Pushing Daisies

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Oct 10, 2007 on ABC

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  • con la extraña muerte de un cientifico especializado en seguridad automotriz, Ned y Chuck logran darse su primer beso.

    Aparte de los contantes recuerdos sobre la niñez de Ned, los cuales son especialmente tiernos y cautivadores, la historia sigue en el presente, la enamorada del pastelero se niega a perderlo, Chuck se encuentra con sentimientos por su angel de la guarda y el detective sigue preocupado por la manera en que se harán los negocios con la llegada de la nueva muerta. Pero al final se encuentran con el gran villano del capitulo y además descubren una gran secreta pequeña historia de amor. Esta serie con cada capitulo mejora y se vuelve más irresistible, además que su forma de contar la historia es muy especial.
  • Inviting and Invigorating.

    Our favorite peculiar people are back. It's fun to watch these three people running around looking for information on murders in order to collect the reward. While that might seem a little morbid, it keeps our threesome busy and allows the writers to have fun and give us interesting storylines. Of course ... All of the characters are affecting, but I'm sure everyone has a soft spot inside them for our love-struck Violet. What an amusing character she is ... and Kristen Chenoweth does a terrific job. The cast couldn't be more perfect. I'm looking forward to more from our fun kooky castmates.
  • Great episode! I love this new show it's one of my favourites.

    I think that television needed a show like this one. I'm getting tired of all the action and blood in the shows. That's why I love it!! It has fantasy and romance and we could see that on this episode. It's very similar to "Wonderfalls"( I wish that show hadn't been cancelled, I loved it too much).
    I loved when Chuck and Ned kissed through the corpse bag. It was so romantic!! I wish she hadn't died but if she didn't they wouldn't have met again so it's a very complicated situation lol
    I recommend everybody to watch this show it's awesome!
  • The episode revolves around the murder of a scientist who had helped to create a car that runs on dandelion roots.

    This episode is very cute. I think the whole series is very cute. One of the things I really love about this series is the character of Olive. She is funny and one of the best parts of the show. She continues to be delightful and entertaining, and boy can she sing! Wow!

    The shows continues to be entertaining. I love Ned – he is so awkwardly sweet.

    The only thing I didn't like too much was the playing bulimia for laughs, however, they did make it so that at least the girl received help in the end.

    This episode was high on cute, although predictable in plot. Not a bad thing, the dialogue was witty and fun as always, and the acting equally witty and fun.
  • You'd have to be a "Dummy" not to love this episode.

    I can honestly say that this is an achievement for television. Usually when a show has a magnificent pilot the second episode always seems to be heavily critized but thankfully Bryan Fuller knows what he's doing. This episode was even better than the pie-lette. I despise crime shows but this is a very interesting take on a predictable story. Its like nothing you've seen before on television or the theater. This episode reminded me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. (I swear Tim Burton has to be stuffed in a closet somewhere on set!!) I love the kiss at the end and the glass hand glove thing AWESOME! If the quality of this show doesn't drop and it doesn't get canceled this may very well replace LOST as my favorite show.
  • I was wondering if she would & she did! Kristin Chenoweth sang!

    I was wondering if she would & she did! Kristin Chenoweth sang! (really, they would be stupid not to have her sing.) This episode gives me hope for the show. they introduced the floor buffer guy which means she won't be sad anymore & they did a good job of having him match her dance even though he was doing salsa steps. Now I can watch the show knowing that she'll have a chance to be happy. The crash-test dummy plot was complicated enough to keep my attention. Who uses seat warmers in a car anyway? Of course we could all see the body bag kiss coming a mile away. It does bring up kinky ideas of full latex bodysuits & rubber outfits. I guess they figured that this would become a chick show if they didn't do something because there was cleavage everywhere in this episode (not that I'm complaining) & the dandelion girl was super-cute. I actually laughed a couple of times so it's getting better. Maybe next time galenda, I mean olive, won't be interrupted when she's singing.
  • I was trying to like this show!

