Pushing Daisies

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Dec 12, 2007 on ABC

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  • Secrets come out

    Previously: Ned has finally told Chuck the truth, he killed her father. Chuck runs off into the snow with Ned running out to go find her. Meanwhile, dead bodies keep turning up as they were killed by Kindness "Thats the name of the bat used to kill them." They figure out who kileld them and stop a death from happeneing. Olive pours a whole bottle of that mood enhancer into the aunt's pie and Lily starts hallucinating. Chuck is found and Ned apoligizes. Chuck wants Ned to bring her father back to life, but he doesn't. Also, aunt Lily is Chucks mother.
  • Someone is killing insurance agents, Chuck is mad at Ned, Aunt Lily has a secret

    We all know this episode was not supposed to be the finale-with that writer's strike serving as such an obstacle, the show did a great job of ending the great first season. The murder mystery was actually surprising (sometimes I guess right, this time I did not) and cleverly plotted. The humor in this episode was way high, not only from the usual funniest characters like Emerson or the aunts, but especially with the special guests-the young man in need of a heart was one of the most humorous guests the show has had so far.
    Of course the ending was great with the surprise that's revealed. I'm excited to see this twist be played out next season.
    As I said, this was a great end to the first season of one of TV's best shows.
  • Crab cakes and Corpsicles, with pie for desert

    Firstly I'd like to contradict Emerson Cod and state that 'Ginormous' is a word! A relatively new one but it is official. Now onto the review - this is the last in the series of 8 (well it was supposed to be 9 but ITV1 cheated us out of episode 2 telling us to watch it online instead), it's been a short season but a very very good one and I'm looking forward to it's return. This episode may not have been the best overall but was still fantastic.

    Basic plot is that Chuck is disgusted by Ned after he told her that he'd killed her father at the end of last episode while Oscar Vibinius (Paul Reubens) is literally sniffing about wondering why Digby and Chuck have the same scent. On the case front the boys have to deal with a heartless (in 2 senses of the word) boy when his life insurance people keep on turning up as frozen stiffs.

    'Do I look like a damn ouija board to you!' The above line is Emerson Cod's response when asked by Ned whether he thinks Chuck will take him back. This is the sort of sharp dialogue you can expect. As is when the mother of Abnar the heartless boy comments about 'grant us a wish or give us free merchandise' - classic character dialogue.

    What I love about this show is the one liners and attention to detail is amazing, this however never distracts from the human drama. So while there are odd bits like Olive's pyjamas being the same pattern as everything in her room and a monkey (a Bonobo named Bobo) who is curious about the gear stick we get Chuck literally upset by Ned's confession and Emerson opening up and admitting to having a daughter. Not the only one to admit to having a daughter either but then that's the cliffhanger so I'll mention that at the end.

    I'd like to say that Paul Reubens is a little over the top with his pervert like obsession with Chuck's smell of death - he's a good character don't get me wrong but is also a little too extreme at times. However his comment about the 'the ancient Egyptians believed that Bee's were entwined with death' was a great line and gives even more gravitas to Chuck's love of Bee's and honey.

    The killer in the end turns out to be the person you'd expect (although it's only because we know the mechanics the show works on now) but it's the little details that get you. Killed by kindness was a pretty good give-away.

    Lastly I'd like to mention Lily's trip as provided by the homoeopathic drug mule Olive and her mistakenly overdosed pie. It was a joy to watch with the crab cake scuttling away and the beautiful mermaid, more importantly it revealed a heck of a cliffhanger going into the next season, Lily...is Chuck's mother!
  • Season Finale of Pushing Daisies.

    Chuck and Ned are having difficult time in their relationship or friendship. Ned told Chuck that when he was a boy, he killed her father and now Chuck is too upset to see Ned around her and she hides. It was a good sesaon finale but this season was too short and Ned learns more about Emerson and We learn that Chuck's mother is her aunt. This will be good for season finale as Chuck may learn this. Also It was good to see Emerson's emotional side but it was a bit strange as he was always cold and never showed his emotions.
  • ned tells chuck the truth!!! and so does chucks aunt.

    i just wanna say i LOVE this show. it is sooo original! havent seen anything like it before(please do correct me if im wrong)
    i love how ned is soooo 'john cusack' and also i LOVE ned. i love how he is so melancoly but so empathic but still reserved(does that make sense?) and the love story it's so sad how they cant touch, i feel for them everytime.and how olive is pineing for ned and emersons sarcasm(cant believe he has a kid somewhere)!! and oh Pee Wee is on to chuck!!! it's so crazy this show is fantastic love it!!!!!!!
  • Great season finale

    Great ending, Kept me up all night. I forced my sister to watch it just so I could discuss the big secret at the end. This was a really good finally, would give it a 10, but I didn't really like the mystery this time. It was an ok mystery. I found that the mysteries are ok, but what really bring it home are the relationships with the people, and this is twisted. It is a really great episode. I think they are running out of ideas for murders, but that's my personal opinion. I found that they have been getting stale, but they are trying there best, and I don't mind because they are still great murders.
  • Brilliant season finale.

