Pushing Daisies

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Oct 22, 2008 on ABC

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  • another golden episode from Pushing Dasies.

    this show as all of you know by now...is full of quirky plots and light hearted sickly jokes, however this week we are entertained by an unusual blend of a darker storyline mixed with the writers and scripts witty humour and notorious murder...this time sported by embalming fluid spilling from an early victim.
    the fun here this time is where Emerson Cod reunites with his chain smoking high-tension mother after years, also sported with an equally entertaining introduction of how Emerson came into the detective business with his mother.
    here we also have character development (with equally hilarious consequences)from Olive and Chuck as they put aside their past and try to become friends, only for everything to spiral out of control.
    for me this is another classic PD episode that both enlightens as it disgusts...and questions whether it deserved to be cancelled ??...the answer NO, the good news is that we still have 9 episodes until it finishes here in the UK...LOVE it.
  • Another great episode.

    This episode reminded me of many of the episodes of season 1 but it had a lot more character development in than many of the earlier episodes had. I loved Emerson's mother - what a great character. Hopefully she has a lot more scenes to come.

    Some of the issues between Olive and Chuck and Ned and Chuck were resolved this week. Great to see the story moving on so well. Pushing Daisies is definitely one of the best written and most beautifully filmed shows on TV right now. It's a travesty that so few people are watching it.

    I just can't wait to see what happens next!
  • Is the Pie Maker growing up?

    This was an interesting episode. It seems that Ned is trying to grow up a bit or at least get past his issues with abandonment. It is good to see change and some sort of dynamic between Ned and Chuck instead of the doe eyed happiness all the time. I like Chuck and Ned together, but their relationship had been getting a bit boring. It was also good to see more of Emerson as he is one of my favorite characters in the show. Olive and Chuck are also surprisingly fun to watch together. Overall, it was a very good episode. Particularly laugh out loud funny.
  • Chuck + Olive =?, Cod + Calista=¿?, NAKED Chuck + Ned= winners

    Chuck + Olive =?, Cod + Calista=¿?, NAKED Chuck + Ned= winners
    Ok so the show has a lot to elaborate yet, but overall this was a character building episode, i believe that Calista is going to play a really important play in the finding of Cod daughter, On the other hand we see that relationship of Chuck & Ned is as strong as it could be, the episode is about how a real friendship should be so i thinks its interesting overall i really think the should resolve all the problems that they introducing this season:So far they introduced or haven't resolve:
    -Ned's Father.
    -Cod's Daughter.
  • Best episode yet! I say it every time but its true!

    In this episode the relationships between Ned and Chuck and Chuck and Olive developed and we were introduced to Emerson's mother!
    I loved this episode because it is very very fast paced like all the other episodes and some of the questions raised in season 1 are being answered.
    Chuck and Olive finally had it out about Ned when they were locked in a locker together the scene was brilliant and hilarious.
    I think it was great that we got to see how intrinsically weird Ned is when he apologised to Randy the equally strange hobbyist taxidermist.
    By far my favourite moment was at the end of the episode when Chuck turned up at Ned's apartment in nothing but a duvet! Brings to minds those "contraptions" he was talking about in episode 2! lol
  • What can I say other that this was another superb episode.

    What can I say other that this was another superb episode. Everything just worked so well together. The subplots supported the main plot perfectly. We had great guest stars and the episode built on everything that happened in the last episode.

    Lee Pace continues to demonstrate why he was nominated for an Emmy award for his acting in this show. In this episode he builds and expands the emotional depth that he expressed in the last episode. It also shows that the writers of this show, show that they know what they are doing with these characters.

    I was wondering when Olive and Chuck were going to work out all the issues between the two of them. Well they did in this episode, well, begin to anyway. Again, showing that the writers really know what they are doing with these characters.

    Let's talk about the guest stars. Debra Mooney(Everwood) was excellent as Calista Cod, Emerson's mother. She showed a wonderful range of emotion in her character. David Arquette plays Randy Mann, a socially awkward guy with an odd hobby. He made it seem as if the role was specifically written for him, who knows maybe it was.

    The murder mystery in this episode was top notch. It was interesting and had a few clever twists that we have come to expect, but never see coming. With each new episode I get more and more excited for this show every week.
  • Naked Chuck..YAY! :D

    Oh totally LOVED IT. :)
    So nice to have Olive back at the Pie Hole and be BFs with Chuck. I was wondering until when are they gonna stop being this close and have a fight and than the locker scene answered my question. Even though I want Chuck with Ned again, Im glad she reunited with Olive. They are so cute together though. Cholive forever! :D

    It was nice meeting Emerson's mom. I liked her, she was mysterious. Ned, in this episode I felt so bad for him, he really misses Chuck. :(
    Towards the end there was finally some romance (loved the last scene)....BUT can they KISS ALREADY???? :(

    I must say I loved Naked Chuck! Hehe. :))
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