Pushing Daisies

Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Oct 01, 2008 on ABC

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  • About this episode

    It was Excellence. This had wonderful costumes.
  • Where do I even start to talk about how amazing this show is.

    Where do I even start to talk about how amazing this show is. This show sets the standard for set design, costumes and make up. I've studied film and theater and I know how difficult it can be to make everything on screen work together. But this show does it wonderfully, it's so bright and colorful yet dark and gothic at the same time. This show is right up my alley.

    Lets talk about the second season premier in particular here. The show is slowly increasing the depths of it's character's story lines making the show more and more interesting. It definitely increased the number of questions that the season finale brought up. This episode also hinted at the fact that Ned's father will come into the picture sometime.

    Another part of what makes this show so fun to watch is it's incredible casting. Particularly it's casting of the guest stars. I am not a fan of French Stewart at all, but even I can't deny that he was a real scene stealer in this episode. It was a perfect role for him. I've looked a head at future episodes and it looks like the great guest stars will keep coming with such people as: Fred Willard, Stephen Root, David Arquette and Debra Mooney.

    This was a good episode to start out the season and I'm excited to find out where the story lines will go.

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  • Not quite back on track

    The pilot for "Pushing Daisies" was one of the best episodes of the entire strike-ridden 2007-2008 season, and the short but sweet first season did its best to maintain that initial quality. That struggle was mostly won, but the rough patches were frequent enough to make me wonder if the series would always be a matter of diminishing returns.

    I'm not sure the second season premiere does much to mitigate those fears. For one thing, this is the first episode I've watched in true HD, and while the color palette is wonderful, the budget concessions are glaring. To be fair, the production is so fairy-tale in nature that the rough edges are just as often a clever way to turn relative thrift into intentional style. But this wasn't the tour de force that the pilot represented by any means.

    Perhaps it was the need to stuff the episode with enough background information to bring the audience back up to speed, or how long it took the series to return relative to the rest of the shows on the schedule. Whatever it is, I felt like it took a little too long to get back into the Pie Hole groove. And that's even with the opening with Chuck in a cute bustier, and the fact that this country could use a weekly dose of the whimsical these days.

    There were plenty of funny moments, and the show hasn't lost its charm. There's the usual Bryan Fuller injection of loose subplots afoot and plenty of character moments to enjoy. But it just may be that the magical qualities of the first season will be harder to rekindle than I had suspected.
  • ???

    I can't deny it. The concept of Pushing Daisies is utterly original. The settings, the storylines, the personalities... everything is completely out of character. Because it is so vivid and different I try to keep watching and wait until I will finally be passionated. It's been a year now...

    I found the second season premiere quite boring. First I didn't understand how come Chuck and Ned are friends again since she found out at the end of the first season that he was "responsible" for her father's death. That would have been a good thing to follow. I don't find the crazy investigations amusing anymore, not to mention the exentricity of the characters.
    What I like is the special bond between Ned and Chuck, so close and yet they can't show it.
    But that's not enough. I'll give it another go with the second episode because it deserves it but I might like a lot of American people who gave up given the audience results.
  • Review

    Not good. I can't get into the case by case stories anymore. Olive's storyline is simply awful and I hate watching her interaction with the two old women. There was a lot of attention paid to the two women almost discovering Chuck. I thought it was pretty much bad storyteling. The narrarator dissapered for the entire middle portion of this epsiode, which is what makes the show so great. I simply don't think that this show is going on a good track. I haven't watched the next two episodes yet, but after 2x01 I'm not sure I want to. I thought that the bee storyline was among on of the worst that they have ever done. Not a fan of the "Betty Bee" and the "Betty Bee Key"
  • Beeware!

    Well, I finally have season 2 of Pushing Daisies among my personal possessions. And there aint no way any poor kids are gonna get their grubby hands on them. No way. Shoo! I wasn't sure what to expect from this episode. Could the 2nd season really eclipse such an amazing, albeit short, debut from the genius that is Fuller? I had my reservations, I will admit. Especially since that opening sequence (the one after the recap) looked a little…cheap? I feared budget cuts. I feared hokey sets. I feared fake skies and bad special effects. And I feared fewer colours, oh the horror! How silly I was.