    At first I thought Pushing Daisies was going too be a funny and cute series. Piemaker who has this power of that really is a curse to him but he uses it to get money with the help of a P.I. who just happened to see a robber he was chasing come back to life and die again when touched by the pie maker. I watched this episode of the dummy and what I found that really got on my nerve was the narration, it was just getting in the way. The flashback narration on the crash dummies the love story of the girl and the guy just let me down in the plot and i also got lost, in the story line to much going on.
  • This is the first episode I saw of Pushing Daisies, and it got me hooked within the first few minutes. I LOVED this episode!

    This is the first episode I saw of Pushing Daisies, and it got me hooked within the first few minutes. I LOVED this episode! The characters are so quirky and hilarious, and the plot...whoa... I don't mean to sound like a sadist or some sick killer, but I loved the plot. The guy created a murderous car powered by dandelions, but some of the scienctists and other people found out. Of course there are those psychos that will do anything to save their own butt. So the guy tazered (?) his victims, sealed them up in body bags, put them in the cars, and crashed them into a wall to kill them. Then, he took the body bags, that didn't leave any evidence (that was so clever!), to a highway. He got the bodies out, layed them on the road, and made it look as though the victims got ran over. I mean, what other show has that? It was also a very hilarious episode. Lol. I'm looking forward to many more excellent episodes of Pushing Daisies.
  • One of the best best BEST things I've ever seen on television!

    Awwhh! This is such a brilliant show. To get people talk and root for the characters in just two episodes.. is just.. SPECIAL.

    We get to see Ned's life changing as Chuck made herself comfortable around him - Emerson (and Olive) wasn't too happy with that but WE ARE!

    This was such a hilarious episode.
    Their first kiss was.. wow. It made me squee! I was in between feeling excited and laugh for the fact that they were in plastic bags but that's how I've always imagined them having any physical contact.

    Chuck should wear less sleeveless and longer skirts. Her cute dresses worries me!

    Did anyone else noticed that the voice for the Dandy Lion SX sounds a lot like Anna Friel? :)
  • What do you get when you cross Sam 'n' Max the video game, Tim Burton, Sin City and Desperate Housewives? Quite simple. This amazing TV series.

    After a great pilot, I was really hoping this show would continue onwards as it started, and I am very pleased to say that this appears to be the case.

    A quick disclaimer to anyone who won't appreciate the fact this show isn't mega-realistic, uses over-the-top settings, bright, vivid colours and obviously CGI'd and GreenScreen effects. You will not like this show, and it's completely your loss. [Think Sin City or 300 in terms of that odd, comic book feel.]

    To anyone else, this is the greatest show to happen to television in a long time. This 2nd episode only proves that the pilot wasn't just a fluke.

    I mentioned what reminded me of this show in my first review, but now I've watched on, the humour and settings are reminding me of the old Point and Click adventure, "Sam 'n' Max". Those older video game fans will surely know what I am talking about. The dark, hilarious wit. The crazy, vibrant colours and the amazing settings. Even the fact that there's some odd murder/plot (and the plot certainly strays into "odd"... shares many similarities with the detective work of PI Sam!

    The musical score continues to be top notch, and I can't see anything else working on a show of this ilk. In fact, the entire piece works together to look almost like an old fashioned 1930's scene, with modern overtones to bring it up to date.

    The plot is as outlandish as it is amusing. A guy is found dead in an alleged Hit and Run and upon reviving, is confused that they think this was the case. His last dying words (the 2nd time round) were that a crash test dummy killed him. This leads our would be detectives to a futuristic car plant with a new car which isn't quite as good as first impressions would have you believe!

    The scenes between Emerson, Chuck and Ned are hilarious. Emerson's disgust and jealousy at Chuck continuously being around, and the little jabs between them are good fun in the quieter scenes. I find Olive to be the least favourable character, but her "Grease" musical scene was definitely amusing.

    If you haven't yet caught this show, I highly recommend catching up if possible, and watching it. This episode has confirmed that the series is going to be a winner, and even a dud 3rd episode will not sway my opinion of it so far.

