Pushing Daisies

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Oct 24, 2007 on ABC
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Emerson, Ned and Chuck are hired to prove that a pilot was murdered, rather than committing suicide, but soon become involved in a case of stolen jewelery and an escaped prisoner.

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  • About this episode

    It was excellence. This had wonderful music score
  • Ned, Chuck and Emmerson are hired to prove a pilot was murdered and did not commit suicide

    Another great, awesome, witty episode, I would expect nothing less from Pushing Daisies Which became officially my favorite show on television. And this episode is one of 9 perfect episodes. Great plot with the mystery/dead person and great plot with Olive and really good Banter with Ned and Chuck. Emmerson said some great one liners this episode. I think Olive's character is so sad and lonely and I Love Kristin Chenowith! She's wonderful. Anyways if you have not yet seen Pushing Daisies it's definitley worth a peek try watching the episodes online or get it on DVD in September and watch season 2!moreless
  • Las extrañas formas de presentarnos el amor.

    La enamorada de Ned no es tan mala despues de todo. Me gustó mucho la forma complice en que Olive y Chuck se quedaron calladas mientras sacaban al par de tias por la puerta de atrás. Y además también fué excitante la forma en que dos personas se enamoran cuando ambas tratan de cumplirle una promesa a una personas querida que ya falleció. y al final el manco no era tán malo después de todo. Es que muchas veces uno se deja guiar por las apariencias, cuando las razones ocultas por las que la gente actua están así precisamente ocultas.moreless
  • Pidge rules!

    Ned brings a dead bird back to life. The bird is pidge and olive takes care of him. Chuck, Emerson and Ned see a plane crash into a building and find out the man who says hes the survivor is actually a killer that killed the pilot, conrad (the house owner and the man he pretended to be) and hes an escaped convict. It turns out hes hunting Diamonds that were left by his cellmate in his lovers house. The cellmates lovers daughter falls in love with the convict (we're calling him lefty) and lefty gets arrested. Also, Vivian sees Chuck for a brief second.moreless
  • But Still Good...

    A plane crash into an apartment building leaves the trio with a case - did the pilot commit suicide? - while Chuck finds herself drawn to the man who appears to be the sole survivor (guest star Dash Mihok), much to Ned's distress. Meanwhile, Olive takes a wounded messenger pigeon to the aunts for help. I thought this episode was abit silly, the Pigeon just wreck it. It didn't even look real. But saying that I enjoyed watching it. You never see a one-winged pigeon on any other show. I think this is why I love this show so much. Eventhough this episode was the worse one so far, and I'm giving it a 9.2, that is saying something tthis show is awesome. Ned is so cute, I just love him. Well, I can not wait until I watch the next episode.moreless
Jayma Mays

Jayma Mays


Guest Star

Dash Mihok

Dash Mihok

Lemuel "Lefty Lem" Weinger

Guest Star

Vince Cefalu

Vince Cefalu

Bradan Caden

Guest Star

Sy Richardson

Sy Richardson


Recurring Role

Field Cate

Field Cate

Young Ned

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When shown the pamphlet for the VonRoenn windmill, there is a typo. It says: "The VonRoenn Mill has been preserved as a hisorical landmark. With its distinctive red sails, the Mill can be seen from anywhere in N.A.R.M."

    • Brought to life and returned to death by Ned's touch:

      Bradan Caden
      The real Conrad
      Jackson Lucas

      Brought to life by Ned's touch:
      Pidge the Pigeon

      Creatures/characters dead as a result of Ned keeping someone else alive:
      A crow

  • QUOTES (33)

    • Elsita: Did you just say, "A-waitin'?" 'Cause if you were mimickin' me, I will be outta these girlie bows faster than a snake through weeds.

    • Chuck: There's so much I'm learning about you.
      Ned: Such as?
      Chuck: You're a romantic.
      Ned: When the mood strikes.
      Chuck: And you're jealous when the mood strikes.
      Ned: Everyone's a little jealous. I mean, if you're not a little jealous you're probably... can we not talk about this?
      Emerson: The answer to your query is "yes."

    • Elsita: I was born into the life of windmillery.

    • Narrator: And the pie maker realized that while some obstacles may not disappear... you can always find a way to work around them.

    • Lefty: I'm sorry, was that guy your boyfriend? The guy who took a step back and let you fall?
      Chuck: It was actually a really affectionate gesture. In context.

    • Lefty: Jackson was my prison bunkmate.
      Vivian: Is bunkmate a euphemism for...?
      Lefty: Not in this case, ma'am.

    • Lefty: That's my bird.
      Elsita: What are you on about? It's my bird.
      Lefty: I'll prove it. I wrote the note. Where's the note?
      Olive: (coming through the door) Hello! Can I get my bird back, please?
      Elsita and Lefty: Your bird?!
      Olive: Yes, my bird. She's a carrier pigeon. She has a message and she has to have carry it. It's what she does.

    • Ned: No, actually I want to talk about this. I could let it go, but like the cat, it will come back, which I wouldn't call annoying, but there's no really great way of saying half-annoying, which it is a little bit.
      Chuck: See? Isn't this neat? Here we were thinking all we had was one big problem when in actual fact we have hundreds of little problems that we have got to to sort out before we even get to the big problem, which means we're like everybody else in the world.
      Ned: Except I still can't catch you.
      Emerson: Are we taking two cars next time?

    • Ned: You know what our problem is?
      Chuck: If you're referring to the touching thing, I see it as more of an obstacle than a problem.
      Ned: It's a pretty big obstacle.
      Chuck: Not compared to our other problems.
      Ned: We've got other problems?
      Emerson: I'm going to kill myself.

