Pushing Daisies

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Oct 31, 2007 on ABC

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  • Olive has a dark secret.

    I watched every episode to this point and I am still unsure whether I want to take the time to watch this show. I thought this episode and the pilot are the 2 best so far. Horse jockeys are being murdered by what people think is a ghost. Turns out Olive used to be a jockey herself. She is linked to the murdered jockeys as they covered up a murder in the "2000 Jock Off". Olive and Chuck start to bond a bit and now I am unsure of who Ned should be with. As usual Emerson is funny in this episode. Right now he is the biggest reason I watch this show. I have the rest of season 1 recorded on my dvr so I am going to watch them and then make a decision on whether I will watch season 2.
  • Ned en el fondo es un niño grande bastante melancolico.

    ME fascinó este episodio, toda la trama muy al estilo de Halloween, el desarrollo de los personajes, Ned y la ausencia de su padre, Chuck y su muerte fingida, Olive y su relación aspera con Chuck, tantas cosas pasando, y ademas un final un poco inesperado. Es un episodio entretenido, tierno y muy al estilo de la serie, me gustó mucho, ojala los que siguen en la temporada mantengan la llama viva de la serie, la esencia que vimos en el capitulo piloto. Otra cosa... Dbastante interesante el capitulo, bonito, divertido, pero con toque triste en el fondo muy sútil, pero perceptible.
  • Best episode so far

    So its Halloween and we discover that at Halloween Neds dad moved house and got a new family while Ned was at boarding school which is why Ned hates Halloween so much. Poor Ned. Olive was a champion Jockey and it turns out she and 3 other Jockeys accidently killed a Jockey during a race. 2 jockeys are killed by the "supposed" ghost of the dead jockey. The dead jockey is alive and the person posing as the dead jockeys ghost is the jockeys mom. Ned saves Olive from death and Olive snogs him! Next episode, Ned does Olive behind Chucks back. OMG!
  • The best episode since the pilot we get character progression for Olive and Chuck in particular

    Olive, used to be a professional horse Jockey. One day one of her colleagues died when his saddle was tampered with and was trampled during a big race. Years later at Halloween his ghost returns to seek revenge.
    This was a very funny and charming episode. Once past the pilot the narrator has felt a little too obtrusive in the stories for my liking, however this time he redeems himself by once again adding a magical and different perspective to proceedings. The Rhyme about orphan boy Ned at the beginning was a great introduction to the episode and gives a greater understanding of how he didn't just cut himself off from the world but was cut off by others as well.
    The deathly horseman itself is impressive and I still don't know how it breaths fire. However, once you meet the Mother, you know in old scooby doo fashion who you think the ghost actually is. There are Mcguffins in there and the actual appearance of the dead jockey still alive and a foot taller raises suspicions in your mind that you could be wrong. Talking about the dead jockey it's wild invention that his legs were replaced with that of his horses - kind of follows the theme of missing limbs from last week.

    By far the best and funniest aspect this week was the wink wink nod nod approach to Olive teasing Chuck about her faking her death. In fact the two girls got central stage along with Emerson this episode and they were a great triple-act. By the end you feel they have really bonded and from the preview for next week this looks to continue. In the other plot strand I enjoyed Ned's interaction with Chuck's Aunts who have had more scenes with Olive of late than anyone else. Their parrot as usual is quite on the ball as well and the whole Halloween back story is fitting for a fairytale character.

    Ned has had a hard life and you really feel sorry for the guy at times but it's good to know with Chuck around he now feels at his happiest. Only if Olive understood better.
  • Keeps getting better and better! interesting with Ned and Olive

    Loiking this show more and more. Some funny moments, sad moments, and scary moments. Interesting plot and unexpected about the horse legs! More cute Ned and Chuck moments, and charecter development with Chuck and Olive not hating eachother, but Olive still not knowing the truth. Little annoying that the halloween episdoe aired in May over in britain..but what can you do. Sometime Pushing Daisies reminds me of Ugly Betty, similar music, unexpectedness and its fast pace, but i think daisies is better what with the magicy bits.
    This episode is the best yet, as it was very unexpeted wjhat with it being the old lady, who seemd innocent, and Jonh Jackson having horse legs, and still being alive.. Can't wait until next week!
  • Awesome....!

    In this Halloween episode, Emerson and Olive track down "the ghost" who's been killing the jockeys at the old race arena where Olive used to race as a former jockey herself. With help from Ned and Chuck, they try to solve the big mystery. Another amazing episode, I just love this show so much. I say this every week but this show is so different, I just love it. What was Olive trying to do kissing Ned! It is Ned and Chuck forever. I loved the bit were Olive and Chuck were talking to that John Joseph guy. It was so funny. I can't wait until I watch next weeks episode, it looks awesome, and it will be.
  • Olive past catches up with her.

    Another great episode that manages to combine light-hearted humour with dark storylines.

