Pushing Daisies

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Oct 10, 2007 on ABC
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Ned sees his power as both a gift and a curse, and it's illustrated with flashbacks to Ned's childhood which include dissecting frogs in school.

In the present, Ned, Emerson and Chuck visit the morgue to inspect the body of a victim of a car accident. It's a 35 year-old man who specialized in automobile safety. The police are offering a reward to anyone who can find the killer, and Emerson wants answers in order to get the reward.moreless

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  • con la extraña muerte de un cientifico especializado en seguridad automotriz, Ned y Chuck logran darse su primer beso.

    Aparte de los contantes recuerdos sobre la niñez de Ned, los cuales son especialmente tiernos y cautivadores, la historia sigue en el presente, la enamorada del pastelero se niega a perderlo, Chuck se encuentra con sentimientos por su angel de la guarda y el detective sigue preocupado por la manera en que se harán los negocios con la llegada de la nueva muerta. Pero al final se encuentran con el gran villano del capitulo y además descubren una gran secreta pequeña historia de amor. Esta serie con cada capitulo mejora y se vuelve más irresistible, además que su forma de contar la historia es muy especial.moreless
  • Inviting and Invigorating.

    Our favorite peculiar people are back. It's fun to watch these three people running around looking for information on murders in order to collect the reward. While that might seem a little morbid, it keeps our threesome busy and allows the writers to have fun and give us interesting storylines. Of course ... All of the characters are affecting, but I'm sure everyone has a soft spot inside them for our love-struck Violet. What an amusing character she is ... and Kristen Chenoweth does a terrific job. The cast couldn't be more perfect. I'm looking forward to more from our fun kooky castmates.moreless
  • Great episode! I love this new show it's one of my favourites.

    I think that television needed a show like this one. I'm getting tired of all the action and blood in the shows. That's why I love it!! It has fantasy and romance and we could see that on this episode. It's very similar to "Wonderfalls"( I wish that show hadn't been cancelled, I loved it too much).

    I loved when Chuck and Ned kissed through the corpse bag. It was so romantic!! I wish she hadn't died but if she didn't they wouldn't have met again so it's a very complicated situation lol

    I recommend everybody to watch this show it's awesome!moreless
  • The episode revolves around the murder of a scientist who had helped to create a car that runs on dandelion roots.

    This episode is very cute. I think the whole series is very cute. One of the things I really love about this series is the character of Olive. She is funny and one of the best parts of the show. She continues to be delightful and entertaining, and boy can she sing! Wow!

    The shows continues to be entertaining. I love Ned – he is so awkwardly sweet.

    The only thing I didn't like too much was the playing bulimia for laughs, however, they did make it so that at least the girl received help in the end.

    This episode was high on cute, although predictable in plot. Not a bad thing, the dialogue was witty and fun as always, and the acting equally witty and fun.moreless
  • You'd have to be a "Dummy" not to love this episode.

    I can honestly say that this is an achievement for television. Usually when a show has a magnificent pilot the second episode always seems to be heavily critized but thankfully Bryan Fuller knows what he's doing. This episode was even better than the pie-lette. I despise crime shows but this is a very interesting take on a predictable story. Its like nothing you've seen before on television or the theater. This episode reminded me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. (I swear Tim Burton has to be stuffed in a closet somewhere on set!!) I love the kiss at the end and the glass hand glove thing AWESOME! If the quality of this show doesn't drop and it doesn't get canceled this may very well replace LOST as my favorite show.moreless
Patrick Fabian

Patrick Fabian

Mark Chase

Guest Star

Jonathan Mangum

Jonathan Mangum

Bernard Slaybeck

Guest Star

Riki Lindhome

Riki Lindhome


Guest Star

Field Cate

Field Cate

Young Ned

Recurring Role

Jon Eric Price

Jon Eric Price

Ned's Father

Recurring Role

Sy Richardson

Sy Richardson


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When Ned, Chuck and Emerson are following Jeanine in Ned's car, Ned keeps looking as if in his rear-view mirror at Chuck as they talk, however no rear-view mirror exists. The mirror returns after the plastic divider so Chuck can sit up front is installed in the car.

    • Although the exterior set for the Pie Hole is primarily CG, the setting changes between the pilot episode and this episode--where the Pie Hole used to be between two buildings, it is now a corner/wedge unit.

    • Even though in this episode, Ned repeatedly prevented Chuck from riding in the passenger seat of his car, he didn't seem to complain about it when Chuck was doing just that in "Pie-lette."

    • When Olive is singing "Hopelessly Devoted" she puts up a chair on a table for the floor waxer, but she sits down at the same chair in the end.

  • QUOTES (58)

    • Ned: Can you help us get out of these body bags?
      Olive: Sure.