    Chuck learns the most shocking secret of her life and refuses to forgive Ned. In order to take the Pie Maker's mind off of Chuck, Emerson gets him to solve the mystery of a man killing life insurance agents and hiding them in snow banks. Oscar Vibenius returns to investigate why Chuck has a unique smell. Meanwhile, the Aunts' antidepressant-laced pies begin to show some hallucinogenic effects.
    Brilliant episode. It reminded me exactly why I watch this show. Colby Paul as Abner Newsome stole every scene he was in, hopefully we'll be seeing him again.

    Now we just need this strike to end ASAP so we can get atleast a few more new episodes!
  • Big secret could threaten Ned & Chuck's friendship!

    A big secret that could threaten both Chuck and Ned's relationship. As Chuck seems that she could never forgive Ned for killing her dad. Emerson tries to take the piemaker's mind off what could ruin their friendship. As someone is killing insurance agents and hiding them in the bank of the snow. Meanwhile, Oscar comes back and finds out what is the smell that makes those pies. All in all a good episode. And that I felt bad for Ned after he told Chuck the truth about her dad. But how they will go from there, is anybody's guess. Though both seem to be friends again. Which is good.
  • Season Finale?

    Because of the Writers Strike, this might be so, but if it is, it was a great way to end Season One! Loved it! Couldn't have made it better! Although I wanted Ned to bring Chuck's Dad back to life, they shouldn't rush the series and it would be good to save that for season two. Maybe they'll even let him live! Only the writers know. Hopefully, when they're on strike, they're thinking, in their minds, some great eisode plots for when the strike is over. Hopefully that wouldn't be that far away. Anyway, loved it, and I felt really bad for Ned when Chuck was hiding from him.
  • Chuck learns the truth.

    Chuck ran away from the pie-hole after she learned that Ned killed her father. but that's not the highlight of this epsiode. Ned is investigating the death of an insurance man after his found in snow. The funniest person of the week is a kid in a wheelchair who has attitutude. Whatever he says make me laugh. I hope the guy returns in future episodes. I like the character of chuck. she's very cool. I also like the pie shop. the place where make the pies. Every time I watched the series, it makes me hungry. Hungry enough for a pie. Pies are fun toi eat.
  • Great way to end the first strike shortened season.

    Chuck finds out about Neds secret regarding the death of her father and wont forgive him so Ned and Emerson investigate the death of insurance salesman who end up encased in snow men as a result of a sick childs wish overheard by someone(kid stiffed by insurance companies who refused to pay claims). At one point the medics drop one of them and breaks him into large chunks - Ned says "Im not touching THAT !!" Hilarious. I always wondered what would happen if they had a body in less than pristine condition. The sight of that was rather disturbing, but in a funny way.

    This series is definitely bizarre but in interesting way. Its more like a series of short movies and a TV series. Hopefully once the strike is over several more episodes can be squeezed in. Maybe the writers are writing scripts while unemployed and will sell them to the networks as soon as the strike ends? Probably not, but it would be nice. In any case this is one series that should continue - theres nothing else on the air like it right now.
  • Review

    Very strong episode here from the writers of Pushing Daises. Loved the case in this one - along with the conversations between Ned and Emerosn in the car when they continued saying that "Theres no way it could be the mother", because they knew thats what all of us would be thinking as well. Lot of things happened in this episode that were important. To begin with Chuck lets the beans out of the bag to Olive, though she doesnt believe her. Follow that up with many interesting conversations with the Sewer man and Chuck had a very ineresting episode. Ned and Emerson do work really well together. Loved alot of the male bonding style interactions between the two and Emerson having a daughter kind of surprised me. Also liked the ending cliffhanger of one of the aunts actually being the mother of Chuck. That was a really good re-write to write into the show right before the big strike. Overall, one of the best episodes of the series.
  • This cannot be the end.

    Pushing Daisies has been one of the top dramas if not the top drama on television this year. Every episode being a masterpiece, with a great plot. This one stands out as the best and near perfect. In the previous episode Ned had secretly told his childhood sweethart that he had, "killed her father." Chuck, sent into shock, runs from the apartment, bringing us to this episode. Nearly everything was clevely written and planned out, making this the best Pushing Daisies yet. The only thing that kept this episode from recieving a perfect score was the not so great beginning. Although the ending was suspenesfull and left you hanging and hopefully not forever. I'd hate to see this series to be forgotten due to the writers strike. So long live Pushing Daisies, please continue to provide us with such wonderfull entertainment.
  • Good episode with a big suspense in the end ??? Will the season be over now ?

