Pushing Daisies

Season 2 Episode 5

Dim Sum Lose Some

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Oct 29, 2008 on ABC

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  • About this episode

    It was excellence. This had wonderful art direction and makeup.
  • In one word: brilliant!!

    Get the picture: Emmerson's favourite resturaunt becomes a crime scene when the chef and another worker are killed. The PI is reunited with strict dog-trainer Simoen and a bit of romance is shared between them. In one of the most brilliant piecies of Pushing Daisies - no, TV - The Pie Hole crew go undercover: Chuck and Olive as waitresses, Ned as a Southern USA cowboy and Emmerson as a gangster. This episode is very well written and the gambling was confusing at first but got funny as the episode went along. Ned's relatives are back (or are they introduced? I forgot)and Ned reveals his feelings about them. Overall, I loved this episode and I love Pushing Daisies and I can't wait for the next episode.
  • It made me hungry

    Probably my favorite episode of this season. I loved everything of this. I'm in to chinese culture and adored the concept. Chuck's and Olive's costumes were so cool, I wish I had one. Ned as a cowboy was so funny and Emerson was also a catch. The concept of food poker was brilliant and it made me hungry for some chinese food. The revelation of the end made the show even more interesting. I hope next Ned gets to find his father to finally tell him what he did was wrong and that he should be punished beause abandonning twice your kids, it's just low...and bad.
  • Ned meets his half brothers!

    Another great episode of Pushing Daisies here! This just has to be one of the most well written and colourful shows around. The use of the Chinese red in the scenes at the restaurant really looked great. The mystery in the Dim Sum restaurant was brilliantly executed and the sub-plot revealing that Ned has 2 half brothers who were also abandoned by their father was just genius. The whole thing with playing poker with food was simply inspired and really made me laugh out loud.

    I, for one, am really looking forward to the next episode. I can't wait to see what will be revealed next.
  • Ned finally finds out about his past!

    I think that if ABC cancels this show, it will be a bad move. And that they need to move it away from other powerhouse shows. Because this is a well-acted show and really well written. Just move it to another night. Anyway, we get to see Ned finally learning a thing about his past. And how his brothers had "special kind of powers." That seem to run in the family. Also a polygamist widow that once caught Emerson's eye returns. Nice to see some tension in the Chuck and Ned romance thing. It is kind of like a will or won't they get together thing.
  • A wild undercover case masks some excellent character development.

    This episode had me from the title alone as the team investigates a murder at Emerson's favorite resturant. We don't see much of his personal life so it's fun seeing him all "ooooh" by the treats and such. The case was unique as the "poker with food" was an inspired touch and enhanced the wild quality of the show. And it was hilarious seeing the gang in disguises, especially Olive hiking along as well. Of course, the big move was the return of Simone, which I hoped would pop back in. Having her use the clicker was a bit much as it went but still fun seeing Emerson taken aback like that. It was good of him to point out how personal stuff for him ends badly but she went on anyway and good for Emerson to get some at last. I do hope she comes back as she's a great presence and contrasts him wonderfully.

    We also get the major development of Ned's half brothers. That Ned's dad did the same thing to them as he did to Ned gives them a bond and I can't wait to see them connect more over this. Again, it's great to throw some tension into the Ned/Chuck romance to make it more beliveable and good of Ned to finally come around and realize it was good to have some connection to his past. As always, kudos to the effects teams for the corpses (the one through the head especially) and I liked the noir touches of the Chinatown setting and the rain while Emerson talked to the daughter. I am so hoping this show continues as it's an absolute treat for any fan of good TV.
  • This show does such a good job...

    This show does such a good job, each episode, of presenting us with both a compelling mystery while at the same time providing appropriate character development and progressing particular story lines.

    This episode is a great example of that. I won't spoil anything in case anyone reading this hasn't seen the episode yet, but is planning on it. But we get a big revel about Ned and his family and it creates a wonderfully touching scene at the end, but at the same time adding a bit of mystery to a certain new, recurring character.

    That character would be Dwight Dixon played by Stephen Root(Office Space, King of the Hill). He is one of my favorite actors and although we only get a small bit of him in this episode he has great screen presence and I really enjoyed his character.

    This episode was another good example of how well this show uses colors in their costumes and set design. There was a lot of red in this episode just like how there was a lot of yellow in the season opener. i love it when they do that.

    Too bad we have to wait a few weeks for the next episode.
  • Emerson Making Out! :D

    SUPER! I think it was definitely one of the best in this season so far. I LOVED the story line and the murder mystery was humurous (deaths by axes :D) :) Loved Emerson & Simone together. :)

    My favorites this week:
    - Old man wanting change for parking meter. :lol: - Emerson & Simone making out. Whoo! :lol: - Poker with food. And of course the team dressed in disguises. HILARIOUS! What I liked about this episode in general was it had 2 manin plots: the murder & Ned's brothers. I like them and Ned knew about them all this time wow. :) Gets a 10/10 from me. Though I cant decide btwn Bad Habits and this one. :) Has to get at least 6 million in the ratings (I hope.)