Pushing Daisies

Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Jun 13, 2009 on ABC

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  • All has been said by Quachett, this is a bitter end for a show which had so much things to offer us.

    We feel that this end is not natural, there are too much questions without answers.
    I regret, in particulary, that we will never see how the relationship between Ned and Chuck will go on.
    When I begun to watch the show, I thought their problem of touch would do a great part of the intrigue, but it wouldn't ; this interesting problem has not been pushed enough. It would be too easy but I would have liked to see them, for this finale, able to touch themselves, for example in a accident where they would realize that there is no effect (because of all the time she stayed in life?).
    This would have been a magic end for a magic show ; whereas we will never know if they will go on to kiss each other through a plastic film, if they will be able to have children despite this curse over their love.

    But before thinking of children, Their strange relationship will be explained by another way than allergy ? Will Olive know the truth if Lily and Vivian will ?

    However, the team of Pushing Daisies had not been able to anticipate because of abrupt choice of ABC.

    Unfortunately, my imagination is not powerful enough to fill up the lack of a third season and its new answers to give ; though, it would be the smallest thing for this wonderful show...
  • What a wonderful, quick whitted (sp?) show... I was sad to see it end so quickly...

    What a shame that this show only aired for a couple of seasons. It was truly unique - full of satire, quick - whitted humor, and terrific charactarizations. I loved the images - the regular use of wide angles gave the feeling that the show was larger than life. I already miss it and will be hard pressed to find any show that is similar in nature. The closest show that I can think of is Desperate Housewives, but again, Pushing Daisies was truly unique. It was my understanding that there were only 2 seasons, yet TV.com indicates it ran for 3 seasons. I am hoping this is the case, as I will have more to watch
  • Series finale for Pushing Daises. Lily and Vivian get back into swimming.

    Although I was very disappointed that they canceled Pushing Daises after only two seasons, I enjoyed the finale. Lily and Vivian get a start back in their swim dancing routine instead of just sitting around being miserable. And they tried to wrap as much of the story up as they could, although Ned and Chuck's fathers stories are still left hanging. And at the end when it looks bleak for Lily and Vivian's relationship, they get to see Chuck alive. Alot is still left to your imagination what happens next, but at least they didn't end it with nothing. It was also neat that they mentioned what happened to Cod and Olive. I could think of a bunch of show that would rather deserve to be cancelled than this. Hopefully we'll at least get a tv special or a comic book like fueller mentioned.
  • A Heart Touching Finale!!!

    OMG!!! this finale was VERY Super well done!!! Loved the ''last minute narration''.
    They all live happily ever after. Awww!!!!!! Still cant get over it, what a nice ending. Felt rushed but whatever.

    Im just happy that the very general important plots were resolved: emerson's daughter(although it would have been nice to see her face), Vivian finding out about what Lilly did, Chuck - her mom & aunt reuniting, a happy Ned & Chuck couple and the one I'm so happy about: Chuck happily every after with Randy. :)
    Although the pocket watch plot was the most important this season, I'm glad they at least wrapped up the general ones. We'll get closure to this in the comics or the movie.

    It was one of the best 1 hour of my life. :)
    Daisies will live on forever in our hearts and WILL BE remembered as TV's sweetheart. :( :(

    Now I can't wait to buy the DVD and re-watch the whole season. Bring on the comics and hopefully the movie!!!!!!! :)
  • A perfect farewell to an utterly magical show.

    Words can't express how it feels watching this wonderful gem air for the last time. It went out in style with a wonderful story in all ways. The death of the water ballet swimmer was wild even for the show and the mystery itself played out well. The shots of the gang undercover were hysterical and we also got great gags like the aunts talking in unison. But the heart of the show was there as well with Chuck worried about losing her aunts and Vivian on her long-held secret coming to light and how it made her bond a bit with her rival. The last scenes were just amazing, the aunts coming apart until Chuck revealed she was alive again. And then that amazing last shot zipping all around the town, places we remembered from past episodes while hints of the futures of Emerson and Olive came by and Jim Dale wrapping it all up like the storybook it always was. Thank you. Thanks to all who provided us with 22 episodes of telvision perfection and made us happy every time out. I will never forget this show and always love its brief life and its heart will always live in with millions of viewers.
  • The gang investigate the death of one of Lilly and Vivian's biggest swimming rivals. Everyone has closure in another top of the line episode to end a truely wonderful series.

    Being in Australia I only started watching this show a mere month ago. But in that space of time I have been swept away by what is truely brilliant and vibrant show. But in no time the second season has come to an end and there are now no more tales left to be told of Ned and Chuck. And though the last few minutes does seem very rushed it still provides some closure to fans who have avidly watched all 22 eps of the show.

    This week it is Chuck's half birthday and Lilly and Vivian have decided to celebrate it by going to what is essentially a water circus that Chuck loved as a kid. Ned believes that this would be the perfect gift for Chuch so he gets tickets for Chuck, Emerson, Olive and himself to go to the show as well. Things get uncomfortable for the aunts when they discover that their biggest rivals are the headline act for the show. Things take an even worse turn when the shows prized Great White Shark ate one of the rivals whole. This makes the owner of the show beg the Darling Mermaid Darlings to reform and be the highlight act of the show. This acts as a perfect cover for Ned and Emerson to investigate the circumstances of the death. Emerson has been hired by the sharks owner to discover who let it out of the pen. Meanwhile, Chuck is made aware by Ned that the show plans on going on a European tour and that the aunts have agreed to join the tour. Chuck is made angry by this now knowing that she won't be able to keep an eye on them. This makes her question whether she should leave Ned to follow them to Europe. This leads Ned to consider doing something very risky...

