Puppy Bowl

Animal Planet Premiered Feb 01, 2005 Special


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  • Don't miss Puppy Bowl 13....

    I've seen the last two Puppy Bowls (XI and XII). It was extremely cute. MY FAVORITE PUP IN THIS YEAR'S WAS DARBY. She was pretty. I want a dog similar to her. MVP this year was Star. Meep the Bird texts all the good times in the game (Field Goal and Touchdown). This is one of my favorites because it's cute (probably because of the Kiss Cam provided by Dairy Queen), fun (with the water-bowl, plethora of toys, and goal posts), You get to see who adopted some of the dogs who played! The cats pounced on buildings (not real) and caught fish in this year's halftime. The halftime even had a bridge! This year's game lasts only two hours if you've seen it! Please don't miss Puppy Bowl XIII!!!! I will never miss a single game again. I love the stories about the puppies! Hank, Star, Posie (the pup who was shy), etc. If you're a dog lover... watch this and also.. don't miss another game!!!!!! There was a plethora of movie trailers from two movies too. #PuppyBowlSubaru #promo

    Excellent work, Animal Planet! You have done a great job on the Puppy Bowl since 2005.
  • Puppy Bowl brings all the fierce competition of the pigskin classic without all the overpaid athletes.

    Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl is the best annual Super Bowl alternative. The geniuses at Animal Planet had a simple plan: Let's throw a bunch of dogs in a football-themed pen and let them goof off for hours. That's about it. With the water-bowl cam, plethora of toys, and goal posts, it's enough to satisfy any football and dog lover's needs. The addition of the Bissel Halftime Kitty show was also a plus, a true landmark of modern television. Okay okay, so it will never really live up to the Super Bowl, but with Super Bowl halftime shows going down the tube in recent years, the Puppy Bowl is the best diversion from the typically overhyped action of the Super Bowl.