Pushing Daisies

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Oct 31, 2007 on ABC
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In this Halloween episode, Emerson and Olive track down "the ghost" who's been killing the jockeys at the old race arena where Olive used to race as a former jockey herself. With help from Ned and Chuck, they try to solve the big mystery.

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  • Olive has a dark secret.

    I watched every episode to this point and I am still unsure whether I want to take the time to watch this show. I thought this episode and the pilot are the 2 best so far. Horse jockeys are being murdered by what people think is a ghost. Turns out Olive used to be a jockey herself. She is linked to the murdered jockeys as they covered up a murder in the "2000 Jock Off". Olive and Chuck start to bond a bit and now I am unsure of who Ned should be with. As usual Emerson is funny in this episode. Right now he is the biggest reason I watch this show. I have the rest of season 1 recorded on my dvr so I am going to watch them and then make a decision on whether I will watch season 2.moreless
  • Ned en el fondo es un niño grande bastante melancolico.

    ME fascinó este episodio, toda la trama muy al estilo de Halloween, el desarrollo de los personajes, Ned y la ausencia de su padre, Chuck y su muerte fingida, Olive y su relación aspera con Chuck, tantas cosas pasando, y ademas un final un poco inesperado. Es un episodio entretenido, tierno y muy al estilo de la serie, me gustó mucho, ojala los que siguen en la temporada mantengan la llama viva de la serie, la esencia que vimos en el capitulo piloto. Otra cosa... Dbastante interesante el capitulo, bonito, divertido, pero con toque triste en el fondo muy sútil, pero perceptible.moreless
  • Best episode so far

    So its Halloween and we discover that at Halloween Neds dad moved house and got a new family while Ned was at boarding school which is why Ned hates Halloween so much. Poor Ned. Olive was a champion Jockey and it turns out she and 3 other Jockeys accidently killed a Jockey during a race. 2 jockeys are killed by the "supposed" ghost of the dead jockey. The dead jockey is alive and the person posing as the dead jockeys ghost is the jockeys mom. Ned saves Olive from death and Olive snogs him! Next episode, Ned does Olive behind Chucks back. OMG!moreless
  • The best episode since the pilot we get character progression for Olive and Chuck in particular

    Olive, used to be a professional horse Jockey. One day one of her colleagues died when his saddle was tampered with and was trampled during a big race. Years later at Halloween his ghost returns to seek revenge.

    This was a very funny and charming episode. Once past the pilot the narrator has felt a little too obtrusive in the stories for my liking, however this time he redeems himself by once again adding a magical and different perspective to proceedings. The Rhyme about orphan boy Ned at the beginning was a great introduction to the episode and gives a greater understanding of how he didn't just cut himself off from the world but was cut off by others as well.

    The deathly horseman itself is impressive and I still don't know how it breaths fire. However, once you meet the Mother, you know in old scooby doo fashion who you think the ghost actually is. There are Mcguffins in there and the actual appearance of the dead jockey still alive and a foot taller raises suspicions in your mind that you could be wrong. Talking about the dead jockey it's wild invention that his legs were replaced with that of his horses - kind of follows the theme of missing limbs from last week.

    By far the best and funniest aspect this week was the wink wink nod nod approach to Olive teasing Chuck about her faking her death. In fact the two girls got central stage along with Emerson this episode and they were a great triple-act. By the end you feel they have really bonded and from the preview for next week this looks to continue. In the other plot strand I enjoyed Ned's interaction with Chuck's Aunts who have had more scenes with Olive of late than anyone else. Their parrot as usual is quite on the ball as well and the whole Halloween back story is fitting for a fairytale character.

    Ned has had a hard life and you really feel sorry for the guy at times but it's good to know with Chuck around he now feels at his happiest. Only if Olive understood better.moreless
  • Keeps getting better and better! interesting with Ned and Olive

    Loiking this show more and more. Some funny moments, sad moments, and scary moments. Interesting plot and unexpected about the horse legs! More cute Ned and Chuck moments, and charecter development with Chuck and Olive not hating eachother, but Olive still not knowing the truth. Little annoying that the halloween episdoe aired in May over in britain..but what can you do. Sometime Pushing Daisies reminds me of Ugly Betty, similar music, unexpectedness and its fast pace, but i think daisies is better what with the magicy bits.

    This episode is the best yet, as it was very unexpeted wjhat with it being the old lady, who seemd innocent, and Jonh Jackson having horse legs, and still being alive.. Can't wait until next week!moreless
Barbara Barrie

Barbara Barrie

Mamma Jacobs

Guest Star

Hamish Linklater

Hamish Linklater

John Joseph Jacobs

Guest Star

Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui


Guest Star

Field Cate

Field Cate

Young Ned

Recurring Role

Leyna Nguyen

Leyna Nguyen


Recurring Role

Jon Eric Price

Jon Eric Price

Ned's Father

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Olive, Chuck and Emerson exit Mama Jacobs' house and Olive says they need to check on Pinky. Presumably they go right over to check on Pinky. Yet inexplicably the killer beats them there, along with his horse, kills Pinky, and leaves before they can arrive.