    I don't want to spoil too much so I have left out much of what makes this ep a finale, all I will say is that the ending that wraps everything up comes across as very rushed with only the last 3 minutes giving fans a happy ending of sorts.

    Goodbye Pushing Daisies, to say I will miss your charm and positive outlook would be an extreme understatement.
  • The Finale, each character has some closure on thier situations

    This was a Good episode for a regular episode but a weak finale. the last 5 minutes were so rushed that it felt like they just had to piece together something in 2 seconds. Chuck reveals to Lilly and Vivian that she is alive, Cod's daughter finds him, Olive finds her soul mate and opens a dinner, the DMD's are back in water and are an opening act all this seemed so rushed and they left out some very important loose ends.

    Were is Chucks father, how was Ned's father there to pull him off a cliff, were did he come from and why did he show up in the Pie hole and Ned never realised him? What happened to the twins, What happened to Ned filling jealous about Olive getting a boy friend especially after hinting on that cliff that he might have had feelings for Olive after all and why did they never tell olive about Ned's gift given how she always blindly fallowed them and given her love for Ned wasnt that enough to shut her up if she new about Ned's gift?

    But above all the biggest unresolved issue was the relationship between the pie maker and dead girl, how will they work without touching how about the fact of all the problems they had that they seemed to always glose over. Was chuck going to realise that she was indeed selfish or is Ned so blindly in love that they will never discuss that. Will they ever touch and finally what will become of the friendship of these guys.

    As a series finale this was Bad couldnt they just add a fourteenth episode that deals with the above issues and give us some closure.

    And as an after thought, this just me but by the end I really like Olive way better than Chuck and it would have been better for Olive and Ned to become a couple because I dont think Chuck will ever love Ned as Olive did.
  • Pushing Daisies Finale - SPOILERS.

    Pushing Daisies is one of my favourite shows and I felt it deserved better than to have to squeeze a finale into approximately five minutes of screen time. What would have been the harm in filming a full episode?

    That said, the actual content of the episode was a typically joyous and funny affair, where The Darling Mermaid Darlings were thrust into the spotlight after one half of their synchronised swimming rivals The Aqua Dolls was eaten by a wayward shark with a taste for lard.

    All in all, it was a typical episode with a short segment at the end to tie up most of the loose ends and try and give a satisfactory ending to a great series. It felt rushed. While there were some great moments, I particularly liked Olive Snook calling her macaroni cheese restaurant The Intrepid Cow, I felt that the Chuck and Ned ending was a bit flat. Ta-Da! All of their problems miraculously solved in 30 seconds. Despite the best efforts of the writing staff, you can see the join where they tagged this ending onto the original Vivian and Lily cliffhanger. I hope that, as rumoured, there will be a comic book which may lay to rest some of the niggling questions, such as what happened to Chuck and Ned's respective fathers, can they find a way to touch each other without the use of cling film and more importantly, will Emerson Cod's private detective agency become Cod & Daughter or in Cod We Trust? (I apologise in advance for that pun.)
  • A good Pushing Daisies episode, not a good finale. (Warning: SPOILERS!)

    The Pushing Daisies finale was a bit of a disappointment for me, really. It played out like an original episode, with only the Lily and Vivvian storyline giving it the finale feel. The ending felt like it wrapped up the entire show, with Chuck revealing herself to mother and aunt, Olive finding true love and Emmerson finding true happiness. It was a good idea - when one half of a synchronized swimming act is dinner for a shark, Lily and Vivvian must revive their talents and call themselves the Darling Mermaid Darlings once again. And then came along the mirror - the one that survived was having an affair with the boyfriend of the one that was dead. Lily, also have done this, starts to feel a little low. Then Ned, Emmerson and Chuck save the day from a crazy manager. The ending played out and the credits rolled. In total: disappointing.
  • The second half of this episode definitely saved this series finale.

    Obviously this episode was supposed to be a normal episode not the series finale so I can forgive the first half and therefore not discuss it. However it did set up the second half rather nicely. I loved the ending. It was obviously put in there to wrap up the series and therefore was rushed. However the way it was executed, what with many of the characters' speech being rather fast was very fitting and all the secrets are out of the bag. Emerson's daughter finally found him, Vivian discovers Lily's affair with Charles just before they open there door to Chuck and Ned. And Olive and Randy are together. The only thing not wrapped up that was impossible to do in an hour: Ned and Chuck's fathers'whereabouts! They could have made this episode a special extended episode, right? Oh well. Goodbye Pushing Daisies!
  • It's sad to see Pushing Daisies end, but this was a decent and enjoyable series finale...

    It's sad to see Pushing Daisies end, but this was a nice series finale... I was very frightened to watch this episode, because somehow I read over the "rivals" in "one half of the rivals of the Darling Mermaid Darlings is murdered", so I believed Vivian or Lillian are going to get killed sooner or later - and we might get left behind with a cliffhanger or a bad ending. But to my relief, this episode had a pleasant ending, no nasty cliffhangers, just sad that some plot lines didn't get resolved. Really sad it's been cancelled. I loved the colorful setups and exaggerated characters.