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Season 1 Episode 8

Around the World in Eight Kidneys

Full Episode: Around the World in Eight Kidneys


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When a patient is in need of new kidney and finding a donor is difficult. They decide to implement a multi transfer wherein, a compatible donor donates his/her kidney to their patient and their patient's daughter donates her kidney to someone she can donate to, whose relative donates to someone compatible. Whose relative donates to someone else whose relative donates to another till they end up at the relative of the first donor. They find eight pairs who come to Bunker Hill to perform the transplants. And each doctor is assigned a patient. And Zoe is assigned to a boy who needs the transplant. But when one of the donors is discovered to be not a viable, the whole procedure is in jeopardy, And Zoe tries to make sure the boy gets his transplant even if it means breaking the rules. James tries to come up a with a solution.

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