Pushing Daisies

Season 1 Episode 8

Bitter Sweets

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Nov 28, 2007 on ABC

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  • Pies VS Sweets, who will win?

    There's competition for Ned, Chuck and Olive in the Pie Hole (Later named the Pie Ho) In the form of a sweet shop run by a brother and sister duo. Also, they find a man who was strangled to death by another guys Doll (he thinks its his girlfriend) and Olive and Chuck unleash rats in the sweet shop. Ned takes them back and finds the rother owner in a vat of taffy, dead. The police and the sister enter, thinking he killed him. Neds in jail. Chuck, Olive and Emerson find out who killed the brother, a fake health inspector hired to shut down the pie hole. The sister kills him and Ned tells Chuck he killed her dad.
  • Pie vs. Sweet

    Another excellent episode of "Pushing Dasies." The only problem is ABC movie the show to 9 o'Clock, going up against "Bionic Woman." with respect to Michelle Ryan, I had no choice but to go over to "pushing Daises." this week's episode is more than a murder investigation. It's a war between the Pie Hole and a sweets shope who are out to put the Pie Hole out of business. There someone dies and Ned was to blame. But as usual, everything wok out okay. I like to say again that Anna Friels and Kristin Chenswoth are one of the best things that ever happened to the series.
  • Alright still

    I thought this episode was ok. Nothing really special happend in it for me. I dident really like it for some reason. I think that Olive is the best character out of all of them. Her quirky personality really makes the show as good as it is. The other characters are good. But they're nowhere near as good as Olive is. She's like the queen of quirkines. Way to go OLIVE SNOOK!! Other than that...I thought it was an interesting plot. Intersting. Not good. I wasent a big fan of the competitive candy shop owner. But oh well. There's nothing I can do about that.
  • An interesting and original plot (even for Pushing Daisies) and an all-star guest cast make this one of the best episodes of the season.

    Ever since we learned that Ned killed Chuck's dad (inadvertently of course), the tension between Chuck and Ned has been building. Granted, the fairy tale nature of their romance has overshadowed much of the conflict, but that can be attributed to the writers. It's kind of strange, because you feel immensely bad for Chuck--she doesn't know what's going on or why Ned always seems to be so evasive when it comes to talking about their past, but she is still happy-go-lucky as ever and thankful to Ned for bringing her back.

    Ned on the other hand...well, you feel sorry for him too. Although it isn't really his fault, he feels responsible because he took away from Chuck something that she can never get back. He may not have known what he was doing at the time, but her father still died as a direct result of something that he did.

    Although it takes Ned the entire episode to finally come clean, the ending scene with him and Chuck in the bedroom is a major cliffhanger for December 12th's potential season finale. The audience is left in a major state of anticipation, wondering how Chuck is going to react and what this is going to mean for their highly improbable romance.

    The other, more tangible storyline in this episode is the fact that a new candy store has opened up across from The Pie Hole. Guest appearances include Molly Shannon (of SNL fame) and Mike White, who played Ned Shneebly on School Of Rock. Both of them do an excellent job playing the eccentric, power-hungry brother/sister owner team of the Bittersweet Emporium, and fit well into Pushing Daisies's whimsical world.

    Olive continues to struggle with her feelings for Ned as well, and even envisions herself with Alfred, the traveling salesman as an alternative. It is quite clear that her main focus is still on the pie-maker though...she won't be sidetracked that easily.

    Definitely one of the better episodes, and a perfect lead-in to a possible season finale on December 12th (due to the writers' strike).
  • Funnier than expected!

    Really funny than expected as the show is just as cute as it could be. As the show keeps growing and growing more funnier and bizarre. The three amatuer sluths investigate a guy named Tony who was apparenty strangled by a bunch of women. As it might be over jealousy of some sorts. As also the pie business store is beginning to plummet over the new candy store. As it is a turf war for those two. But in a good kind of funny way. As the candy peole in the show were really funny. And that hopefully they can be more on more shows as they provide really funny competition between Ned & company.
  • An episode full of surprises

    Just when I was beginning to wonder if the episodic and serialized aspects of this show could be brought together in harmony on a regular basis, the writers stepped up to the plate and hit a game winner. This episode had some solid character work and a great guest cast, reinforcing the twisted Dr. Suess-esque world of "Pushing Daisies" while grounding the madness in real-world emotions.

    Granted, the resolution to the central mystery and the candy store conflict were a bit rushed and convenient (especially the complete lack of blood after a character gets a finger bitten off), but the situation brought a bit of contention to the Ned/Chuck relationship. Now it's clear why the writers were playing the two as sweet as can be and twice as saccharine. The audience had to rely on the magical quality of their romance to ensure that any little bump in the road would have an impact.

    Of course, the small bumps caused by Chuck's decision to wage war on the candy makers with Olive (the now-infamous "Pie Hos") were nothing compared to the massive pot hole created by Ned's revelation. The death of Chuck's father was a major turning point in her life, and in a very real sense, Ned is responsible for everything in Chuck's life from that moment forward.

