Puppets Who Kill

Season 2 Episode 4

Cuddles The Demon

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 20, 2004 on The Comedy Network



  • Trivia

    • When Rocko is shown tied up on his bed, you can see that Rocko, in the past, appears to have scratched his name into the headboard of his bed with a nail or something sharp.

  • Quotes

    • Bill: When I walked in on Cuddles this afternoon, he was biting the head off of a bat and gorging on its blood.
      Dan: Maybe it's a phase he's going through, like acne or girl trouble.

    • Buttons: (seeing Dan tied up on bed) Well, Dan, I must say all your postualating about sexual restraint is ringing a bit hollow at the moment.

    • Sheila: I'm going to have cure you by nailing you.
      Buttons: Whaat??!!
      Sheila: By having hot, sweaty sex with you, I will reveal to you the shallowness of your ways.
      Buttons: What medical journal is that written up up in exactly?
      Sheila: I'm only doing this for you. Don't think I derive any pleasure from it. My screams of ectasy will only be to boost your ego.
      Buttons: Ok, if you say so, you're the doctor. Uhhh, you are a doctor, aren't you?

    • Dan: (to Rocko) Well, we all know that you must be paying off some heavy karma for what you did in a past life cuz God sure has dealt you a shit hand in this one.

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