Puppets Who Kill

Season 4 Episode 5

Bill and the Berkowitz's

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 30, 2006 on The Comedy Network



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    • Cuddles: We no longer fear you. After all, what could you do to us now?
      Buttons: Yeah! If you hurt us, the cops take you away forever!
      Bill: Don't push your luck
      Buttons: We're not. What better time to piss on somebody than when they're down?
      (Cuddles and Buttons leave laughing)
      Bill: Even Cuddles disrespects me. I've reached a new low...

    • Hogwarth: We're cops, we're not stupid. You can fool us for a few years.
      Bill: 25, to be exact.

    • Twinkly: (testifying in court) ...I thought, I need to make him humble so I gave him a small penis which would him compassionate to every living thing but instead it made him bitter and he became the fucked up asshole you see before you now. So I say to you, destroy him, destroy him so he wreaks no more harm on this world and I'll see you at the gates of Hades, Bill!! (pointing in Bill's direction)
      Rocky: Uhhh, I got a second witness..
      Bill: Fuck off!!

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