Pushing Daisies

Season 2 Episode 8

Comfort Food

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Dec 03, 2008 on ABC

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  • This episode is easily the best episode of the second season, if not the whole series.

    This episode is easily the best episode of the second season, if not the whole series. Two mysteries are played out in this episode to great effect. Ned and Olive try to solve a murder at a cook off while Emerson helps Chuck clean up the mess she created by tricking Ned by keeping her father alive after Ned brought him back to life.

    Like always the guest stars are put to great use in this episode. I love how Beth Grant recreates her role of Marianne Marie Beetle who previously appeared in the episode of Wonderfalls entitled "Muffin Buffalo" a show also created by Bryan Fuller.

    Olive gets a chance to show case her singing voice again in this episode. I was blown away by how much she was able to sound like Susanna Hoffs, the lead singer of the Bangles. The song was perfect used at the perfect time.

    With episodes like these it makes me even more upset that the show has been canceled. because who knows how much better the show could have gotten.
  • The wonder falls on Pushing Daisies

    Bryan Fuller is best known for creating properties that develop a devoted cult following and critical acclaim, but somehow fail to reach a broader audience despite the accolades. Before "Pushing Daisies", Fuller attempted to launch "Wonderfalls" on the FOX network. Perhaps because it was the FOX network, the series aired a handful of episodes before shuffling off into the ether.

    Fuller manages to overlap the world of "Wonderfalls" and "Pushing Daisies" in this episode, and while none of the main cast of that gem crossed over into Ned's world, the connection is appreciated. In a perfect world, everything that Fuller has created would be part of the same universe, and they would eventually all play in the same sandbox.

    It might seem odd to bring all of this up when the crossover element was a minor facet of an episode overflowing with great moments. Who didn't want to see Chuck and Ned in the same bed, for example, just before she sneaks away her dead father, betraying Ned's trust? And resolving the Dixon threat in the process? Chuck and Emerson's antics were a lot of fun, particularly given that Emerson doesn't like Chuck all that much (or anyone else, for that matter).

    Ned and Olive's partnership at the baking competition was a bit more generic, but it did provide the basis for the Muffin Buffalo crossover and also gave the writers the excuse to revisit Olive's desire for Ned. Any episode that provides Olive with a musical number is a winner in my book!

    This season has been very uneven for me, but this episode hit all the right notes and gave me a nostalgic slice of "Wonderfalls" in the process. Hopefully, the rest of this final run will be equally enjoyable.
  • Loads of fun at the cook-off and the cemetary.

    This was truly another amazing piece of television with one of the classic episodes of the season so far. Of course Chuck was going to try and keep her dad alive after Ned touched him. This allowed for some great interplay between her and Emerson later on. Naturally it was Dwight that had to die in place of Charles. Lily gets more and more manic here too. Ned and Olive were a great team at the comfort food competition and it seems that Olive still has feelings for Ned. It is a crying shame that the show is about to be axed.
  • Chuck's father is still alive, Olive and Ned spent some time together and dwaight meets his match

    Am I the only one who realises that this episode justifies murder if you do it for love. I have always disliked stories that are character driven i have always liked those that are plot driven and this episode is character driven. In order to justfy what Chuck did the show is forced to kill a bad person so as not to highlight the fact that chuck has Just killed someone. The is a chance that her selfish desire to keep her father alive could have killed an innocent person who just came by to visit the grave of a lost loved one. I dont care that its dwight who dies here but chuck as Ned did in the first episode just decided that the life of her beloved is far more important than the life of who ever will die in thier stead.

    The Ned Olive story was a good one but given what chuck did i cant help but like olive more and more but since the show wants ned and chuck, ned will forgive chuck and they will find a way to justfy bad decisions because of love
  • Another great show!

    This is another great episode of a sadly canceled show. We find some more conflict between Ned and Chuck, which is probably good for their relationship. Lily gets very violent and we see how serious she is about saving her sister from whatever she deems as bad. We also get some good Olive and Ned bonding. I like Chuck, but you have to cheer for Olive a bit. She is just so very cute. Overall, it really has all the bits of the show that are good. Quirky stuff, cute stuff, beautiful stuff, gross dead stuff, and lots of heart.
  • Why is this show being canceled?!

    Every episode this season has been hitting it out of the park and this continues that trend big time. For Chuck to let her father live was a shocking move although I saw it coming Dwight would pay the price. That may seem to tie things up but we all know Ned won't take this very well and may spell trouble for our lovers although I do look forward to his interacting with Charles who still looks bad.

    Kristen was phenomenal in this episode with her mugging and quirky behavior and especially that singing at the end. It was interesting seeing her and Ned working together to solve a crime without Emerson and the various characters (especially the Muffin Lady and the Waffle Nazi) added to the fun as did the actual motive. I laughed out loud so many times at Olive, especially the running at the end but the emotion was there too with her feelings for Ned.

    Overall, another gem of this show that makes its coming end so much sadder to take.
  • Ned brings Chuck's father back to life and competes in a contest with Olive.

    OMG! Muffin Buffalo! Muffin Buffalo! Muffin Buffalo! Fans of Lee Pace may remember the Muffin Buffalo lady from episode 7 of his previous show, Wonderfalls. It's even the same actress. I wish Ned could bring himself to finally confide in Olive. I feel sad for her but I'm glad that Chuck's dad's story is progressing. Only 5 more episodes to go! Bryan Fuller says that he's looking into a comic book or even a movie deal to wrap up the storylines.

    I am going to really miss this show. In spite of the death thing, it was much lighter in mood than Wonderfalls, which I also loved. Wonderfalls never even got half a chance, lasting only 3 episodes. If you haven't seen it, give it a try.
  • The BEST of the 2nd Season!!! WOW Keeps gettin Better! :)

    HOLY WOW! I just have to say first that this became my all-time- FAVORITE episode of PD. Seriously was this the best and MOST exciting and breath-taking episode ever or what!!!! Alot of shocks. Like i keep saying ''it just keeps getting BETTER each week''. =)))

    The opening scenes were SUPER, the grave part was nice, I love how Ned gave them 30 seconds of privacy. And what Chuck did? Whoaaaa!!! I did not expect that. He's still alive. And his episode became the very QUICK end of Dwait, and just when he was just getting really interesting and found out about Ned. Crudd!! I loved the pairings in this episode. Ned with Olive and Chuck with Emerson. A nice change to the show. I liked the graveyard scenes. The murder mystery was funny and colorful. The dead guy having a taste of himself -- Priceless fun, HAHA! Overall the best episode with yet another breathtaking ENDING.
    10 out of 10. Lastly, this show CANNOT END when its getting more and more interesting. Having just a few more episodes left is upsetting but we gotta enjoy it while it lasts.

    Next week looks excellent! =)

    EDIT: Oh and Olive's singing made it feel like a season 1 episode. We were overdue to hear her sing again so YAY it was so sweett. =))
  • More than one interesting reveals ensures that this is a 'can't miss' episode for any fan of the show.

    Without any spoilers, two major things happen in this episode that will astound every viewer who is a loyal follower to the show. And, by separating the cast into two groups for the episode, it helps evolve the relationships between each set of characters. With a huge and amazing conclusion, a singing number, a bunch of new characters that show up (Including a cross over from another show) this well acted and entertaining episode is such a great episode, it's worth watching more than once.

    And with an interesting death (and an even funnier revival of said character) this promises to be a highlight of the second season.
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