Push, Nevada

ABC (ended 2002)


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  • What a rollicking ride that show was. Where is the DVD???

    As Aray stated: A mix of Twin Peaks and Picket Fences. Add a touch of the Twilight Zone as garnish. LOL

    Love the setting; Push Nevada. A double entendre if there ever was one. :) Jim Prufrock's character was perfect and couldn't have been cast any better.

    Also liket the Prufrock's secretary and the female sherrif's deputy.

    Show had everything a viewer could want.

    What a rollicking ride that show was.

    Now; Where is the DVD???
    Come on guys, there are those of us who are willing to pony up some bones to buy the DVD.

    Could it be that the DVD is being supressed by the named three letter agency?
  • One of the all time dumbest series ever to be aired which just proves, it's not what you know, it's who you know.

    Ben Affleck came up with an original concept. To assure an audience, why not BRIBE them? Which is exactly what he does by offering money to someone who solves the convoluted mess of a plot (this from an Oscar-winning "writer") that was so bad, the network wanted to cancel it after the second or third airing, but was obligated by the contract they were trapped in to continue to air some remaining episodes to conclude the contest.

    There was a lot of controversy about whether Affleck and Damen deserved to receive the oscar for best screenplay ("Good Will Hunting") because it's said REAL writers reworked it to be palatable. I have to agree after reading their original draft on the net (which is horrible, even grammar-wise). This series proves Affleck is not only an uncharismatic actor, but a mediocre writer as well.
  • “Push, Nevada” is the story of Jim Prufrock (Derek Cecil), an IRS agent who gets a mysterious fax one day.

    Running somewhat counter to this cryptic, if aggressive, advertising strategy, the show has already dumbed itself down. In a repeat of the pilot presented as the lead-in to Thursday's new episode, the clues were outlined in red boxes-- beating any joy out of the process of discovering the game. The show's makers appear to think viewers are too unsophisticated to figure out that repeated number sequences and a flashing web address during the opening credits are clues. The apparent desperation behind making the clues even more obvious a second time around contradicts the producers' assertion that the drama is more fascinating than the game show aspect. Really, neither the concept nor the plot is that interesting. Instead of being dragged into Push, Nevada, buy a lottery ticket and rentTwin Peaks.
  • A mix of Twin Peaks and Picket Fences. An IRS agent finds strange things afoot in Push, Nevada. A summary is hard to put together on this show, but God was it grand!

    ABC never gave this show a chance. They put it up against CSI which was unbeatable at the time, and instead of simply moving it to another time, they rushed it along and ended it. Never have I been so pissed at a television station before. This show was so ahead of it's time, that is beongs up there with Twin Peaks. I applaud Ben Affleck for at least bringing this show to the airwaves. For those of us who "got it" we were entertained beyond belief. Now if I could just find someone that has it on video, I would pay a king's ransom!