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CBS (ended 2017)


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  • Rewatching the series

    This was really a great show - it is sad it wasn't given a decent chance.
  • This is the one show my husband actually loves!

    Pleeeeeeeeease don't cancel it, CBS!!!!

    PLEASE !!!!

    Give it a fighting chance!

    It's different than almost anything

    It takes a while, for casts to gel, and for viewers to catch the rhythm of a new show

    Canceling this will just keep throngs of people from investing in the next new show you hope to lure them into watching

    Please please PLEASE give it one more green light!
  • Pure Garbage. Not even the least bit realistic.

    This show is horrible in that there is not even the slightest attempt to be grounded in the realm of possibility. If it survives I'd be surprised.

    The portrayal of James is painful to watch and if Walter could be more spineless he would be an invertebrate.

  • A humanistic show

    I really like this show, and I'm not even sure why. It crept up on me. The characters grew on me. It has a lot of medical and technological jargon that could turn people off, but every episode is grounded in real human emotion.

    Whether it gets renewed or canceled, the show's cast and crew should be proud of the show. It reminds me of another show I liked, Boston Legal, except without so much "preachiness".

    I wonder if it's naive in its appeal to people's 'goodness', which is sad, cause that means we only get rubbishy reality TV or violent/gory/sexual dramas going forward.

    There has to be room in the middle for something like this.
  • Pure Genius

    PLEASE rethink the cancellation of Pure Genius. My husband and I love the show.

    It is a great show........

    give it a chance, please
  • Finally a hopeful show/A move away from blast em and kill em.

    Thoroughly enjoy this show. I am so tired shows like Timeless where someone has to die every show. Let's move forward to forward looking and hopeful shows away from bloody messes.
  • It is an intelligent choice

    Pure Genius makes you think there is hope if you get the medical and government burecratic roadblocks out of the way. Acting by all is great quality and seems real life from the genius, James, to the simple role of reception. It makes you think and I would believe would some of our nation's brightest to pursue a similiar calling. I love a show that inspires. It is so much better than the same old dumb comedy like Kevin James or Man with a Plan. I hope CBS reconsiders their intention to not renew. This show is so much better than most of the medical and so called police dramas
  • Pure Genius is Enjoyable

    Although the ratings are poor and the network has not ordered more episodes, this is the kind of show that should be on TV. It taps into human potentialities and is very positive in its outlook. Too many shows are violent and deal with the same subjects over and over. Try watching a few episodes and I think you'll come away happy with what you've seen.
  • Pure Mediocre

    I watched the show after two episodes it is awful and i hate to say this but this show will not last after the first season and if you do not believe me look at the ratings
  • You must visit Bunker Hill Hospital

    What a great new twist to a hospital sitcom-technology and creative medical experts meet a pure genius. Once you watch one show, you'll come back to 'Bunker Hill'