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Punky Brewster

Season 2 Episode 11

The Gift

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Nov 24, 1985 on NBC
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Episode Summary

The Gift
Linda is the sweet and kindhearted custodian at Punky's school, but her mental disabilities have left her with very low self-esteem. Linda is quickly befriended by fourth grade teacher Mike, as well as Punky, but Linda soon realizes that some people will never see past her differences. Fortunately, she has a secret gift that is not recognized by most, and it will take some extra support from her closest friends to share it with those around her.moreless

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    Soleil Moon Frye

    Soleil Moon Frye

    Penelope "Punky" Brewster

    George Gaynes

    George Gaynes

    Henry Warnimont

    T.K. Carter

    T.K. Carter

    Mike Fulton

    Casey Ellison

    Casey Ellison

    Allen Anderson

    Ami Foster

    Ami Foster

    Margaux Kramer

    Cherie Johnson

    Cherie Johnson

    Cherie Johnson

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      • Linda: (about working as a custodian at the school) This is the first job anybody would ever give me. My mom said I will get fired, but my dad said, "Go for it, cupcake," so I went for it.
        Mike: Well, I'm glad you did.
        Linda: I always wanted to go to regular school like everybody else, but they wouldn't let me because I was too dumb. (starts laughing) Isn't that funny?
        Mike: Well, why is that funny?
        Linda: The man said I wasn't smart enough to get in regular school, and now I go to regular school every day, and the same man has to pay me for it. (starts laughing harder) I'm not too dumb!

      • Linda: I hate being dumb!
        Punky: Please don't cry, Linda.
        Linda: I can't help it! Everybody saw me playing a spray bottle! Why do I act so stupid?
        Punky: That wasn't stupid. I pretend all the time.
        Linda: You do?
        Punky: Yeah. Once, I pretended to be Rapunzel.
        Linda: The girl with the real long hair?
        Punky: I ran down the street with a whole roll of toilet paper flying from my head.
        Linda: (smiles) Maybe that is a little dumb.
        Punky: (bashfully) Of course, I was younger then...
        Linda: (crying) But I'm grown-up, and I'm still dumb, and I always will be!

      • Mike: (after Alan has made fun of Linda) And as for you, Mr. Anderson, on my desk tomorrow morning, I want a 3-page report on the Special Olympics.
        Alan: What's that?
        Mike: You have until 9:00 tomorrow morning to find out, and be prepared to read the report to the entire class.
        Alan: But Mike, I don't read so good out loud. Everyone will laugh at me!
        Mike: No they won't. Thanks to you, this class has learned a lesson about what's funny and what isn't.
        Alan: Know what, Mike?
        Mike: What?
        Alan: I'm a big dunce.

      • Punky: Henry, what makes a person smart?
        Henry: Their brain.
        Punky: Why doesn't everybody have the same brain?
        Henry: Because if there was only one brain, we'd have to take a number to think.

      • Mike: Okay, who can tell me the name of this instrument? Margaux?
        Margaux: Is it a clarinet?
        Mike: No, but it is a woodwind instrument. Alan, take a guess.
        Alan: A woodwind. Woodwind. Wait, don't tell me, don't tell me. I got it! It's a buffoon!
        Margaux: Alan, the only buffoon in this class is you. (turns to Mike) He means a basoon.
        Alan: Yeah, of course, I knew that all along. It's a basoon.
        Mike: No it isn't.
        Alan: I didn't think so. Thanks a lot, Margaux...

      • Punky: Why are some people smarter than other people?
        Henry: What other people do you mean?
        Punky: Well, like my friend Linda. She works at school. She's mentally retarded.
        Henry: Oh.
        Punky: Why would God make a person retarded?
        Henry: Punky, the world is made up of all kinds of people. Some are rich, some are poor, some are tall, some are short, some are smart, and others are not.
        Punky: But why? It sure doesn't seem fair to all the poor, dumb, short people.
        Henry: That's because you're looking at them as poor, dumb, short people. You're looking at them for what they don't have rather than what they do.
        Punky: I don't get it.
        Henry: You said Linda was your friend. Tell me, what do you like about her?
        Punky: Lots of things. She's friendly, she works real hard, and she's pretty.
        Henry: Seems like Linda has a lot of wonderful qualities.
        Punky: She does. She's terrific.
        Henry: She doesn't seem like someone you should feel sorry for.
        Punky: Even though she's mentally retarded?
        Henry: Punky, you're doing it again. You're looking at what she doesn't have.

      • Linda: Here, Mike, I want you to have these stickers. They say "You're Cool."
        Mike: Not nearly as cool as you, Linda. Not nearly as cool as you.

      • Punky: Alan, you hurt Linda's feelings!
        Alan: No I didn't. She doesn't have feelings. She's a retard!

      • Linda: Have you come to laugh at me too?
        Punky: I'd never laugh at you. I'm your #1 friend, remember?
        Linda: I'm too dumb to be anybody's friend!

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