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Do the all kill?

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    [1]Oct 17, 2006
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    Buttons and cuddles don't seem like murderers to me. Bill and Roco definantly seem like killers but not buttons and cuddles
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    [2]Nov 12, 2006
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    as i remember they have all killed yet...and at least they are all in the halfway-house and rehabilitation programm because they are killers! but they kill for different reasons..
    i think rocko and especially bill are the ones who really enjoy killing and like to do it without a reason. rocko often kills for profit (money etc) or self-defense. bill just enjoys it, he's a psycho!
    i think buttons and cuddles try to avoid killing someone but when it comes to self-defense or revenge they also do it..i don't think that they are bad guys, they just often don't think about their actions and then they get messed up so much so that they see no other solution than killing whether they like it or not. i think thats the difference between buttons & cuddles and bill & rocko!
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