Pure 24 - Season 1

BBC Three (ended 2003)


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  • Episode Review: Natalie Casey, Lennie James, David Shayler
    Actress Natalie Casey has returned from her LA adventures to discuss the final episode of the series!!! She and Tamzin are joined by Cold Feet actor Lennie James and former secret service man David Shayler. Laura Harris (aka Marie Warner) joins the discussion via a live satellite link from LA.
  • Episode Review: Charlie Porter, Ewen Macintosh
    Charlie Porter (feature writer for The Guardian newspaper) and Ewen Macintosh (from The Office) join Tamzin to discuss the penultimate episode of the season.
  • 24: Access All Areas
    Natalie Casey is in LA and visits some of the locations from the second series of 24 and interviews the stars of the show, including Kiefer Sutherland, Xander Berkely and Penny Johnson-Jerald.
  • Episode Review: Nicola Methven, Paul Tonkinson
    Comedia Paul Tonkinson returns for a third isit to the Pure 24 couch. This time he's joined by the mirror's showbiz editor Nicola Methven.
  • Episode Review: Kate Adie, Steve Punt
    Kate Adie is the former BBC Chief News Correspondent. During her years in the role she reported from the front line in many international events. She received her MBE in 1993 and this week she joins Tamzin to discuss the latest happenings in LA. They are also joined by comedian Steve Punt.moreless
  • Episode Review: Penny Johnson Jerald
    24 star Penny Johnson Jerald joins Tamzin for Pure 24 live. Penny plays President Palmer's ex-wife, Sherry Palmer, throughout the first season of 24 and has a recurring role in the second series. By this time we thought she was gone for good and Penny didn't let slip that in a couple of weeks time her character would make a shocking re-entrance!!!moreless
  • Episode Review: Johnny Candon, Mark Jagasia
    Comedian Johnny Candon returns to Pure 24 for more discussion about the second series. Tamzin and he are joined by the showbiz correspondent from the daily express - Mark Jagasia.
  • Episode Review: Paul Gadd
    24 producer Paul Gadd was this weeks guests, but he wasn't giving anything away about future plot lines. He also took questions from Tamzin, the studio audience and the viewers at home.
  • Episode Review: Charlie Porter, Ed Byrne
    Journalist Charlie Porter and Comedian Ed Byrne discuss the latest 24 episode.
  • Episode Review: David Shayler, Charlie Brooker
    David Shayler is a former MI-5 agent, he talks about what it must be like being a CTU agent and was there as always to answer viewers questions. Friend of the show and creator of comedy website, TV Go Home, Charlie Brooker joins David and Tamzin.
  • Episode Review: Joseph Hodges
    Joseph Hodges is the production designer on 24. He talks about the look and feel of CTU and 24 in general, takes calls from viewers and the studio audience as well as discussing the latest episode of 24.
  • Episode Review: Matt Wells, Johnny Candon
    The media correspondent from the Guardian (Matt Wells) and funny man Johnny Candon discuss the latest goings on in real time LA.
  • Episode Review: Paul Tonkinson, Mark Wright
    Paul is one of the most popular regulars on the UK comedy circuit. He is in the studio for this episode on his second appearance in the show! Mark Wright is a journalist and writes extensively about film and television for various magazines, contributing to Total Film, DVD Review, Film Review, Home Entertainment, Doctor Who Magazine and Starburst. He has written short stories and audio dramas and is currently working on an episode guide to 24, Season Two, to be released by Contender Books in July.moreless
  • Episode Review: Natalie Casey, John Aizlewood
    Natalie Casey is best known for her roles in popular Teen-Soap "Hollyoaks" and the BB3 comedy "Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps". She became a very regular guest on the show, but this was her first appearance and she discusses how much of a fan of the series she is. John is a regular arts and sports contributor to BBC Radio, and is one of the very few broadcasters to have appeared on Radios 1,2,3,4,5,6 and the World Service. He has also written scripts for Top Of The Pops II and QTV.moreless
  • Episode Review: Jim Sangster, Ewen Macintosh
    Tonight's special phone guest was Rodney Charters, who was Director of Photography for several episodes of 24, and was also the director. And BBCi's 24 Webmaster, Jim Sangster rejoined the studio for another discussion. Ewen Macintosh who plays Keith in the hugely popular and acclaimed comedy series 'The Office' also joined Tamzin in the studio.moreless
  • Episode Review: Phillip Rhys
    In this special episode of Pure 24, Phillip Rhys, who played Reza Naiyeer in 24 is LIVE in the studio to answer questions from both Viewers and host Tamzin.
  • Episode Review: Ortis Deley, Charlie Porter
    Guests for today's show were Ortis Deley, best known as presenter for the BBC's flagship Saturday morning program "Live & Kicking" and regular Guardian Newspaper feature writer Charlie Porter. This episode's phone guest was none other than Sarah Clarke - who plays Nina Myers in 24! She was answering viewer and studio guests questions about anything 24.moreless
  • Episode Review: Tom Dunmore, Paul Tonkinson
    Tom is the editor of gadget magazine 'Stuff', one of the fastest growing men's mags in the UK. He also hosts a weekly 'gadget' article on Channel 4's breakfast series RI:SE. Paul is one of the most popular regulars on the UK comedy circuit. His act centers around the cartoon figures that dominate his life. He has appeared on just about everything from GMTV to Fame Academy. This episode also contains a rare interview with 24's Producer and Director Jon Cassar, live, via phone link to Los Angeles.moreless
  • Episode Review: Suzanne Collins, Paul MacInnes
    Arriving in Brookside straight from college, Suzanne Collins was called back for auditions a total of five times before securing the role of Nikki Shadwick. She is in the studio for this episode of Pure24 to discuss her obsession with 24, her ambitions as an actress and the latest happenings in 24-World. Editor of Guardian Unlimited is also a guest today. Topics of discussion include files sent to President Palmer by Second Wave and Jack telling Kimberly about the bomb and her agreement with him to flea town.moreless
  • Episode Review: Lennie James, Mark Wright
    Actor Lennie is a great 24 fan and has been eagerly anticipating the new series. His TV credits include Buried, Cold Feet and Thieftakers, as well as A Touch of Frost. He is in the studio for this episode to give his opinions on the second day of 24, and the latest episode. Mark Wright is a journalist and writes extensively about film and television for various magazines, contributing to Total Film, DVD Review, Film Review, Home Entertainment, Doctor Who Magazine and Starburst and he is a guest in this episode.

