a true family show which parents could allow there kids to watch without fear. The only shame was that NBC did not give this show a good time slot nor much of a chance.
  • They don't make shows like this anymore. Punky Brewster was a show that the whole family could sit down and watch together.

    I love this show. Punky Brewster was a great family show. Punky Brewster was about a little girl who was left all alone in a shopping center by her mother. So she goes to this apartment buliding and becomes friends with this other little girl Cherie. Cherie was the only one that knew that Punky was living in that empty apartment until Henry who was the manager of the apartment saw Cherie leaving and he went over to see what or who was in that apartment. That's when he finds Punky in there. At first he does not want Punky living there with him because he say's that he's to old and set in his ways to raise a child. But the he sees how much he really loves Punky and decides to be her foster father. This is a really great family show.
  • My personal reasons for cherishing the show.

    My dad used to hit me, and it is all reconciled now, but this show kept me going. I mean, I always felt stronger when I thought of the little orphan that wasn't scared of the world. She made me stronger, and I will always have a special place in my heart for it. I had dreams about my trying to find Punky's house with her in the neighborhood where I grew up. I used to have invisible friends that I shared my bed with (I was a CHILD, not like THAT...) and they were all cartoon characters. A place for Scooby and the gang, Josie and the Pussycats, and always a spot for Punky. I slept on the floor some nights actually. I didn't talk to them or anything, they just made me feel safe and that I was with friends. Being almost 30 now, I realize the psychology behind it all...But every time I hear the theme song from the show, I get a tear. Cry openly when I'm alone, thinking about the episode where she doesn't want to go back to Fenster Hall, or when Henry's in the hospital, or just that she was so little and alone. When I got older, I guess I realized that I would have switched lives with her in a heartbeat because I knew that it would always work out for her. I even played sick once to stay home from school to watch her to an interview on Regis or some morning show. Soliel means Sun in some language, that's all I remember from it. I just wanted to say that I gained something from this show that helped me to cope with the stuff I was dealing with at the time, and it carried through with me to today. I like to think that there is a little part of my favorite characters in me, which is why I watch and identify with certain shows. In my heart though, Punky Brewster has a special place that I will never give up. I'd love to have the chance to meet Soliel Moon Frye and thank her for the strength I got from her character, because I doubt if I would have gotten it from another actress. It is something I'd like to do, and I hope she knows some day what an influence her acting and that character had on me so many years ago. To all the rest of you reading, it was a great show if a guy like me can cry watching it.