    • Ned: Olive?
      Olive: Hi ya!
      Ned: I'm going out late tonight, frivolous thing, hardly worth explaining.
      Olive: Oh.
      Ned: Can you close up?
      Olive: I think I just did.
      Ned: What?
      Olive: See you in the morning!
      Chuck: Bye Olive, bye Digby!
      Narrator: Olive often imagined there was an orchestra in her heart. Music, heard only by her except when her heart broke open, and it spilled out into the world...
      Olive: (singing) Guess mine is not the first heart broken, my eyes are not the first to cry. I'm not the first to know, there's just no gettin' over you, I'm hopelessly devoted to you.
      (a man and woman enter the shop in an embrace)
      Olive: Excuse me! We're closed.

    • Beth: (alive again) AHHHHH!
      Emerson: (scared) AHHHHHHH!

    • Ned: (to Chuck about how she's not useless) Useless is an empty soap dispenser in the restroom standing around reminding people what you could be doing, but doing nothing at all.

    • Chuck: You don't like dead bodies, do you?
      Emerson: Not when they sit up and talk.

    • Chuck: Do I really have to sit in back from now on?
      Ned:: It's for your own safety.
      Chuck: You sound like my dad.
      Ned:: If my hand brushes yours, you'd be dead.
      Chuck: He didn't say that.

    • Narrator: From her perch, the jealous yet agile neighbor was able to confirm only one pleasing detail...
      Olive: There's a surprising lack of physical contact.

    • Chuck: What about Jeanine? She needs to know Bernard loved her, it was his dying wish.
      Ned: So sad.
      Chuck: We'll cushion the blow.
      Ned: Not a big fan of the blow.
      Chuck: We'll bring pie. Someone dies you bring food, that's what you do.

    • Chuck: I already lived a sheltered life once, but it wasn't as sheltered as you think. Aunt Lily had a very extensive collection of historic erotica hidden in the milk cellar.
      Ned: The milk cellar!
      Chuck: Well, the cheese floor. The spooky place under the house, whatever.

    • Ned: What's great about knowing? When you lift up a rock, do you find whipped cream? No, you find bugs. I say "no" to knowing.

    • Olive: Who's the funny girl stuck to Ned?
      Emerson: Childhood sweetheart.

    • Olive: This isn't Pies 'R' Us, Pie City, or Thousands of Pies in One Place. This is a bells-on-the-door, pies-baking, mom-and-pop place. We chit chat here. (waits a moment for Emerson to say something). Chit!
      Emerson: (unenthusiastically) Chat.

    • Emerson: (regarding the fact that a crash test dummy was Bernard's murderer): It's a dead end. And not the kind of dead end you can un-dead and then re-dead again...like you're supposed to.

    • Narrator: (regarding Emerson) During times of stress or anxiety, he liked to knit. Since the arrival of the dead girl who was not dead, he found the stockinette stitch to be especially relaxing.

    • Emerson: I will pay both of you not to have this conversation in front of me.
      Chuck: It's not in front of you, is it? It's to the side of you and behind you.
      Ned: You can't ride in the front, Chuck.

    • Emerson: What's she's doing here?
      Ned: She says she didn't climb out of a coffin for me to keep her in a box.

    • Narrator: (suspenseful, as Ned drives a Dandy Lion Six to escape Mark Chase) If only the piemaker had heard the killer exclaim the Dandy Lion Six was much more than an eco-friendly car of the future. If only he'd heard it was also a death trap, a dandelion-fueled time bomb!

    • Narrator: (Emerson, Chuck, and Ned are tasered, meanwhile Olive tries to sleep) As the piemaker's brain crackled with 10,000 volts of electricity, and he lost consciousness, Olive would have no such luck.
      Olive: Digby, you awake?
      (Digby rolls his over and whimpers to Olive)
      Olive: I can't sleep either.
      Narrator: Closing her eyes only made her visions of the Pie Maker's late night date with the perky brunette from nowhere more vivid and uncensored.
      (The screen blurs to Olive's dream sequence, where Ned and Chuck are in a bubble bath together surrounded by candles and a pink curtain with a distorted version of the main theme playing in the background. Before they kiss, Olive opens her eyes again.)
      Olive: Oh, yuck!
      Narrator: Olive decided she was done lying down about this.
      (Olive rises from her bed.)
      Olive: We are up. We are walking.

    • Narrator: (regarding Emerson) As he finished purling the row, he wished aloud:
      Emerson: (about Chuck's presence in their new investigation) She better not come.

    • Narrator: Emerson Cod realized he would not be not knitting anytime soon, as the dead girl who was not dead appeared to be staying put... a fact the Pie Maker celebrated.

