Punky Brewster - Season 2

NBC (ended 1986)




Episode Guide

  • Accidents Happen
    Episode 22
    The sudden explosion of the Challenger Space Shuttle upsets Mike's entire third grade class, specifically Punky, who aspires to become an astronaut one day. As Mike tries to help his students understand the tragedy, Punky faces opposition from her classmates when she expresses that her dream for the future has not changed. That's when Mike hatches a plan to restore the kids' enthusiasm.moreless
  • Changes (5)
    Episode 21
    Henry is truly back on his feet and working feverishly to adopt Punky, but he finds himself fighting the clock when Punky's new foster parents, Jules and Tiffany, plan to take her and move out of the country for good.
  • Changes (4)
    Episode 20
    Henry is now out of serious danger, but there is one major hole in his life, and he knows he must work to fill it again by springing into action. All seems lost, however, when Punky is taken in by a wealthy younger couple, who intend to adopt her.
  • Changes (3)
    Episode 19
    Henry is rushed into surgery after a serious collapse, and it is obvious that he will not recover at all if he doesn't stop worrying about Punky and his photography studio. Punky is not allowed to leave Fenster Hall and see him, but she joins forces with Cherie, Margaux, and her new friends to make the ultimate escape.moreless
  • Changes (2)
    Episode 18
    In light of Henry's current hospitalization, Mr. Chillings decides that it would be best to place Punky back at Fenster Hall, at least until he can get his business back in order. Once there, Punky starts sharing a room with a slew of colorful personalities, as she clings to the hope that she will soon return home.moreless
  • Changes (1)
    Episode 17
    As this special 5-part season finale begins, Henry and Punky are playing cards at the apartment when Henry receives a devastating phone call. His photography studio has burned to the ground, and without that job, he is unable to support himself and Punky. The stress soon results in Henry being hospitalized for a bleeding ulcer, which proves to be horrible timing when one of Punky's social workers shows up.moreless
  • Cherie Lifesaver
    Episode 16
    Punky and her classmates receive special CPR instruction in school. What they don't expect is to be forced to utilize their skills just days later, when a close friend has a near-death experience.
  • Girls Will Be Boys
    Episode 15
    Punky wants Henry to stand up for her rights when Richmond Matzie and his father and the boys won't let Punky race the new remote control car that she won, just because she's a girl. It turns out that Henry feels the same way the boys do, until Mike has an eye opening talk with Henry, convincing Henry to stand up for Punky against Mr. Matzie and Richmond, who reluctantly allow Punky to enter her car in a championship race that she wins.moreless
  • Urban Fear
    Episode 14
    Punky is terrified that Henry is going to become the next victim of the "Northside Stalker" -- a killer who has been terrorizing the city. The problem is, it soon turns into an irrational fear, consuming her life and distracting her in everything she does.
  • 12/15/85
    While shopping for Christmas presents, Punky longs to buy something special for Henry, but she doesn't have the money. When a classmate shows her how to get what she wants for free, an unfortunate twist of events lands an innocent bystander in jail. What's worse, that person just happens to be Punky's teacher, and now it's up to her to clear his name.moreless
  • 12/1/85
    Punky and Cherie try to befriend Julie Whitney, a lonely young girl who has moved into the building with her single father, but it's obvious from the beginning that something is not right with Julie. Their suspicions come to a head when they recognize the girl's picture on a milk carton.moreless
  • The Gift
    Episode 11
    Linda is the sweet and kindhearted custodian at Punky's school, but her mental disabilities have left her with very low self-esteem. Linda is quickly befriended by fourth grade teacher Mike, as well as Punky, but Linda soon realizes that some people will never see past her differences. Fortunately, she has a secret gift that is not recognized by most, and it will take some extra support from her closest friends to share it with those around her.moreless
  • Love Thy Neighbor
    Episode 10
    On Halloween night, a woman named Isabelle Peavy behaves rudely to the children in Punky's building and refuses to give them candy. Punky and Cherie enter her apartment to play a joke on her, but their plans go awry when Brandon accidentally left behind. The next day, Henry goes over to retrieve the dog, and he ends up learning some interesting information about Isabelle.moreless
  • The Search
    Episode 9
    A family tree assignment for school causes Punky anguish when she remembers that her mother is no longer in her life. Her teacher Mike confides in her that he himself was also abandoned as a child. Determined to fill the void in their lives, Mike and Punky team up to locate their biological mothers.moreless
  • Just Say No
    Episode 8
    Punky and Cherie are befriended by a group of sophisticated sixth graders, who even induct them into their exclusive club. However, it doesn't take long for the older girls to reveal a dangerous secret.
  • 10/20/85
    The evil spirit conducts a campaign of fear through giant spiders, disappearing friends, and other things. Soon, only Punky is left, all of the others having vanished. The spirit attacks, but Princess Moon appears and reveal the weak point of his attack; it only affects those who fear it. Punky forces him to feel the positive emotions of the world, and the spirit dies, bringing everyone back from vanishment. Betty and Henry find Punky and the gang sitting around the fire. Punky winds up her story, and they head back to camp with Henry and Betty, but not before one last goodbye from Princess Moon.moreless
  • 10/20/85
    Punky and her friends are on a camping trip with Henry and Betty at Lake Waxahatchie, and Punky and her friends get lost in the woods while they're collecting wood for a campfire. While Henry and Betty are searching for them, Punky and her friends decide to seek shelter in an old Indian cave, where they sit around a fire as Punky tells a ghost story. The cave proves to be not quite abandoned, and the inhabitants divine that Punky is the successor to Princess Moon, who has been foretold to defeat the evil Owa Tagool Iam. After Punky and the gang are sent off deeper into the cave, their first look at what the evil spirit can do is horrifying to them.moreless
  • 10/13/85
    Cherie, Margaux, and Alan are all members of the famous Jersey Janet's dance class for children, so Punky immediately signs up, despite her friends' gentle reminders that she has no rhythm. Punky's first class is a disaster, and with her lack of tapping skills, it's going to take some creativity for her teacher to think of a way to involve her in the recital.moreless
  • Baby Buddies, Inc
    Episode 4
    Betty's birthday is coming up, and Cherie wants to raise some money for a birthday gift. She and Punky decide to achieve this by starting a baby-sitting service, with Betty supervising. Managing so many children proves to be harder than they anticipated, especially when the girls accidentally send the wrong babies home with the wrong parents.moreless
  • Cheaters Never Win
    Episode 3
    Henry is disappointed with Punky's recent D in geography, but she assures him that she will do better in the future. While studying for a big test with her friends, Punky learns that one of her classmate cheats to earn high grades. Her conscience tells her not to, but Punky soon becomes desperate, which leads to a whole host of problems.moreless
  • Punky's Treehouse
    Episode 2
    While she's sleeping one night, Punky has a dream that inspires her to build a fabulous treehouse behind the apartment building. As it turns out, though, her friends are very enthusiastic about the idea, but they don't want to commit to the actual work of creating it. Punky fears that this personal goal is no longer a realistic one, but a special friend teaches her one of the best ways to get everyone involved in the project.moreless
  • The K.O. Kid
    Episode 1
    A friend of 4th grade teacher Mike Fulton comes to his classroom to teach the children about the art of boxing. The need to defend themselves touches the kids personally when a 5th grade bully pushes them around and grabs their lunches every day. As it turns out, Punky is the only one unwilling to give "Moose McGirk" exactly what she wants, and addition to giving Punky a black eye, Moose challenges her to another fight. Even more trouble lurks, however, when Henry blatantly refuses to let his daughter have any part in this madness.moreless