Puppets Who Kill

Season 4 Episode 1

The Joyride

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 02, 2006 on The Comedy Network



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    • Rocko: How'd you find us?
      Carlson: The guy at the convenience store told me where you lived.
      Bill: First, the watery slushie, and now, this! That guy's dead!

    • Buttons: (in back seat of car) Hey, guys, can I switch with you in the front seat soon? It's kinda cramp with this dead body back here.

    • Cuddles: Dan says that God likes to set out little tests for us to see if we act honorably or fall into the trap of temptation.
      Rocko: Maybe it's my job to test God and see how much shit he lets me get away with.
      Cuddles: (nodding towards parked car) I think this falls under temptation.
      Rocko: Well, hallejuah!

    • Rocko: So much death and carnage for a bag of money.
      Bill: I wonder if it's all worth it.
      (a brief pause)
      Bill & Rocko: Hell, yeah!!!

    • Carlson: The bible says to turn the other cheek so I'm going to turn the other cheek...
      Buttons: Oh, thank God!
      Carlson: .....and not look while Thor force feeds you your own genitalia.
      Rocko: That must be the King James version.

    • Rocko: ( looking at body in back seat in the car) We have to hide this guy.
      Bill: Why bother? Many a day I've driven with a corpse in the front seat. Prop him up with a cup of coffee.
      Cuddles: What for?
      Bill: Good conversation starter.

    • Rocko: There's something oddly satisfying about leaving a guy choking on his own exhaust.

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