    We learn more about what happened the day that Chuck's dad and Ned's mom died.

    Emerson Cod is sooooooo funny heheheh i love that character :)

    The smell guy is after Chuck and the dog again. Will he find out the reason for their smell ????

    Is the first crise between Chuck and Ned....what will happend now ???

    Overall this was an ok episode, nothing too big, except the first fight of Chuck and Ned, which in the end they work it out.
    Will that smell guy keep showing up after chuck ????

    So Chuck's aunt is actually her mother ????? what the hell ??? how is that possible ???
  • A great fall finale

    While other new shows have struggled this season, particularly in terms of adjustment to the writers' strike, "Pushing Daisies" seemed to be designed to take advantage of the limited opportunities for storytelling. This series only had nine episodes worth of material ready before the strike, but those episodes tell a relatively complete story (thanks to some revisions to this episode's script). With renewal already in hand (meaning at least one more season, if the strike kills the rest of this season), it was important to end the season on a strong footing.

    Several story arcs come to fruition in this episode. First and foremost, Chuck comes to terms with the fact that Ned's ability led to the death of her father. In her grief, she is tempted by the possibility of sharing the details of her resurrection with someone else. But she soon comes to the conclusion that disclosure is not the right decision, and while she still feels isolated, she knows that Ned is there for her. In other words, in small measure, love conquers all.

    The culmination of the "herbal pie enhancement" plot thread leads to a far more stunning revelation: Aunt Lily is Chuck's real mother. This puts Olive in an interesting position. Olive continues to believe that Chuck is simply faking her death. She may be tempted by this new information to say something to Chuck, or worse, to say something to the Darling Mermaid Darlings about Chuck and her non-dead status. Whatever the case, it leaves Olive in an interesting position.

    It is also revealed that Emerson has a daughter. This brings additional dimension to Emerson's character (beyond the fascination with knitting and pop-up books), and also adds to the potential for future character and plot development. Emerson brings a constant stream of sarcastic wit to the series, which is a nice foil to the Ned/Chuck sweetness, but this could increase the complexity of Emerson's portrayal.

    The case in this episode was entertaining, particularly the deeply cynical comments throughout the story, but the real action was the character exploration. In short order, the writers have created four characters with enough depth and personality to make us care about their relationships. Hopefully the show will return soon enough to keep those elements fresh and exciting.
  • Chuck stays with Olive after Ned reveals he was responsible for her father's death. Meanwhile, Ned and Emerson iinvestigate a frozen corpse. Oscar continues to suspect something strange about the scent of Digby and Chuck

    While the facts are these, the site limits the summary to 255 words, but it only takes 220 words, 4 minutes, and 32 seconds to sum up the events of this episode, and tell other viewers how unique this entire series has been. Each week, Emerson and Ned investigate a death and collect a reward money as their prize -that's about it in a nut shell (as Ned has explained to Chuck). This show is campy, at times, silly, but with out question one of the most incredibily entertaining and different shows currently on television. The writing has been fantastic, the dialogue is outstanding, the backgrounds are creative, and every show is shocking and hypnotic. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a very different and enjoyable story. It is refreshing to suspend disbelief and enjoy stories such as this.
  • Emmerson and Ned set out to track a murderer who leaves corpses in the snow. Meanwhile Chuck hides at Olive's apartment while she copes with the news that Ned was responsible for her father's death.

    I can not stress enough how amazing the writing is on this show. It's fast paced, witty, intelligent, thoughtful, and occasionally tugs at the heartstrings.
    What else is there to do when you find out that the great love of your life (and previous best childhood friend) is responsible for inadvertantly killing your father? You go to Olive's place to hide out and try to regain composure. Olive, a normally too perky, put a gun against my head so I can shoot myself to put myself out of perky purgatory, neither grates on the nerves nor does she over do her naive perkiness. She plays her role with perfection.
    Emmerson and Ned's conversations are ALWAYS a hoot, starting with witty reparte dealing with word vomit, and ending with the fact that Emmerson has a daughter--a plot development left for later delving.
    We also have the olfactory genius who lives in the sewer lurking about ominously trying to figure Chuck's secret. Strangely, (to him anyway) Chuck and the dog have the same ozone tainted aroma hinting at a brush with death.
    The murder plot was secondary---even tertiary--to the storyline, as this was a much more character focused episode culminating in the great revelation that Chuck's one-eyed aunt is really her mother!
    Glad to know the show has been picked up for the 2008 season! It certainly is a slice of pie high above the rest!
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