    Why not 10/10? A few niggling continuity errors, such as the chair Olive puts on the table magically reappearing to sit on. This does not detract from the overall show, but I'm not one to give 10s out lightly!
  • Ned, Emerson and Chuck stumble upon a murder case set in a futuristic car manufacturing plant. Emerson gets even more annoyed with Chuck, but the three end up working together to try and find the killer of a 45-year-old man found dead in the street.

    This episode was just as good as, if not better than, the premiere.

    It had all the same quirkiness back. The narration, the weird costumes, the vibrant, lush environments. I'm seeing more Tim Burton with every episode. I honestly can't count the number of times I laughed out loud at this episode. (Emerson knits? Haha!) It's funny, but it still has its serious moments.

    The way that Chuck and Ned found to touch was heartwarming, without being too cheesy. And the madness of the killer was somewhat cliche, but at the same time was disturbing. I still say that Ned, Chuck and Emerson have great chemistry together on screen, and each of the actors that portray them do a fantastic job.

    This confirmed what I thought upon watching the pilot--Pushing Daisies may be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to reviving television. In an era where so many people are caught brain-dead watching carbon copy reality or crime shows every night, it's nice to see a series that is refreshing, innovative, and simply entertaining.
  • Weird looking car!

    Last week, I like the very first epiasode of the series, It was one of the best series ever. but this week, they took dowbn a notch. The open we see ned as a kid trying to bring frogs back mto life and the plot about a weird little car brough the show down to easrth a little bit. Let's hope the show could improve next week. but still it's one of the best show of the series. I won't have to watch "Back to You" anymore. It's going be me and that guy with the power top bring peopel back to life.
  • This episode confirmed that I will watch this series!

    For some reason I have been putting off watching the 2nd episode though I thought the pilot was great. But I will not do this anymore as this episode was just as good if not better then the pilot. I was iterested in the story about the dummies and wanted to know how it would end. Both episodes have been like mini movies which in my view is a good thing. I like the guy who commentates or watever, I think thats a nice touch. Thought Olive singing Hopelessly devoted to you was funny and Digby is cool (Though he is a dog) The relationship between Chuck and Ned is still very entertaining yet cheesy sometimes. When it was telling us about that womans affair with your man who died, when the window came up I knew they would do the titanic thing. Thought this was great and will definately continue with the series!
  • Different from anything i ever saw !

    This show is just....different, i dont know how to put in another words, is different form anything i ever saw and totally different from all the others shows i watch, like heroes, house, criminal minds, csi, dexter, greys anatomy, lost, law & order SVU, and others.

    Is just something very unique and creative, and good :)

    When i read about it the first time i thought that was going to be aweful and stupid, but it turns out to be fun and entertaing.

    The writers are doing a great job, keep on doing it :)

    I hope the next episodes are as good as the first couple.
  • Review

    I liked the episode a lot. I was interested in the case throught the duration of the epsiode and I didn't think there was a boring scene in the entire epsiode. Still love the narreration and I hope (and think) it will be here to stay for a while. This show may become reapetitive in the long run, but even with some of the same from the first episode I wasn't feeling too negitive towards it. I liked the flashback near the end of the case describing just how the man reallly did die - it took a new spin on a crime show in this epsiode I thought. I like the interaction between the characters - Emerson plays a good role and Chuck/Ned will never touch each other, though the writers are coming up with ways to try and keep everyone happy with them having something to do other then just look at one another. I keep wondering when Olive is going to play a bigger role, she was yped too much in this episode not to play some major role down the road I think. Good start to the series, episode lost points for Olives singing scene - that hurt my ears.
  • What in the world was this??

    After watching the pilot of this show I thought I was going to love it. This is the first time I can ever remember liking a pilot and hating the second episode. The 3 minute "grease" bit about drove me over the edge. It almost reminded of being at a high school play, the settings looked so fake "maybe that is the intent" that it just was not good for me. I will continue watching the show because I think it has potential but this episode in my opinion was awful. The only thing it did for me was make me want to eat pie!!
  • Ned, Chuck and Emmerson investigate a murder involving love, cars and dummies. Olive wants to get closer to Ned.

