Pushing Daisies

Season 2 Episode 6

Oh Oh Oh...It's Magic

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Nov 19, 2008 on ABC

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  • Such a magical show!

    I have only just caught up with this show again and have to say I really loved this episode. There were so many humourous moments it's hard to know where to begin. As ever, Emerson was brilliantly sarcastic and funny. Ned had lots of great moments, particularly with his half brothers. Olive and Chuck also had a great part to play too. The mystery with Chuck's father's watch was interesting and I am looking forward to finding out just why Dwight wants it so much. Lily and Vivian also acted their socks off in their respective roles which was great to see.
  • Ned investigates the death of the Great Herman a man who was like a father to his brothers

    This episode was probably the most insightful of all the episodes yet. It revealed a past to Neds father and Charles Charles. We finally see why it Dixon is in town. Dixon isnt looking to be anyones friend, it hasnt quite been revealed why he all of sudden wants to rob his best friends from battle. I loveed the ending, so magical and emotional. Dixon will figure out the secret of Chuck. This show gets better and better.

    Lee Pace shows once again he is a powerhouse tv actorm he plays emotion very well and makes quirky seem awesome. Great job
  • Definitely magical

    It's been a while since I've been able to review "Pushing Daisies", thanks to some scheduling conflicts, but this was a good time to resume. Ned's encounter with his younger brothers' father figure, the Great Hermann, was a delight, between the inspired performance of Fred Willard and the endless array of sarcastic comments from Ned and Emerson.

    The writers have managed to introduce more of Ned's unexpected extended family without missing much of a beat, and one would expect their collective father to show up sooner rather than later. Parental issues are all the rage this season, what with Chuck's attempts to get validation from her mother, Ned's ongoing struggle to come to grips with his father's choices, and Emerson's yearning to find his daughter. With so many layers to the dysfunctional family cake, I'm a bit concerned that there will be little time or chance for resolution before the end of the season.

    Sadly, the series is not doing as well as it did in the first season, and most blessed with the skill of television divination predict the series will be lucky to get a 13-episode second season, never mind the back nine or a third season renewal. There's talk of continuing and finishing the story in comic book form, but I think I speak for all the fans of "Pushing Daisies" when I say it would be a pale reflection of the television series, and poor consolation. Much of the charm of the show is the near-perfect comic timing of the narration and dialogue, after all, and I just don't see how that would translate very well.

    For now, though, this episode was a magical episode that was less about magic and more about personal emotional issues. Leave it to Bryan Fuller and his minions to make it work as well as it did.
  • An already magical show goes the extra mile in this ep.

    To cancel this show would be a crime against all that is good and decent as this episode showcased how it is truly brilliant. The main plot of the dead magician was well done with goofy lines and nice twists to things and Fred Willard was terrific in the role. Loved other things like Chuck's wild night dress with the feathers and the whacky assistant. And the curtains opening and closing in between scenes was a brilliant touch as well.

    But as ever, it's the emotion that grabs you like how Ned equates magic shows with the pain of his father leaving him so you felt for him watching it. You also felt when he had to finally tell his half-brothers the truth about what a scumbag their dad really was but that he was still their father so you can't help but love him. Linking it all with the "father figure" mentality just made the episode work all around and in a wonderful way.

    The stuff with the aunts was fun as well as Kurtz just did wonderful work with that final scene of her relating her feelings at last about being Chuck's mom while she listened in. As for Dwight, not sure what he wants with that watch but with him thinking Chuck faked her death as well, we might finally see the aunts finding out the truth. Once again, while the effects and mood grab you, it's the heart the show provides that makes it so damn loveable and we can hope ABC doesn't decide to make it disapear for good but continue to provide magic for a long time.
  • A great episode

    May be its because I've been missing the show, but I found this to be a really fun and well done episode. I love Ned having to deal with his past now that he is confronted with this half-brothers. Also, the mystery about what Chuck and Ned's dads were up to is great. Why does Ned's Dad repeatedly leave his children. Its is all very mysterious and fun. This episode really reminded me of why I love this show. Its so dark and cutie at the same time and the characters are just so funny and different than standard tv characters. I hope we have many more episodes to look forward to.
  • The writing for this show is top notch, especially the humorous parts.

    The writing for this show is top notch, especially the humorous parts. While this show has many, many funny moments, I don't often find myself actually laughing out loud, maybe once an episode, I don't really find most of it the laugh out loud kind of humor. That being said, I found myself LOLing several times during this episode. I don't know if it was my mood or what, I'd like to think it was because it was extra funny.

    Not only was this episode extra funny, it was extra everything. Pretty much take everything that we love about any given episode of Pushing Daisies and times it by two and you get this episode. I absolutely loved it. This is one of two shows, on the air right now, to make me crack up laughing one moment then be incredibly, emotionally moved by the next. The other show being Supernatural.

    Fred Willard, among others, guest starred this week as a magician named The Great Herrmann. I'm a big fan of his and loved this role for him. I should also mention a great appearance by Paul F. Tompkins as a geeky magician.

    One last thing i want to mention and that is the amazing scene at the end when Ned takes Chuck to her "aunt's" house and she get to overhear Lilly talk to Olive about being Chuck's mother. It was one of the most emotion moments on the show yet and it was a great performance by Anna Friel.
  • One of the best and most adventurous this season! :)

    Oh Oh Ohh...it ROCKEDD!!! What an adventure that was! Pushing Daisies is BACKKK and greater than ever.

    I've been wating with anticipation for this episode and it wass WELL WORTH the 2 week wait for sure. I dont know how 1 hour just passed by so quickly, loved it begining til the end. The writing was much better than Frescorts and Dim Sum Lose Some. The murder mystery was very unique & enjoyable. Favorite part about it was the assistans were actually the animals. Hehe! And yay we have the aunts back. =)

    The ending was WOW the best ending this season so far. Found the cuffin empty..uh ohh. Now we are left with the scariest part of being PD watchers: waiting for the ratings. Tonight's episode is a VERY fine example of why PD is a very special show that needs a bright future. Gets a 10 out of 10 from me.