    • Pinky McCoy can be seen breathing just before Ned touches him.

    • Trivia: Ned is now using the same wooden arm to pet Digby that was pulled from Lefty in "Pigeon" as he tried to escape.

  • QUOTES (38)

    • Narrator: Though Olive Snook had won the race for her life, in the race for the piemaker's heart, she had once again placed second.

    • Olive: Don't you owe it to your horse to stand up on his two legs and get out there and live?

    • Olive: John Joseph, you look gruh-ate!
      Chuck: And you beat death! You're alive!
      Olive & Chuck: Yay!

    • Lily: Some boys started a rumor that we were witches. They say that we turn little boys into birds.
      Ned: That's...terrible.
      Parrot: Rawk! Help me, help me. They turned me into a bird.
      Vivian: Scares the willies outta them.

    • Chuck: (to Ned) You go and do whatever private secret alone thing you need to go do by yourself. Alone.

    • Chuck: (to Ned) How do you know there's not a ghost somewhere right now telling his ghost friend, "You don't really think there's a guy who can touch dead people back to life, do you?"

    • Ned: (about his father) He was emotionally stunted, afraid of getting close, definitely not the best at goodbyes...
      Vivian: "Jackass" is as good a word as any.

    • Chuck: (to Digby) You know what we are? We're the walking dead on Halloween. If anyone should be scared, should be them.

    • Vivian: (about the weekly pies) I don't know how we survived without it. It's like a sex addiction! I would imagine.

    • Mamma Jacobs: What did you say your name was? Brandon? Butch?
      Chuck: Chuck?
      Mamma Jacobs: Chuck! I knew it was something unladylike.

    • Narrator: As the piemaker started off he realized that, for the first time in his life, he missed something more than his past. He missed his present.

    • Chuck: Where've you been?
      Ned: Not important.
      Chuck: It's important to me. I missed you.
      Emerson: (mockingly, as Ned) I missed you, too.

    • Emerson: You can't die of evilness.
      Chuck: Happens all the time you do something mean or hurtful to someone like tell a secret... Bang! You're dead.
      Olive: Or Bang! You're not really dead you're just pretending to be dead while other people who think you're dead are heartbroken.
      Emerson: Or Bang! You talk too much and you both go wait in the car.

    • Olive: Maybe John Joseph is coming back from the dead.
      Emerson: Or someone wants to give that impression. Maybe Gordon know more than he's letting on. We gotta look inside.
      Olive: Maybe John Joseph faked his death, people do that all the time.
      Emerson: No they don't
      Olive: Yeah they do. Sometimes they just don't even try to cover it up. They just show up and ruin your life like no one's ever going to figure it out, but then you do figure it out because you're not an idiot. Are you an idiot?
      Emerson: No, because an idiot might misunderstand what you're saying and hit you with a shovel.

    • Narrator: Lucas Shoemaker had also been a frequent visitor to the Winner's Circle. Then, upon reaching the age of 45 years, three weeks, four days, and four hours old, he retired for a second time... permanently.

    • Vivian: Is that clock right? It's 2 o'clock in the a.m.!?!
      Lily: (scoffs) I'll get my gun.
      Vivian: And I'll get the candy bowl.

    • Ned: Can you not sing?
      Gordon: If I don't sing, I throw up.
      Emerson: Sing.

    • Chuck: (about John Joseph Jacobs) What if he changes when his blood sugar drops?
      Olive Like a hypoglycemic werewolf!

    • John Joseph Jacobs: Swizzle sticks, we're out of crackers.

    • Olive: I love "In-charge Ned."

    • Emerson: That's a big trophy.
      Mamma Jacobs: Yes, that one belongs to me. This is Johnny's final resting place: his ashes.
      Emerson: His ashes?
      Olive: Then what did you bury at his funeral?
      Momma Jacobs: All the gold.
      (Emerson starts to stand up)
      Olive: His horse.

    • Olive: Sweet Secretariat!

    • Chuck: (about Ned) You used to believe in ghosts. He used to think my aunts' house was haunted. We had a seance there one night... he peed his pants.
      Ned: I did not... I knocked the hors d'oeuvres plate into my lap and the brie was runny.
      Emerson: I'd stick with the pissing my pants story

    • Olive: (talking about Ned to Chuck) When he sees all this you are going to be one sorry little zombie. Seriously, you are so... dead.

    • Olive: Ned hates Halloween, you know. Makes him moodier than a pumpkin full of PMS.

    • Chuck: Run, save yourself!
      Olive: No, no! She's after me, not you. Tell Ned I love... his pies!