    Olive's past as a jockey catches up with her when a ghost starts killing the four jockeys involved in a deadly accident years ago. The accident was what made Olive stop racing. This episode provides a lot of insight into both Ned and Olive. Olive especially becomes a well-rounded character and we learn more of Ned's tragic family history and why he hates Halloween.

    Chuck's longing to see her aunts and the way they solved this in this episode was very sweet. I also felt very sorry for Olive when Ned almost dropped her after their kiss because he heard Chuck's voice. It must be clear now, even to Olive that he loves Chuck, yet the kissing versus the non-touching issue will surely come up again in future episodes.
  • Really cute and funny kind of scary!

    A really cute and funny episode of Halloween as the show is just getting better and better. We learn a lot about Olive as we are trying to see that she isn't a one dimensional character. She was to begin with and now we are beginning to know a lot about her and her past. She was...get this...a horse jockey! As that has somethig to do with this episode as she faces her past reluctantly but proudly. And why is someone wanting to get the jockeys. While we also learn bits and pieces about Ned. As he despises Halloween a lot. Good to see very sexual chemistry between him and Olive a lot.
  • The Halloween episode of Pushing Daisies is not so much scary as it is funny. A satirical take on revenge stories involving Olive's past as a...horse jockey?

    As I continue to watch Pushing Daisies, I am drawing more and more resemblances to detective dramas such as CSI and Law and Order. I'm not sure what it is, but in a darkly whimsical way, it seems to me as if Pushing Daisies is trying to actually make us solve the cases, or at least guess at who the killer might be. It reminded me of a game of Clue, albeit a tad more dark.

    The horse racing element of this episode was funny and original, it gave a new storyline to be explored, and it also told more of Olive's backstory. More of Ned's backstory is revealed as well, as is customary for an episode of this show. We learn why Ned despises Halloween as much as he does. He has good reason too, he went through a very traumatizing experience.

    I find it amazing that this show can stay as consistently lighthearted as it has. This has some of the most scary, morbid and downright disturbing content in it, yet the show always maintains a bright, happy atmosphere. In a way, it can make the show even more dark, but I find that it serves to keep the viewer watching without getting him/her all freaked out.

    The kiss between Olive and Ned was very interesting too. I think that there is going to be more to that relationship than most people think. The fact that Ned can touch Olive without problem will be a strong pull, and I really like her character in general. It's going to be interesting how their relationship develops, since there has already been a kiss this far into the show.

    The Halloween episode of Pushing Daisies wasn't really anything too special, but it fleshed out the characters even more, and succeeded in entertaining me.
  • Just keeps getting better and better!

    This is a classic "Halloween" episode, great mystery and most of all great humor! We get to know more about Olive's past, having her being a professional horse jockey in the past was so funny, I don't know where the writers get their ideas but keep them coming! We also get to know more about Ned's past and how he came to be such a loner and how that's all changed ever since those crazy people that surrounds him got into his life. Emerson is like he's always is : selfish but still you just can't help but to like him... As a bonus you get to see Olive and Chuck become more friendly even though Olive is not giving up on Ned. :)
  • Scary as hell just kidding

    This episode show the versatility of the show. they experiment with horror and end up spilling alot of honey. Some of the characters are worried of whether something is goin to get revealed. So there is a criss cross of characters wanting to know what the other one wants to say. Its interesting to see how Ned handles this mindless love triangle which has happened with chance. It is at its tender edges when he does something unexpected. Chuck is ratted out this time about the pies with the anti depressants. But this first show where you dont mind the digressions.
  • A kick in the head!

    Halloween has come to daisy land. "Pushing Dasies" is pushing the limits when it comes to Halloween episodes. This one is when Ned and chuck are out to find out who kileed all those jockeys. One of the jockeys in line for death is Olive who once became a jockey and may have took part in the killing of a jockey. The villain in the episode is almost like the headless horseman, except the guty has his head. "Pushing Dasies" is becoming one of the best shows of the season. well, it bests watching "Back to You" and "Till Death." Two terrible shows.
  • This was a very smart episode and showed more about Ned.

    The halloween episode. It was wonderful. Ned hates halloween. It's all because of his dad. When he was a little boy he got a card that his dad moved. He went to the house as a ghost and saw his dad.(and his dad's new family)Every year since he goes to his old house and lays on the floor were his bed was. It was a bitter sweet episode that showed more about two characters. Olive started to understand Chuck. But she can't stand seeing her with Ned. At the end of the show Olive kiss Ned. I don't think this is good! I could see a three is company moment. Anyways the episode was really about a jockey that was coming back from the dead to kill all the people that might have something to do with his death. Olive was a jockey. I think that Ned should tell Olive he can bring the dead back. Oh, if he does she might accidently try to touch Chuck! She can never know. Chuck's aunts are a real treat. Lily and Vivian are so funny. This episode was a very good episode and is going to have to last us for two weeks.
  • My least favorite episode so far

    It's possible that I'm just missing Bryan Fuller's deft comic hand or Barry Sonnenfeld's incredibly expensive visual flair, but this episode felt a bit drab and sluggish. Part of the problem could be the Halloween theme. I find that holiday-themed episodes can feel forced, even coming from the best creative minds in the business, so perhaps this is another example of that trend.