    It's unlikely that this will be a permanent issue, since Chuck has been fairly reasonable about the other changes in her life, adjusting to the new rules of her existence with a modicum of creativity. Eventually she will reconcile what she's seen with what she's been told, and she'll come to recognize that if Ned is responsible for all the bad things that have happened since her father's death, he's equally responsible for all the good things. Chuck's personality makes a long-standing grudge unlikely.

    That just a hint of that possibility, however, would be distressing for the audience is a testimony to the success of the writers thus far. We care about the characters as if they were real, despite the innate absurdity of the premise and the conceptual universe. For all the concerns I've had about the long term viability of certain elements, particularly as budget and strike-driven concerns mount, the show is bringing this shortened first season to a capable conclusion. Hopefully the next episode (and possible season finale) will continue in the same direction.
  • As good as I expected.

    It started out slow but I really enjoyed this episode. The candy store people were very funny and I enjoyed the storyline involving the two. I also really liked the cliffhanger ending. PD has really been delivering for me lately. I am also glad that Ned's secret is out in the open now. Unlike some series, which although good, drag out mysteries for multiple seasons, PD has allowed Chuck to learn the truth within the first ten episodes, that's amazing to me. If the ratings hold, I can definetly see a bright future ahead for Pushing Daisies. Here's to the next episode.
  • Anybody loosing interest in Pushing Daisies needs to watch this episode!

    Possibly the best episode yet.
    Lots of great scenes, despite the Aunts not being in it.
    Molly Shannon was great, and I'm glad she has a recurring role. Cant wait to see more of her.
    Olive isn't my favourite character, but her scenes in this were great, especially the part with the gun baked into the pie. I also liked how her relationship with Alfredo is developing.
    Not much to say, you really have to watch it for yourself. Possibly Pushing Daisies at its best, leaving things lined up perfectly for the finale. The cliffhanger will leave you desperate for more.
    Now we just have to wait 2 weeks, and hope that the writers strike gets resolved.
  • Only one thing mildly wrong..

    This episode was pretty different from the others as it had two cases rather than one and Emerson and Chuck had to solve the second without Ned due to Ned's imprisonment involving the second case. The introduction of Molly Shannon as the rival small business owner across the street from the Pie Hole was very well done and we may even see more of her in later episodes, I found the CGI involving her and the birds to be pretty funny (especially the close-in on the bird's eye).

    Seeing Olive move on from Ned at the end was nice to see but was also sad when it was revealed to just be a fantasy of her's. The gun and bullets in the pie was the funniest moment I've seen in this series which I always thought would come from Emerson who is still the funniest character on this show in my eyes. Which brings me to the one mildly wrong thing in this episode..not enough Emerson! Now this was a great episode but it just seemed like he didn't get as much time on screen as usual. Also, the lack of dialogue between Emerson and Ned wasn't too fun but that's understandable.

    All in all, this was a great episode and Pushing Daisies shows no signs of stopping the continuously entertaining episodes week after week. ^^
  • Review

    I didnt like the episode at all. They introduce this new Candy shop which is supposed to be this big thing that is going to put the Pie Hole out of town and it only lasts an episode because the Candy shop lady is a killer? Ned revealing the truth to Chuck was something that we were all waiting for. We knew one day he would tell her the truth and she would have some kind of action that affected the relationship in a big negative way. Im not surprised that it was the cliffhanger, I am surprised it was one of the only parts of the episode that I actually liked. The acting was solid, but some of the CGI with Molly Shannon (Candy Store Owner) on the boat was kind of crappy just as Olive on the Horses was bad way back when. I don't know, I guess the magic just seems to be running out with this show. I think the show has failed to really pick up since episodes 1-3 where I was so into the story that I couldnt stop watching them online. Average episode for me, nothing amazing or special.
  • Business at the Pie Hole is waning when a candy store opens across the street, and a man is murdered by his friend's girlfriend but his friend's girlfriend is a doll.

    A great episode, this one is real eye candy. The addition of a candy store across the street adds to the already sugary flavour of this show. The cast is as charming as ever, Molly Shannon guest stars as the owner of the candy shop and is determined to take out her competition (the Pie Hole). A few more quality jokes are baked into this episode (such as the gun in the pie). The plot develops quite a bit with Olive moving on from Ned and on to someone else, and watch the end for an earth shaking twist (hardly a twist though, we knew it was coming).

    I did have a problem with this episode however, where the murderer was found out by the narrator, rather than by plot progression, but in the big picture that story line is a minor one in this episode so that may justify it.

    This episode also doesn't lay too heavily on the fact Ned can revive the dead, as past episodes have, and adds a breath of fresh air to the series. The pros far outweigh the cons and is all-around fun and never gets boring to watch. It is my favourite episode from my favourite television program.