    After a shaky start – the dialogue seemed forced, almost too trying with its witticisms and play on the 'Bettie's bees' ordeal, the episode soon finds its flow and buzzes along at such a fun, quirky pace. Budget cuts? This show has never looked so good! The iridescent sets gleamed like never before. Since this is my first time reviewing an episode, I gotta come clean and admit I'm a huge Olive fan. That woman is my hero, and her personality is just delicious. Plus, well, she's all kinds of woman. Kristin Chenoweth steals every flippin' scene she's in and turns such basic lines into comedy gold. Her hills are alive moment was bloody hysterical (as was her cabbage patch moment – heck, any scene within the nunnery!).

    The Ned/Chuck moments are as syrupy as ever, and on any other show such it would bug the hell out of me, but these two are just so darn adorable, it's sickening (in a good way). I'm just so glad to be back with the series, even if this is its final season. Makes watching these for the first time, keeping that in mind, all the more special. So many memorable moments. So many wonderful costumes. SO many talented actors onscreen at once. Welcome back, Mr. Voiceover Man! Welcome back, Pushing Daisies!
  • yay! finally back after months of waiting in the UK

    pushing Dasies is a fantastic and delightfully morbid show and that is what makes it one of my favourites to watch upon every week, saddened by the news of the show's cancellation in the US this show has lost none of its power after the exceptional first season...if not improved with its humour.
    there is plenty for everyone in this seasons opening episode which in itself is a pretty whacky way to debut a season with by the million killer bees as the main culprit in this episode.
    the visuals as per usual are genuinely breathtaking, and the tension exciting...and the acting is absolutely stunning.
    don't get me started on the amazing production and writing.
    The Sound Of Music also gets parodied in this episode.
    a fantastic return to form of the show.
    love it!
  • Ned, Chuck and Emmerson must investigate the case of Kentucky, a woman who was killed by hundreds of killer bee's. To do this Chuck must pretend to be Kitty Pimms to get the job at Betty Bee's.

    I have been waiting for this series to return and I wasn't disappointed when it did. The episode 'Bzzzzz' was a good example of this being an amazing series. The storyline is very well thought out, but may fall flat on its face later on in life, but every episode I'm scared that Ned may touch Chuck and she will die. But at points I feel like this series goes over the top, for example, Lily being Chuck's mother, Olive going to a nunnery and now Ned's father was at the 'Pie Hole.' I'm scared that something to over the top will happen and people will get bored of it. If the following episodes stick with the storylines everything should be fine!
  • Oh welcome back Pushing Daisies!

    At last, one of my favourite series came back for season 2. The cinematography was as beautiful as ever, the cast brilliantly acted throughout and there were loads of bee-related shenanigans to enjoy. I loved Ned and Chuck together and Emerson was hilarious as ever. The show oozes charm and wit and was just as good now as in season 1. The case involving the honey factory was executed well and the sub-plot with Olive and Lily was also nicely done. This is one of the most original and beautifully made shows on TV right now so go on - give it a try!
  • Olive is tired of the secrets and is moved to a nunnery by Lily. Emmerson, Ned and Chuck investigate the murder of Kentucky Fitz who her husband Dusty suspects she was murdered

    What Wonderful Season premieres so far this season! Really missed Daisie's since the strike and I am REALLY pulling for it to be ordered for a whole season this year. Ned and Chuck were as adorable as ever! Loved the end where Ned brought all her belongings in the apartment next door so she can experience living alone! I think Olive will spill her secrets despite seeming to find some tranquility at the nunnery. Ned's Dad coming at the end was unexpected! Really want to know what happens with that. I am loving the Emmerson story line with his long lost daughter his pop up book Lil Gum Shoe could play a part in that...

    Bring on more Daisies!
  • Second Season Premiere.

    The Second Season Premiere. This episode was good, but could have been a lot better. I didn't really care for the beginning of the episode. It was kind of dull, but after it got started a little while it was really good. That's why I gave it a 9.5 instead of a 10.

    I like this show because every episode there is a new case that keeps you intrested! This episodes case was that a girl who worked at Betty's Bee's was murdered and got stung a lot! And the pie maker is here to solve the case. The end of the episode was really good! The preview for next weeks episode looks a ton better than this episode. Even though this episode was still good.
  • Welcome back, Daisies. Lord, how we've missed you.

