Puppets Who Kill

Season 4 Episode 2

Dan and the Garden Shears

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 09, 2006 on The Comedy Network

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  • One of the best episodes in the series!!

    This episode is one of the best of the Puppets Who Kill show. Dan is determined to get his garden shears back from his neighbour but is stymied by the man's unexpected death. However, Bill and Rocko decide to fulfill Dan's wishes in a way only they are capable...dark and very twisted.

    The subplot, which shows Buttons terrified that his amorous ways might lead to his demise via a legendary curse, shows Buttons at his best...vain and trying to squirm out of a situation of his own making.

    If you're a fan of this show, I would highly recommend watching this episode. It embraces all the dark comedy that PWK is notorious for and is truly one of the best installments of the series to date!