    Up for discussion in this episode is Mason's acute radiation, Jack's discovery of photo's containing Nina and Kim's trials and tribulations.moreless
  • Episode Review: Natalie Casey, Steve McKenna
    Actress and Broadcaster Natalie Cassidy is this episode's top guest. The MTV presenter and "Hollyoaks" regular shares with us her views on the new series, being a self-confessed 24 addict! Steve McKenna is one of Britain's up and coming broadcasters, he discusses the new series and his predictions on how much of a success it will or won't be. And tonight's phone guest was Channel 4 News Reader and Journalist Krishnan Guru-Murthy will be live to discuss the latest events in the world of 24.moreless
  • Episode Review: Ed Byrne, Jim Sangster
    Comedian Ed Byrne is in the studio for this episode, and he has some 'unusual' predictions and theories about the series. Jim Sangster, writer of '24:The Unofficial Guide' was also a guest for this episode. He discusses the similarities and differences between '24' and the BBC's series 'Spooks', a edgy drama based around the lives and missions of several MI5 agents. Virgil Williams, 24 Writer was also part of the show via Phone Link.moreless
  • Episode Review: James Gooding, Charlie Brooker
    As the brand new series of 24 kicks off in the UK, its the premiere too for brand new Interactive TV show that takes you further into the world of 24. Model and Photographer, James Gooding discusses his obsession with the drama series. Charlie Brooker, columnist and published author shares with Tamzin and the studio audience his theories for the show, and his plot predictions. Comedian Bob Mortimer joins the show via a phone link to talk about the new series.moreless