    Keeps up with the quality of the pilot episode I was not disapointed! An episode with a great mystery / whodunnit and great development of Chuck and Neds realationship. The screen in the car was so well done! I know it's weird for a guy to say this but that was adorable. Also loved in this episode Emmersons knitting I mean only the thoughest guys knit gun carriers :P And Olives song was so great she really does have a great voice! Kristin Chenowith was great on Ellen Degeneres's show. Can't wait for more Pushing Daisies next week! Yay I have another day to look forward to every week!
  • I really like this off beat show, but I am in LOVE with Anna Friel (Chuck). She's the sexiest lady that has hit TV in a LONG time.

    I really like this off beat show, but I am in LOVE with Anna Friel (Chuck). She's the sexiest lady that has hit TV in a LONG time. Very fun episode, full of laughs and unexpected pleasures, like a little song and dance. What a cute show.

    I really like this off beat show, but I am in LOVE with Anna Friel (Chuck). She's the sexiest lady that has hit TV in a LONG time. I really like this off beat show, but I am in LOVE with Anna Friel (Chuck). She's the sexiest lady that has hit TV in a LONG time.
  • Even better than the pilot...!

    Second episode for Pushing Daisies,and guess what?! In my opinion,it is even better than the pi-lette!
    Ted, Chuck and Emerson try to solve a murder of a scientist who was found dead in the middle of a road.
    They start searching for answers at a car company which makes crash tests with cars using dummies. After breaking and entering in the building they discover dead bodies. A woman called Janine who had been in love with the dead scientist helps them to solve the mystery.
    In the end, the truth comes out, the manager of the company was switching the crash-tested dummies with humans!
    This is an excellent episode which includes fun,adventure,humor,mystery and romance!
  • Ned and Chuck solve a new case involving cars and dummies.

    Great second episode and an good follow-up to the excellent pilot.

    This second episode is just as quirky as the pilot and that's a good thing. The series obviously doesn't intend to be realistic yet it is innovative and original and really stands out amidst other new series. The set design, the colours, the excellent use of a voice-over narrator all combine to make this a must-see series.

    In this episode Ned is tempted to share some of his secret with Chuck but is still held back. Chuck isn't totally honest with him either so there's plenty of issues to work through.

    I adored Olive's rendition of Hopelessly Devoted to You. Such an approporate song and using the cleaner and the dog as well as the overhead shots made this a great scene.
  • Keeping up the quality from the premiere

    There was one main question to be answered by this episode was rather familiar: how would the producers handle the transition from pilot to series? Whenever a pilot manages to overcome the usual pitfalls and achieves some level of success, and especially when a pilot breaks the mold and looks more like a short film than a presentation to a network, it can be daunting to consider how that would work in a weekly format. Some shows falter when the energy that went into the pilot fails to translate to the daily grind.

    If this episode is any indication, the transition will go well for "Pushing Daisies". The quirky sense of humor is intact, if not quite so infectious, and the style has barely changed at all. Part of the equation is the use of the same director for both hours; it allows for a more organic translation. It remains to be seen if other directors can manage the same level of whimsy (recalling similar difficulties with "Twin Peaks" and the absence of David Lynch's vision), but if the writers can pull it off, the direction should follow.

    Because this show doesn't pretend to exist within the confines of our familiar world, things that would normally be annoying work rather well. Having characters break into song is practically expected. Everything is hyper-real, bigger than life, and that will be one of the defining aspects of the show. It should also contribute to its success. No matter how morbid it might get, it's not a reminder of the day's doom and gloom like some random procedural. It's a chance to step into a fun and quirky fantasy world for an hour, one that happens to involve a lot of death.

