Pushing Daisies

Season 2 Episode 2

Circus Circus

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Oct 08, 2008 on ABC

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  • in the best way possible as the cast move settings to mysterious goings on at a circus...spells fun:)

    after a marvelous season finale the excitement really builds up here in an equally captivating yet remarkable cartoon in its style with plenty remarkable sequences and a hilarious sequence at the nunnary to which Olive is keeping herself away from Ned and Chuck from revealing any more secrets to which Lily reveals she is Chucks birth mother...poor Olive and the grub isn't particularly great either as she provides 'the line' of the episode.
    also the car crash itself is pretty masterful as not one or two clowns were killed in the mini van but a whole load of them are wheeled out of it on beds into an ambulance, just plain hysterics mount up for the viewer.
    oh yes the setting of a circus is really marvelled in and taken advantage of by the cast and writers of this peculiar yet fantastical episode of pushing Dasies.
  • Another chance to revel in Pushing Daisies fun - this time at the circus.

    As one of my favourite shows, Pushing Daisies never disappoints me. The humour in the scripts never dims and Jim Dale as the narrator just gets better and better. Sometimes the narrator's lines even outdo Emerson's for wit and outright laughter. The main plot with the circus murder was great, very funny. This is just the sort of case I enjoy seeing Emerson and Ned working on. Olive's subplot at the nunnery was not so well done. I felt sorry for her and want her to rejoin everyone back at the Pie Hole. Pushing Daisies still needs to draw a bigger audience though so will have to pull something really spectacular out to do that.
  • Ned and company take on the circus

    Despite the fact that the episode is initially not at all about the circus, it dovetails nicely into freaks and ringside seats. The cliches are all nicely bashed, from clowns to mimes to acrobats in leotards, this episode has all the classics done with the spectacular imagery of Pushing Daisies. Though the plot is not much furthered, character development remains a critical aspect of the show, expanding upon this seasons departure from the static situation of last season. The only downside lies in the Olive/nunnery diversion. It feels unhelpful, tacked-on, less whimsical than the series as a whole. Moreover, it diverts critical character interaction that could otherwise take place. Overall, I think this was a fine episode, though I would like to see the nunnery wrapped up and Olive returned to the series proper.
  • How long can it last?

    There were a few theories in various comments to the previous review on the season premiere as to why that episode didn't quite help the season hit the ground running. One very good theory was the massive amount of exposition, designed to bring new viewers up to speed in a minimum amount of time. Good in concept, rough in execution. (And sadly, the premiere doesn't look like it managed to bring back all the old viewers, never mind new ones.)

    This is unfortunate, because this episode managed to explain some of the same material in a more elegant manner. In fact, with so many of the new plot threads established in the premiere, the story was allowed to evolve more organically. The result was a better episode overall, especially in terms of the quirky humor and syrupy relationship drama. In other words, it was a great example of what makes "Pushing Daisies" unique.

    I'm still not sold on all the subplots, at least not so much that I'm compelling to comment on them at length. This might be a problem if I found them all dreary, but they're all worth the time given to them. Perhaps that's because of the humor that is evenly distributed, giving every situation a satirical edge. It's a very nice touch.

    That said, it looks like the show is struggling in the ratings, along with most of the shows that were forced to close out last season in the fall, thank to the writers' strike (or, I should say, thanks to the production companies who forced the strike). "Pushing Daisies" is a hard enough sell as it is; it doesn't need to be fighting an uphill battle as well. There's enough material in the can to justify keeping the show around for a little while longer, but if the ratings continue to fall, how long can the network remain patient?
  • Nice one. :)

    The clown car was the best. And Aunt Vivy is such a sweetie. Post first-class-tantie Olive is truly the Keeper of the Secrets Chuck and Ned seemed a little low energy, which is always troubling to me. They should always be crackling, and it breaks my heart when they're upset with each other. I did like their "meeting" at the end of the show. That was charming.

    Also, whoever is writing Jim Dale's narrative is starting to mail it in a little bit. The segues among metaphors was losing some of its poetry.

    Meanwhile, the visuals are as stunning as ever, which keeps it wonderful.

    I loved the clown they brought back to life. Hilarious! That was a mean trick to play on that guy with the horse (how would they time that?) but at least we only had to hear about it. That would've been really, really disturbing to watch. Eww.

    I also wanted to hear the limerick. :D

    The mime was great. I thought he'd keep miming throughout his whole minute. Bad mime! Emerson: "If this van is a'rockin', I'm probably being murdered." Also, Chuck's interrogation technique was first rate.

    I liked it a lot. I didn't love it, but I loved quite a few things in it, and overall it was charming. Nice one! :)
  • This episode was everything we have come to expect from this series.

    This episode was everything we have come to expect from this series. Personally I found the case itself a tad bland, but it did provide us with some character development for Emerson. It gave us some insight to some of his motivations.

    The blandness of the case was definitely over shadowed by the quirkiness and sharp wit of the writing. I think people are starting to appreciate the narrator more, more so than they are ready do. I think the narrator has some of the best line of the show and the writers use him perfectly. It reminds me a lot of Ron Howard's narration on Arrested Development.

    The episode also had a few very touching moments especially the scene when Vivian shows up at the Pie Hole. I mean, I felt really sorry for her.

    Overall this was a good episode, but it had a tough act to follow with last week's excellent season opener.
  • Really a great show!

    The second season should be something else. We see that both Ned and Chuck want to take their relationship in a new direction. As both are a cute couple but you know. If they got together way too soon, then that would end the show in a heartbeat. Nonetheless, we see that the team goes off to find a missing teen. Who ran away with the circus. But this isn't just no ordinary "circus!" It is one where people are ending up dead. The team must get to the bottom or else. Overcome with guilt on another front, Lily pays Olive a visit to the nunnery. Can't wait for more episodes.
  • A highly anticipated episode that was well worth the wait!

    A highly anticipated episode that was well worth the wait!

    I found this week's much funner, colorful and humuruous than the bee story. :)
    I feel like Season 2 is gonna PD's golden year, where the stories get better each week. Loved the circus scenes, especially the snort giggle lol. :D
    Felt sorry that Chuch could not go along but she def. did get more scary action running away from her aunt. It was a funny scene but became more of a touching scene with Chuck's tears. :(

    And Olive was so sweet like always.
    "Booze in the bible!" LOL! :D

    How Ned & Chuch made a fresh new start was really cute hehe. =))

    Overall, it was one of the best, very well-written like always.
    Gets a 10 out of 10 from me. Now all we have to do is wait and see the ratings. This week it really deserves much higher. :(