Pushing Daisies

Season 2 Episode 3

Bad Habits

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Oct 15, 2008 on ABC

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  • My favourite episode of Pushing Daises thus far, its marvelous.

    Bad Habits is a fantastic episode that is genuinely crafty in its depictions and hilarious sequences which of course uses the fantastic Kirsten chenowith(Olive) to absolute pure hysterical advantage.
    this episode is fantastically written and wonderfully acted by our four leads plus the great use of scenery really brings this episode alive.
    when the killer is revealed it may also surprise viewers but also it will add to the charm of the episode, the scenery of the mountains brings out the acts of our characters and brings the scenes to life with the creativity of visual slapstick and artistic direction, this really is physical comedy at its genuine and most greatest.
    season 2 has shaped up to be something wonderful...lets see where it goes next week :)
  • A great episode that moves the story on beautifully.

    This is Pushing Daisies back to its best. Great dialogue especially Emerson's snappy one-liners. I loved the way they used the TV Fathers Dowling and Macahey (Father Dowling Mysteries and M*A*S*H respectively) as their aliases.

    Finally Chuck finds out that Lily is her mother and she is so happy. I am also happy that Olive is returning to the Pie Hole. I felt the nunnery thing had gone on long enough.

    I too loved the fact that the pig was the murderer. I definitely did not see that one coming.

    All in all one of the best episodes so far this season. Hurrah!
  • Why aren't viewers picking up this habit?

    It's been hard for me to get into this season, much like has apparently been the case for many of those who enjoyed the first season, but I think the cobwebs are falling away and the show has regained its stride. Very little of this episode was repetition, they didn't bother explaining Ned's ability again, and the overall story arc showed some progress. All in all, not bad for the third episode of the season.

    The writers wisely realized that keeping Olive away from the rest of the cast, and dragging out the subplot regarding Olive keeping the secret from Chuck, would be a bad idea. It's the kind of plot element that gets old very quickly. Instead of letting the secret remain with Olive, the writers gave it to Chuck. In essence, it seems like a small change, but it changes the dynamic in an important way.

    For one thing, it makes Chuck's decision to keep her revival away from Lily and Violet a lot more difficult. Even without knowing that Chuck is alive and well, Lily will not be happy with the notion that Olive might have told someone (otherwise, why would she leave the convent)? Ned has been given a reason to go looking for his father and gain some measure of closure. Oh, and the episode was full of sarcastic wit from Emerson, so that's always a good touch.

    Regrettably, the ratings are still not reaching the bar set by the first season. One would think that an intelligent and unusual offering like "Pushing Daisies" would be perfect during such difficult times, but maybe it's still too morbid for the liking of the masses. Unfortunately, it's forebears "Dead Like Me" and "Wonderfalls" also struggled and died young.
  • I've always thought Lee Pace's acting was subtly brilliant.

    I've always thought Lee Pace's acting was subtly brilliant. He was nominated for an Emmy for it. Even though he does a great job portraying Ned, I've always felt that Ned was a static character. But after this episode I suppose he was supposed to be that way. There is a great moment in the confessional where Ned and the Priest work out some of Ned's issues. That scene alone brings to light a whole new layer of Ned that we all knew was there but was suppressed by him. I'm certain that Ned's father will soon be part of the show.

    Maybe I just haven't noticed this in other episodes, but there were so many inside jokes/references. Like how the bell tower was a replica from the one in Vertigo. There was a slick reference to Hamlet and the Old Testament. I thought they slipped those into the script perfectly. And did anyone catch the references their undercover names made?

    Something I didn't see coming was that Chuck finds out that her "aunt Lily is her mom. I thought they would drag that out for at least another couple episodes.

    This was another great episode. I'm honestly surprised at how strong they are keeping everything. At the end of last season I thought to myself: Just how much can they do with this premise? Answer: Tons. It looks like there is so much that they can do with the character arcs.
  • Sister Christian is nothing more than a heavy petting power ballad. :D

    I'm not certain I'm 100 percent clear on everything that happened, exactly, but the fog is enjoyable. I loved little Olive discovering a dinosaur and getting her first horse. And how a slice of peach pie is an Olive Snook. And the "Vertigo" references with the bell tower.

    One thing that didn't play well with me is Ned being irked by Chuck's geneaological forays. Emerson had it exactly right: You have issues, she doesn't, so support her. Ned's instinct should be to support her in stuff.

    I did like that Olive came right out and told Ned her feelings for him, and that he had a little cathartic leap about how horrible that must have been for her and empathized a little. That was a necessary first step to Olive maybe returning someday to The Pie Hole?

    Emerson agreeing to help Olive in exchange for her prayers was very sweet. We're really going to need to meet Brandi or Candy or whatever her name is pretty soon.

    What if she turns out to be Emerson's daughter? :o

    I'm happy that Chuck knows now about her mother. However, she still can't see her because her aunt-mothers think she's dead. But she and Olive are sort of reconciled, so that was cool.

    Lots of secrets spilled in this one. Pretty exciting. Can't wait to see what happens next. :)
  • The Most Adventurous Of Season 2... And a KILLER PIG! :D

    Ahhh there goes another great week and episode.
    Personally I thought it was really adventurous and mysteries, more filled than the past 2 weeks.
    It wasnt colorful as the bee & clown story hehe but I think I liked it better than those 2. Each week gets better and better.
    Out of all 3 episodes this was the most unpredictable. The killer is a pig HAHA! Priceless. And Im soooo glad Olives back YAY! Towards the end was emotional with Chuck finding out that Lilly is her mom. I cant wait for the next episode. . . . . . :))