    • Narrator: Emerson Cod did not like to knit in public, but he often left the house with the needles in his pocket should the opportunity to rib stitch a ski cap present itself.

    • Mark Chase: Automobile manufacturing is a dirty business...
      Narrator: Murder was not new for Mark Chase.
      Mark Chase: ...luckily body bags keep things nice and neat.

    • Narrator: Mark Chase's attention to detail and gift for planning had served him well as a CEO, and now again as a murderer.

    • Mark Chase: So what if, in the unlikely but not impossible event that the car gets up to a speed of 70 miles an hour, with the headlights on and the seat warmer on low, a short circuit in the radio causes a cataclysmic chain reaction that blows the car and its precious human cargo to smithereens?

    • Emerson: If I wanted to mingle with a bunch of geeks wearing leotards, I'd have stayed in art school.
      Ned: (incredulously) You went to art school?

    • Chuck: (about Emerson and Ned's conversation in the car) What did you guys talk about?
      Ned: I'd really like to get out of this car soon.
      Chuck: Is he upset you brought your childhood sweetheart back to life?
      Ned: (lying) He barely knows you're here.

    • Bernard Slaybeck: Why is everything so blurry?
      Ned: Probably because your eyeballs are flat.

    • Chuck: (about the plastic glove in the car between the front seats) What is that?
      Ned: It's for... um... steering emergencies.
      Narrator: He lied.
      Chuck: Perfect. That's what I thought.
      Narrator: She lied, too.

    • Chuck: I miss my aunts.
      Ned: Of course. Do you miss them a lot?
      Chuck: A little.
      Ned: All the time?
      Chuck: Now and then.
      Narrator: As Chuck spoke she realized her secrets were "really a lot" and "every minute" in that order.

    • Chuck: Your eye's twitching.
      Ned: (innocently) Is it? (Turns quickly away)

    • Chuck: (Heading to the car) Shotgun!
      Ned: Chuck...
      Chuck: I hate the back!
      Ned: Dead. Again. Forever.
      Chuck Fine.
      (Chuck resigns her shotgun position, Emerson laughs evilly)

    • Narrator: At that moment, the Pie Maker felt a mixture of happiness and trepidation.
      Ned: Why is it always a mixture?

    • Emerson: (panicking) Can't this car go any faster?!
      Chuck: Some car of the future this is!
      Ned: I thought cars of the future were supposed to fly! What the hell happened to flying cars?

    • Narrator: Chuck pondered why it was she always seemed to die just as things were starting to get good.
      Chuck: (through a clear plastic body bag) Son of a bitch.
      Ned: (also through a clear plastic body bag) What?
      Narrator: And although he couldn't hear her, Ned suddenly wanted to tell her everything; pet peeves and favorite foods, his fears, his dreams, and all the pure joy she had brought into his life.

    • Emerson: You never can completely erase anything.

    • Chuck: I don't know anything about you since you were nine.
      Ned: Well, it's pretty much I bake pies and wake the dead. I live a very sheltered life.

    • Ned: (referring to an ID badge Emerson has for the building, in which they aren't supposed to be) Where'd you get that?
      Emerson: Contacted the company that makes these doors under false pretenses. They gave me a sample ID badge, which I digitally altered using the magnetic code that matches the serial number of this machine. Is that cheap?
      Chuck: (holds up an ID badge as well) I don't know. Is this? I gave the security guard a hug goodbye. My upper body distracted him, while these things I call "hands" took this off his belt.f

    • Chuck: Isn't that what a PI's supposed to do? Investigate. Isn't that the fun part?
      Emerson: The fun part's countin' my money in the bubble bath.
      (Chuck leaves, upset.)
      Ned: (to Emerson): Nice image.

    • Emerson: (to Olive, about Ned) He digs her in a way he definitely doesn't dig you.

    • Bernard Slaybeck: Is this heaven?
      Chuck: Could be!
      Emerson: No, it's not.
      Bernard Slaybeck: (referring to Emerson) Is that God?
      Ned: No, it's not.
      Bernard Slaybeck: I'm confused, because I'm a Buddhist.

    • Ned: (lying to the Coroner) We're from the government safety place?
      Emerson: Was that a question?
      Ned: (more convincingly) Government safety place.
      The Coroner: (suspiciously) Mmmm-hm.

    • Ned: (to Chuck, outside the morgue) You really can't come in.
      (cuts to Emerson, a very present Chuck, and Ned standing inside the morgue)
      Ned: Did I say can? Because I swallow my consonants sometimes. N't. N't. Can't come in.

    • Narrator: In fact, Emerson Cod had finished knitting a sweater vest and two handgun cozies in the weeks since Chuck's return.
      Emerson: (draws a gun from his knitted outfit) Sweet.

