Punky Brewster

Season 3 Episode 3

Tons of Fun

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Nov 03, 1987 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Notice how quickly Cherie reads everyone's weight when they step on the scale. With the type of scale they are using, it is almost impossible that it read the weight within one second like that. With most people--especially people who are heavy like Louise--it takes at least a few seconds for the scale to stop on the correct weight, and it often takes longer if the person is wobbling the way Louise was.

  • Quotes

    • Louise: Anybody want a Twinkie?
      Margaux: Not I. Those things go straight to my hips.
      Louise: Oh, I don't worry about that. I can't find my hips!
      Margaux: How wonderful that you manage to maintain a sense of humor about your disgusting obesity.

    • Punky: Is this your first time in Chicago, Louise?
      Louise: Uh-huh.
      Cherie: What do you want to see first?
      Louise: McDonald University! I plan to major in french fries!

    • Punky: (to Louise) You know, when Henry showed me your picture, I never expected you to be so funny. You looked so serious.
      Cherie: Yeah, and you were so skinny!
      Punky: Cherie!
      Cherie: (embarrassed) Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say that you're--
      Louise: Fat? Humongous? Ready for statehood?
      Cherie: Well.....
      Louise: (smiles) Hey, relax. Some people have big noses, some people have big ears.....
      Cherie: I've got a big mouth.
      Louise: I have a big everything!

    • Margaux: Do I spy a stranger?
      Punky: Oh. Margaux, this is my cousin Louise. Louise, this is Margaux.
      Louise: It's nice to meet you.
      Margaux: Nice to meet you, too. (turns to Punky and Cherie) What's the weight capacity for this treehouse?

    • Betty: We've certainly heard a lot about you.
      Louise: (referring to her body) Well, there's a lot of me to hear about!

    • Louise: I'm weak, seriously weak. The only thing I can't resist is temptation.
      Punky: But I just--
      Louise: I don't need a lecture from Little Miss Perfect, okay?
      Punky: Louise, I--
      Louise: Get off my back, all right?
      Punky: Good night. (starts to leave)
      Louise: Hold it. Punky, it's easy for you. You're thin, you're cute, you're popular. You don't know what it's like to have real problems.

    • Margaux: Excuse me, Louise, but don't you want to do something about yourself? The doctors have all kinds of new machines, they could suck that fat right out of you!
      Punky: Leave her alone, she's happy being fat!
      Margaux: Happy being fat? That's a disgusting thought. And everyone knows disgusting thoughts can cause pimples. I better leave immediately!

    • Louise: Margaux's right, I am disgusting.
      Punky: No you're not, you're great.
      Cherie: You're terrific!
      Louise: I am fat. I'm fat and I hate it!

    • Louise: (After Punky catches her in the middle of the night cheating on her diet) Boy I've heard about this, but I never thought I'd be a victim! Punky...I'm a sleep-eater!
      Punky: Sleep-eater?
      Louise: Yeah. Can you believe I've been eating like this in my sleep?
      Punky: No.
      Louise: No?
      Punky: No.
      Louise: Oh.

    • Punky: We've been putting ourselves out for you, exercising and eating rabbit food. And the whole time, you've been pigging out like the circus Fat Lady!

    • Punky: I use Punky Power.
      Louise: What's that?
      Punky: It's a lot of things. It's believing in myself, it's never giving up, it's faith that things are going to turn out OK. But most of all, it's knowing that I can do anything I want if I really try.

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