    Invoking "Twin Peaks" was not incidental. This series will have its grace period, but it should avoid being bizarre simply for the sake of being bizarre. It should also avoid any major long-term plot threads. I don't often say that, but the somewhat random absurdity at play in the series would be better served by a lack of continuity concerns. A format similar to "Dead Like Me" would be the preference, with opportunities to delve into the past and present, but no driving arc.

    Such elements can come later, after the show gains momentum and the trust of the audience. That's why the ratings for this episode will be very important. They will serve as a referendum on the series premiere. If the ratings drop slightly, that's a very good sign. If they drop significantly, the network could easily determine that the high concept of "Pushing Daisies" was too much of a risk. I, for one, would love to see this series succeed.
  • Ned, Chuck and Emerson check out a new car of the future that runs on Dandelions to investigate a death of a scientist who specializes in automobile safety.

    This is a great episode and I love how the characters interact with one another. Ned and Chuck are old high school sweet hearts and when Ned founds out she was murdered he touches her and wants to know who killed her. Ned realizes he doesn't want to lose her again and doesn't touch her in the minute and she remains alive. Now Chuck is living at Ned's house since she can't go back and live with her aunts since they think she is dead. Chuck, Ned and Emerson visits the morgue and reanimates the scientist and asks how he dead. Chuck asks about his last wishes and he tells her to say to loves Jeanine. I thought that was a touching moment and he got to say goodbye to the one he loved. All three of them go to the new car of the future that runs on Dandelions. As they investigate this case, they learn someone has replaced the dummies with dead people. While inspecting the big whole, someone gets the jump on them and they wake up in plastic bags with their hands tied up. Ned and Chuck look at each other and Ned realizes he wants to tell Chuck all his secrets. They kiss each other knowing that they may die in the small dandelion running car. Emerson is quick to the rescue and takes out his sewing needles and opens a hole in the plastic. He separates Ned and Chuck and tells him to drive. That was an awesome scene and I love how in their fear of losing each other they finally omit they have feelings for each other. The chase scene was also cool and it was like a lion chasing a deer with a hammy and the small dandelion car. If the car goes to 70 mph with the lights on and the seat warmer on medium, a short happens and everybody blows up. This was the evil mans idea of destroying the witnesses to his crimes. Too bad Olive was walking her dog when Ned comes across her and has to stop. Olive who is in love with Ned just saved his life and he didn't even know it. I love the singing number Olive did in the pie place and the little dance as well. "Hopelessly Devoted to You" was sung beautifully and she has a great singing voice. At the end of the episode, Ned added a divider in the front seat with a plastic glove attachment and he says it's for steering emergencies. Chuck smiles and says that is what I thought. She sits down and then puts her hand inside the glove. Ned holds on to her hand. I so loved that scene as well. Ned can't touch Chuck so they will have some problems with their relationship. This is fast becoming my favorite show.
  • Hopelessly Devoted

    I was initially a little worried that ABC wanted Pushing Daisies to be a "forensic fairytale", with standalone storylines in each episode. In the hands of Bryan Fuller, however, part of me knew that this show wouldn't suffer as a result. Dummy is a wonderful second episode, introducing the mystery-of-the-week element of the show beautifully.

    The dummy storyline was awesome. The idea behind a dandelion-powered car and the creator's attempts to cover up its suckiness was great, and guest stars Patrick Fabian and Riki Lindhome were hilarious, especially the latter, whose "quirkily-beautiful" looks fit really well into the show. I was also really impressed by Fabian's dummy outfit. I have no idea why, but visually it looked completely awesome for a super-villain character.

    Emerson is quickly becoming my favorite character. The best thing about the whole episode was the references to his knitting, especially how getting out of the dummy's trap was his convenient knitting needles (which he always carries, if "the opportunity to rip-stitch a ski cap presents itself"). I really liked his jealousy of Chuck, especially in the scene where both show how they managed to get hold of a key card. While Emerson goes into a long description of the intricate plan to steal it from a guard, Chuck simply reveals that "my upper body distracted him".

