Punky Brewster

NBC (ended 1986)





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  • They don't make shows like this anymore. Punky Brewster was a show that the whole family could sit down and watch together.

    I love this show. Punky Brewster was a great family show. Punky Brewster was about a little girl who was left all alone in a shopping center by her mother. So she goes to this apartment buliding and becomes friends with this other little girl Cherie. Cherie was the only one that knew that Punky was living in that empty apartment until Henry who was the manager of the apartment saw Cherie leaving and he went over to see what or who was in that apartment. That's when he finds Punky in there. At first he does not want Punky living there with him because he say's that he's to old and set in his ways to raise a child. But the he sees how much he really loves Punky and decides to be her foster father. This is a really great family show.