    • Narrator: The pie maker and the girl he called Chuck marveled at love's ability to conquer all obstacles: distance and time, hardship and pain, a lack of reciprocation, even death.

    • Ned: Care to dance?
      Chuck: Yes, please.

    • Olive: Well, now wasn't that a nice outing?
      Lily: I could use a drink.

    • Olive: If you know what's good for you, and I think you do, you'll give me two minutes.
      Emerson: Why?
      Ned: What for?
      Chuck: Okay!
      Olive: Goody then!

    • Emerson: Maybe your finger needs a new battery, here let me try. (slaps the curator with Ned's hand)

    • Chuck: (talking about Lefty) Ned, he's an escaped convict.
      Ned: You didn't know that when you held his hand and P.S. not only is he an escaped convict, he's a hijacker who has prevented thousands of crops from being airily fertilized. And he stuffed a surly old dead guy in a trunk.

    • (curator passes out)
      Emerson: Now that's narcoleptic, necrophilia's the other one?
      Ned: Yeah.

    • Ned: I would have preferred a little more eyeball.

    • Emerson: (about Lefty) That one-armed bitch was speedy.

    • Emerson: (to Chuck, about Lefty) Where did he go?
      Chuck: Conrad? He was going to the bathroom.
      Ned: He's not Conrad, he's the hijacker. And he's going to the bathroom in my kitchen.

    • Chuck: Do you like pie?
      Lefty: It'd be criminal not to like pie.

    • Ned: The plane was hijacked!
      Becky Caden: How'd you come by that?
      Ned: DNA... ish.

    • Coroner: (to Emerson) Why are you bothering this poor woman? You and that white boy got some kind of shifty going on? I don't know what, but you're shifty.

    • Chuck: Why can't we just be here as concerned citizens of the world?
      Emerson: Because big daddy needs some new yarn.
      Ned: Just because there's a dead body doesn't mean you're going to get paid.
      Emerson: Just because there's vodka in my freezer doesn't mean I have to drink it. Wait, yes it does.

    • Emerson: (a dead bird is accidentally brought to life by Ned) What is the rate of exchange on the life of a bird? Because if it's equal to or greater than mine I need to get back to my car.
      Ned: I'm more concerned for that squirrel.

    • Chuck: You do realize that bee keeping within city limits is completely illegal.
      Ned: Yes, and I'm almost sure I don't care.

    • Narrator: In that moment, Chuck was holding the pie maker's hand; if only by proxy.

    • Ned: Did you see the way he just swept in there?
      Emerson: Yeah. So?
      Ned: I don't sweep. I'm not a sweeper.
      Emerson: Eh, it's a little showy.
      Ned: It's a lot showy! And what's a rooftop full of bees compared to someone who can catch her when she falls? I can't catch her, Emerson.
      Emerson: Can't suck on her toes neither...
      (Ned gives an odd look)
      Emerson: Some women like that!

    • Ned: The ambulance is leaving.
      Chuck: Oh, you go ahead. I'm gonna stay here and see if there's anything I can do.
      Ned: I'm sure he's fine. Statistically speaking, his state can only improve. Dead pilot on the other hand probably has lots of last wishes.
      Emerson: Yeah, like maybe wishing he'd turned left.

    • Olive: I recently made the acquaintance with a pair of bird lovers, I'll consult them.
      Narrator: Olive was referring to aunts; Lily and Vivian.
      Chuck: Really? I used to know a pair of bird lovers!
      Narrator: Chuck also referred to aunts; Lily and Vivian.
      Olive: Used to? Did they die?
      Chuck: (pause) Death was involved...

    • Emerson: Where did you bury your loot, Jack?
      Jackson: Ha! Why should I tell you?
      Ned: Good karma, it's like currency in the after-life.

    • Jackson: (after being revived) I can't see anything. Am I blind?
      Ned: Good news is you're not blind. Bad news is you're dead.
      Chuck: Makes blind seem like a walk in the park, doesn't it?

    • Emerson: (to Ned) Your thing is waking up dead people. My thing is finding dead people for you to wake up.

    • Ned: It's raining dead birds.

  • NOTES (3)

    • For this episode, the show was nominated for and ultimately won a Primetime Emmy for "Outstanding Music Composition For A Series (original Dramatic Score)."

    • International Airdates:
      Denmark: February 22, 2008 on SBS Net
      United Kingdom: April 26, 2008 on ITV1
      Israel: April 29, 2008 on YES Stars 1
      Latin America: May 1, 2008 on Warner Channel
      The Netherlands: September 2, 2008 on Net 5
      Belgium: October 29, 2008 on VT4
      Germany: November 12, 2008 on ProSieben
      Greece: November 29, 2008 on Star
      Finland: February 10, 2009 on Sub
      Australia: April 28, 2009 on W
      Sweden: July 12, 2009 on TV3
      Czech Republic: January 24, 2010 on Prima
      Slovakia: July 29, 2010 on Markiza

    • Olive Snook and Vivian Charles sing "Birdhouse in Your Soul" by They Might Be Giants, while following Pidge to the windmill.


    • Ned: It's raining dead birds.
      When a dead bird falls from the sky, this is a spoof of a similar scene in Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds.

    • Ned: Like the cat, it will come back.
      Ned is referencing an old folk song, The Cat Came Back, about a farmer who owned an ornery cat that wouldn't leave because it kept coming back.

    • Olive: "A bird that stalks down its narrow cage / Can seldom see through its bars of rage."
      Olive is quoting a line from Maya Angelou's I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.