    With Kristin Chenoweth in the cast, this show was screaming out for a couple of musical numbers. I was completely unprepared for that to happen in just the second episode though. I was happy to see Olive get some development, and I loved her breaking into "Hopelessly Devoted to You", despite being interrupted constantly by janitors and customers. Everybody knows she's an amazing singer and actress, but I really never realized she was talented enough to let a dog almost eat her face for so many seconds and look like she was actually happy to do it!

    Another flat-out awesome episode, featuring more quirkiness and humor, as well as a Scooby-Doo (but in the best way possible) style mystery for the three investigators to unravel. I was expecting the show to drop a lot of its greatness after such an amazing pilot, but I was completely wrong with that.

    Director: Barry Sonnenfeld
    Writer: Peter Ocko
    Rating: A
  • The format doesn't fit the otherwise brilliant show.

    Well, for now, it's great, but what about after 10 episodes? Can this really outdated format still work then?

    I don't know. While the fairy tale universe opens up a can of options for the writers to make up all kind of weird stories and cases every week, it WILL get awfully repetative after a while.

    The show is just like any other crime show with a tons of sugar and decent characters.

    I love the cinematography just like most of the fans, and I also love the dialouge. It's magical. But to me, the magic is not enough. In fact, while this was a considerably better episode than the first one, I enjoyed it less because I already am feeling that the show has reached it's maximum potential with the current format.

    It's obvious that Ned and Chuck won't touch eachother. Chuck would die...

    It's obvious every case will get solved. It's fairy tale-land!

    While the narration, the cinematography, the crispy dialouge, the great humor does make up a lot for the boring format, I'm unsure if this show can keep it's magic and it's audience for the seasons to come.

    I'm praying that they'll give the show a little more continuation between the episode.
  • If it's like this every week, we may have a blockbuster on our hands here.

    Wow, just wow. Gotta love this show. A car of the future that runs on Dandelion dust? Wouldn't the politicians love that now. Who cares that "in the unlikely, but not impossible event of reaching 70 miles per hour, with the headlights on and the seat warmers set to low. A short circuit in the radio, will set of a cataclismic chain reaction, will blow the car and the precious human cargo to smithereens." And the man behind all of these cars is whacks the guy who found out his secret and TRIES to get rid of our heroes.

    Ah, what an episode. Suspenceful, mysterious, funny, musical(Compliments of Olive), and Ned and Chuck find a way to "touch" and "kiss."
  • Still really feeling the series.

    The show has incredible writing each episode seems like a movie with its own unique plot. Also that is a good thing the plots and storylines of each episode is very unique and original. The show is one really original concept and is incredibly well written. The fairy tale/science fiction/romance tale is a very well edited, well acted, and well written show. The majority of the outdoor scenes are altered in some way from wierd backgrounds to 3D buildings which you may or may not pick up on. In episode one reripening the strawberry was some of the best "minor" editing I have ever seen in a film or television show.
  • My New Best Friend and I get the Pleasure of watching it before you On Tuesday Night on CTV. Okay Just going though an Overview of the episode and what I think. Its Cat In the Hat once a week.

    First of all nobody has to tell me this show looks fantastic visually. It reminds me of Cat in The hat or the Grinch it really does the Narrating the vibrant colors the storrylines are Wacky. The Storylines this episode with the evil car company I seriously did not understand what was going on until near the end which still didint make sence so next time I might pay more attention to the actual plot. Olive what a hilarious character shes my new faveirote person. The Characters are all hopefully developed slowly since theres not many characters. Ned is a great male Hero er havent seen a Character like him in a while, so its fresh the Kiss in the bags and everything about this show makes me smile, Its an Original show with alot of potential as long as they keep it instersting and the characters still believeable even with a different world un like our own I enjoy Shows that I can just escape too but still able to relate with. The only problem I have is the narrating Its way too much and I know thats what makes the show and it gives alot of humor as well, which is Why I think I didint understand what was going on since the narrating gave details about the plot and how certain elements happened its not like Desperate Housewives where you dont have to listen to the narrating to understand whats going on.
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