    • (Emerson smacks Mamma Jacobs off her horse with the shovel)
      Emerson: Hehehehe! I love you, shovel!

    • Olive: How do you know I'm still single?
      Mamma Jacobs: Well. You wouldn't need all that bait if your belly were full of fish, dear.

    • Emerson: There's a legless skeleton of a horse in John Jacobs' tomb, and Olive knows you're dead.
      Chuck: First of all, huh? And secondly, Olive thinks that I faked my death which is completely different to knowing that I'm dead.
      Emerson: Yeah, different like purple and mauve.

    • (Ned goes to touch Lucas again)
      Ned: I assure you Mr. Shoemaker. Justice will be served.
      Lucas: Wai'. Eckthept...
      Emerson: Here it is. Except what?
      Lucas: Hez bev.
      Chuck: Who's dead?
      Lucas: Dum daff ee davib. In big rego affwap.
      Chuck: John Joseph Jacobs died seven years ago, he saw it.
      Lucas: If gob giff me.
      Emerson: His goat killed you?
      Lucas: Uh. GOP. Gop! (makes ghost noises) And if gumin eff came again.
      (Ned touches him, he dies again)
      Ned: That sounded like...
      Chuck: A ghost... a ghost killed him.
      Ned: And he's going to kill again!

    • (Ned brings Lucas back to life)
      Ned: Hi.
      Lucas: Uhn. Hi. (spits out tooth)
      Emerson: Ugh.
      Ned: This may seem like asking the obvious... but were you trampled by a horse?
      Lucas: Yeah. Um af a bebe.
      Ned: They... put a bomb... in your day bed?
      Lucas: No! Um afa came eh.
      Chuck: John Joseph Jacobs killed you?
      Lucas: Yeah.
      Ned: How can you understand him?
      Chuck: I was in full orthodentic headgear for three years.
      Ned: When?
      Chuck: Puberty!
      Ned: But you always had nice teeth.
      Chuck: My aunts told me it was a form of birth control.
      Lucas: Tha' frucks.
      Chuck: Yeah, it did suck.
      Emerson: Can we get on with this, please?
      Ned: So, you're sure John Joseph Jacobs killed you?
      Lucas: Yeah.

    • Ned: Is this a bad idea? Olive as a client? It's a little too close for comfort.
      Emerson: Oh hang on a second, let me ask the money! (mimes getting a phone out of his jacket) Hey money! It's me, Emerson. I'm good. I'm good, yeah, thanks for asking. Say, can I still pay my bills and buy stuff with you even though you was Olive's money first? Uh-huh.
      Ned: Wa... (Emerson quiets him with a hand gesture)
      Emerson: Yeah, haha, okay then. Thanks! (hangs up imaginary phone) Hehehehehe (turns serious) The money don't care. Touch him.

    • Emerson: What did you compete about?
      Olive: Promise you won't laugh?
      Emerson: No.
      Olive: I used to be a professional horse jockey.
      Emerson: Hahahaha! (mimics riding a horse) Hahahaha!

    • Olive: Yesterday, a farrier named Lucas Shoemaker was found dead. Trampled.
      Emerson: Why should I care about a dude that sells fur coats?
      Olive: Not a furrier, a farrier. Air.
      Emerson: Fair-rier?
      Olive: It's a blacksmith. Puts shoes on horses.
      Emerson: Don't try to act like that's a word everybody knows.

    • Emerson: Check please.
      (Olive throws a bundle of cash on the table)
      Emerson: ...or cash. Cash is good.
      (Emerson takes cash and puts it under the table)
      Olive: I wanna hire you. Technically I already have since you were so grabby with the cash.
      Emerson: Think of it as in escrow. Between my thighs. What's the case?

    • (in Chuck's thoughts)
      Olive: (to Aunts Lily and Vivian) Ladies, I love your tea, and your house is so cute! Oh, by the way, Chuck's alive!
      (Lily and Vivian's heads explode with coloured tissue)

    • Olive: Jiminy Chrispies!

    • Olive: (to Chuck) I scream! You scream! We all scream 'cause you faked your death!

  • NOTES (1)

    • International Airdates:
      Denmark: February 29, 2008 on SBS Net
      United Kingdom: May 3, 2008 on ITV1
      Latin America: May 8, 2008 on Warner Channel
      Israel: May 13, 2008 on YES Stars 1
      The Netherlands: September 9, 2008 on Net 5
      Belgium: November 5, 2008 on VT4
      Germany: November 19, 2008 on ProSieben
      Greece: December 6, 2008 on Star
      Finland: February 17, 2009 on Sub
      Australia: May 5, 2009 on W
      Sweden: July 19, 2009 on TV3
      Czech Republic: January 31, 2010 on Prima
      Slovakia: July 30, 2010 on Markiza