Pure 24

Season 1 Episode 21

24: Access All Areas

Aired Unknown Aug 10, 2003 on BBC Three



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    • (intercut between Robert Cochran and Elisha Cuthbert, they weren't together)
      Elisha Cuthbert: They said I should meet the Cougar.
      Robert Cochran: It was supposedly people friendly.
      Elisha Cuthbert: It jumped up and bit my hand.
      Robert Cochran: It nipped her hand.
      Elisha Cuthbert: I had to go to Hospital.
      Robert Cochran: It wasn't too serious.
      Elisha Cuthbert: It bit right through my hand from top to bottom.
      Robert Cochran: It drew a tiny bit of blood.
      Elisha Cuthbert: I now have a really cool scar!!

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