Puppets Who Kill

The Comedy Network (ended 2006)





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  • A show that is definitely geared for the adults and great to watch!!

    Puppets Who Kill is a show that is perhaps unique among all the shows available in the thousand channel universe as it is an adult oriented comedy that mixes puppets with humans interacting in everyday situations that are skewered with VERY dark humor.

    The show portrays Dan Barlow, a social worker, who runs a halfway house for puppets who have ' gone off the track', so to speak. Buttons, a furry bear who has a seemingly insatiable sex drive, Cuddles, a comfort doll who seems the most normal but can veer violently into dark spells, Rocko, a puppet who would do anything ( and the episodes indicate this) to get ahead and Bill, a serial killer who is always in a battle of wills with Dan are the regulars in the house on a weekly basis.

    The episodes vary from sheer brilliance to mediocre in terms of plot and comedic edge but when Puppets Who Kill is at its best, it's some of the best dark comedy on television. For newcomers to this show, this reviewer suggests watching ' Dan's Umbrella ', ' The CBC Is Killing Again ' and ' Bill's Wedding ' as some of the better eps to watch. However, with any episode of the series, a viewer can find something to laugh about - as long as he/she knows what style of comedy this show is...VERY, VERY dark.
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