Punky Brewster

NBC (ended 1986)





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  • My personal reasons for cherishing the show.

    My dad used to hit me, and it is all reconciled now, but this show kept me going. I mean, I always felt stronger when I thought of the little orphan that wasn't scared of the world. She made me stronger, and I will always have a special place in my heart for it. I had dreams about my trying to find Punky's house with her in the neighborhood where I grew up. I used to have invisible friends that I shared my bed with (I was a CHILD, not like THAT...) and they were all cartoon characters. A place for Scooby and the gang, Josie and the Pussycats, and always a spot for Punky. I slept on the floor some nights actually. I didn't talk to them or anything, they just made me feel safe and that I was with friends. Being almost 30 now, I realize the psychology behind it all...But every time I hear the theme song from the show, I get a tear. Cry openly when I'm alone, thinking about the episode where she doesn't want to go back to Fenster Hall, or when Henry's in the hospital, or just that she was so little and alone. When I got older, I guess I realized that I would have switched lives with her in a heartbeat because I knew that it would always work out for her. I even played sick once to stay home from school to watch her to an interview on Regis or some morning show. Soliel means Sun in some language, that's all I remember from it. I just wanted to say that I gained something from this show that helped me to cope with the stuff I was dealing with at the time, and it carried through with me to today. I like to think that there is a little part of my favorite characters in me, which is why I watch and identify with certain shows. In my heart though, Punky Brewster has a special place that I will never give up. I'd love to have the chance to meet Soliel Moon Frye and thank her for the strength I got from her character, because I doubt if I would have gotten it from another actress. It is something I'd like to do, and I hope she knows some day what an influence her acting and that character had on me so many years ago. To all the rest of you reading, it was a great show if a guy like me can cry watching it.