    Seeing this show back makes me happier than I've been in months. The recap at the beginning slowed things down a bit but was necessary for new viewers and it did help set up the nice bit of how Ned and Chuck handle rooming without touching. Indeed, that was the great bit of the episode, showing Chuck wanting to get out a bit more on her own, Ned reluctant but realizing it was better for her to have a home of her own, or at least the feeling of one.

    Olive's move to a nunnery was hysterically done thanks to Kristin's always great acting. I hope she doesn't stay too long because she fits so well at the Pie Hole but it should be good for some laughs. I also enjoyed the idea of Emerson putting out a pop-up book as an attempt to get back with his daughter, showing his softer side. Of course, we also get his hysterical "Sorry for your loss, I do accept credit cards" line.

    Once again, kudos to the makeup and effects guys for Kentucky's bee-strewn corpse to the imaginative offices and the bees around Chuck. Missy Pyle was a terrific guest star with her nice humor and it'd be great if she came back and the case moved along briskly. It's also great to finally see the aunts out of the house as it opens up a new direction for them (the scene of Greene and Pace outside the Pie Hole was wonderful).

    So the show is back and hitting full stride once again and that's great news for lovers of fine TV everywhere.
  • These bees were the bees knees. :D

    I loved this episode. Jim Dale's narration is delicious and his first "29 years, six weeks, 14 days, and nine hours" thing I squeeed. But poor Olive and her squishy little heart! I feel so bad for her and then Lily's big secret and of course Chuck's big secret, and I just plain loved everything about this episode. I loved those Queen of Hearts wimples the nuns had, and I absolutely loved all of them "shushing" Olive when she was spinning like a madwoman on the mountaintop.

    And normally I dislike bees, but these bees were the bees knees. Was that Sandra Bernhardt? Betty Bee looked exactly like Sandra Bernhardt. Loved, loved, loved OMG LOVED her little bee pin microphone! The art direction on this show is top notch.

    Emerson's pop-up book is a lovely bit of backstory. I hope he finds his daughter -- or more to the point, that his daughter finds him. Go Lil Gumshoe!

    Overall, I was just pleased to the floor by everything that happened and I'm so looking forward to what happens next!
  • So Good to have PD Backk, Felt super to watch it! :))

    OMGG how it ROCKED to be watching PD againn. Felt soo niceee! :) Tottaly L-O-V-E-D it from minute 1 til the enddd... :)
    Ned, Chuck, Olive, Emerson...all of them were awesome...

    How hilarious was it when Olive was skipping through the grass field and the nuns shut her up. HAHAAA! :lol: :lol:
    She rocksss. =)) Once again a different, unique mystery full of excitement and enjoyment. An episode that has an unpredictable ending..which is one of the exact reasons why I watch and LOVE PD. B) So GOOOOD to have Daisies BACK!!! :) Cant wait for next week's. :) The only annoying thing is watching the first 20 mins commercial-free and than putting up with the annoying every 5 minutes commercial...Oh well whatever! :D
  • Ned, Chuck and Emmerson investigates the death of a bee keeper. Olive goes crazy trying to keep Lilys secret. Ned doesnt respond well when Chuck says she wants to live on her own and see how it is.

    Pushing Daisies got me hooked last year, starting with Pie-lette and concluding with Corpsicle, there wasnt an episode that didnt make me laugh make me think or just make me all warm and fuzzy inside. When it was shortened due to the strike, I couldnt wait for it to come back, at the time I was still hoping that it would come back. When they announced that it had been renewed for an entire second season I was so excited. My fave of all faves was coming back, I would have something to look forward to this fall. Then I heard it was nominated for 12 emmys, more than both Greys Anatomy and Ugly Betty. That is quite the accomplishment for a show that only had 9 episodes and already has a strong fan base. Then they announced that the date it was returning and the day the first season was coming out on DVD. I got it, watched a couple of episodes over the past weekend. Then last night I was excited when the clock hit 9 I was sitting in my chair waiting. The show started and immediatley I liked it, it was amazing, the actors, the scenes, the colors, the way it all fit, the love, the hope, the people, their porblems, their gifts. It all fits it all adds up to many possibilties. Emmerson and his daughter, Ned and his father. Chuck trying to cope with death and being reborn again so to speak. Lily trying to keep Olive from spilling the beans about her being Chucks mother. Vivian just trying to have a life, because that is what Chuck would want. This show is perfect, its like a dream, a fantasy that comes true once a week. This show will continue to grow and people will fall in love with it over this coming season.