    • Narrator: Young Chuck did not refer to a refrigerator as anything but a cheese box until she was 17.

    • Chuck: (referring to Ned's refrigerator) This is such a small cheese box.

    • Ned: Can we not say kill? I touch them again is all, and they snap right back to the way they're supposed to be.
      Chuck: Am I the rubber band that broke?

    • Ned: It's not like I walk around reviving childhood sweethearts willy-nilly.

    • Emerson: Dead people don't talk... usually.

    • Bernard Slaybeck: What hit and run? I was killed by a crash test dummy.

    • Chuck: (to Ned) Don't you have any hidden talents or hobbies? (a beat) I mean regular ones.

    • Olive: What's the poop?
      Emerson: "The poop"?
      Olive: Poop. Scoop. Skinny. The haps. The dillyo. The 411. P.I. lingo.
      Emerson: Rhubarb.
      Olive: What's that mean.
      Emerson: PI secret code for "Get me a damned slice of rhubarb."

    • Olive: Do they touch much?
      Emerson: Wish they would...

    • Emerson: I'm not God, but if I was I'd be an angry God.

    • Chuck: Is this strange?
      Ned: This is not strange. Unusual, maybe. Eccentric in a quaint way like dessert spoons.

    • Narrator: While Olive considered how much she loved Digby for paying attention to her when the piemaker would not, and Digby considered how much he liked salt... the piemaker considered what the sentence would be for breaking and entering with no prior convictions.

    • Chuck: We haven't seen each other in like 20 years, don't you want to know about me? I want to know everything about you.
      Ned: Look, we've all done things we're not proud of, we all have secrets.
      Chuck: What secrets?
      Emerson: Skeletons in the closet.
      Ned: Exactly. How long have you been listening?
      Emerson: There are skeletons in the closet.

    • Ned: I hate secrets too.
      Chuck: What? You love secrets. You want to marry secrets and have little half-secret, half-human babies.

    • Emerson: She the boss of you?
      Ned: I'm the boss of me.
      Emerson: Dead girl's gotta go.
      Ned: Dead girl's not going anywhere.
      Emerson: You don't know nothing about her, except that she had soft lips when she was 10.
      Ned: That should be enough.
      Emerson: Well, I don't like it.
      (Ned smiles to himself)

  • NOTES (8)

    • The DVD version of this episode is missing the parrot's voice that imitates Chuck's Chinese translation of "The Jarlsberg is on the table". However, if one switches the language to Portuguese, it is there in the same voice as broadcast. Additionally, the DVD adds a line for the narrator after Jeanine says, "Well I figured it out."

    • The show was nominated for an Emmy for "Outstanding Makeup For A Single-camera Series (non-prosthetic)" based on this episode.

    • International Airdates:
      Denmark: February 8, 2008 on SBS Net
      Israel: April 15, 2008 on YES Stars 1
      Latin America: April 17, 2008 on Warner Channel
      United Kingdom: August 8, 2008 on ITV2
      The Netherlands: August 19, 2008 on Net 5
      Belgium: October 15, 2008 on VT4
      Germany: October 29, 2008 on ProSieben
      Greece: November 15, 2008 on Star Channel
      Finland: January 27, 2009 on Sub
      Norway: February 8, 2009 on TV3
      Australia: April 14, 2009 on W
      Russia: May 20, 2009 on NTV
      Sweden: June 28, 2009 on TV3
      Czech Republic: January 10, 2010 on Prima
      Slovakia: July 27, 2010 on Markiza

    • This episode was removed by ITV1 in the UK when they first aired the series.

    • When this episode repeated in December 2007, the exterior of Dandy Lion Worldwide Industries changed. Instead of being a regular building with the "DL" logo on it, the entrance is shown with a large steel sculpture shaped like the spores of a dandelion.

    • The voice of the commercial announcer is done by Anna Friel (who plays Chuck) in her native northern-English accent.

    • Ellen Greene and Swoosie Kurtz are credited but don't appear.

    • Olive sings "Hopelessly Devoted to You," composed by John Farrar for Olivia Newton-John for the film version of the musical Grease.


    • Movie marquee: Arsenic And Old Lace
      As they succeed in their escape, prior to meeting Olive at the Pie Hole, they pass an old-style movie theatre with Arsenic And Old Lace on the marquee. Arsenic And Old Lace is a classic Capra screwball comedy from the mid forties starring Cary Grant, Peter Lorre, Raymond Massey, and Josephine Hull. Grant plays a man who realizes that not only are some of his family members nuts, but that they all are -- even his two charming old lady aunts have been quietly murdering the homeless and burying them in their basement.

    • Titanic
      In Jeanine's memory when her and Bernard are in the dandelion car, a hand appears in a fogged up window, similar to the love-scene in the car in Titanic.