    My enjoyment of this series would appear to be proportional to the amount and frequency of darkly absurd elements. As mentioned in the previous review, the pilot was a rapid-fire clinic on dark comedy. It set the bar incredibly high, and as each new writer or director steps up to the plate, it's been a struggle to reach the same heights.

    Of course, it's all relative. Failing to meet the excellence of the pilot is not necessarily a problem. After all, a Hershey's bar may not be gourmet Swiss chocolate, but it's still a delicious bar of chocolate. It's disappointing to think that the show would lose some of that additional luster so soon out of the gate, but it's still the only show of its kind on the air right now, and therefore represents a breath of fresh air.

    This is mostly a commentary on expectation, both our expectation from the creative staff and fans' expectation from each other and the critics. As the audience, we want the best material possible, and sometimes it's more of a delicate balance. The show has budgetary issues, and that will continue to affect the visual style. It comes down to acceptance of that reality and allowing for diversions that may not be terribly exciting.

    Also, this being a show driven largely by comedic elements from a decidedly unusual point of view, reactions to the material will be more subjective. By comparison, drama is easy; people understand love, betrayal, and redemption on roughly the same terms. Comedy is much harder, since it often relies on experience and appreciation of delivery. A lot of the jokes fell flat for me in this episode. (Although, to be fair, Emerson and The Narrator continue to be consistently fun.)

    Which is all my roundabout way of saying that this particular episode ranks as my least favorite to date. Of all the characters, I find Olive the least interesting thus far, so an episode focusing on her travails had little chance of becoming a favorite. I still think this is one of the best new shows of the season, but this time around, I felt like it fell short of earlier excellence.
  • Another lesson on what a character driven Dramedy should be.

    It's hard for me to comprehend how writers build upon ideas from former episodes, but Pushing Daisies has got it down to a science. Being billed as a special Halloween episode, Girth did not disappoint. From a great story with some great character development to the cast that continues to amaze me, this show has got it all. I keep wondering how they will push the story further and each week I have had several 'OMG thats so cool' moments.

    Highlights from last night:

    -Olive & Chuck quibbles
    -Ned Haunting his old house
    -Digby's Ghost Cotume
    -Chuck visiting her Aunts

    Keep em coming!
  • A return to form after last week's slightly weak episode.

    So after 5 episodes of this show I see a pattern emerging in how much I enjoy this show. Laughs are directly proportional to the amount Emerson Cod gets to talk. Last week he didn't get so much screen time, and the episode wasn't so hot, this week he gets a lot more lines and the episode is a hit.

    Pushing Daisies' quirkiness is great, but it only really works properly when it's put in tandem with humour, for ease of delivery. This week, the aforementioned increase in Coddisms and the banter between Olive and Chuck did the business, and combined well with the idea of a jockey getting horses legs attached to him and a murderous mother looking for revenge to create a great episode.

    Ned was the weak link this week - his Halloween bout of introspection was frankly rather boring. He's always going to be the straight man for the other characters to bounce jokes off, but I still think they could do a little more with him.

    Overall a return to form, and a sign that perhaps last week was only a temporary blip.
  • Review

    Here we go - first blunder of the season in my mind. The show deviated away from its standard formula of Chuck and Ned to go with Olive and Emerson. The change was a bad one as the characters dont work well together and we all love the Chuck and Ned magic that comes in every scene they are in. The case in this one was pretty farfetched, with an 80 year old woman deciding to randomly go around and start killing off people. I think the wrtiers took a leap here trying to see if people would respond to a show with a little less Chuck and Ned in it, but I dont think it worked out well. The character devlopment of Olive is for a backup role, not a main role. I actually thought she may have died in this episode at first, because she isnt vital to the overall plot of the show. Next weeks previews looked a bit better, lets hope they can pick the show right back up again next week.
  • I feel like I'm watching a watered-down Scooby Doo here.

    After 5 episodes of this show, one thing seems painfully clear: the show's gotten worse every week. And what "Pushing Daisies" really is has also become quite clear: a fantasy-less procedural that's hardly smart in the least.

    The exposition-masking narration? I'm not buying it. The show has lost all of the charm and magic that the pilot had. Now it's pretty much all style, and absolutely zero substance.

    The whimsical nature of "Pushing Daisies" just isn't working anymore. It's not funny, it's not dramatic, it's not entertaining.


    As far as the new fall shows go, I'd put "Daisies" before "Reaper" and "The Big Bang Theory," but "Chuck" and "Dirty Sexy Money" most definitely have it beat.

    With ratings dropping every week, I don't see this show lasting past mid-season.