Pushing Daisies

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Oct 24, 2007 on ABC

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  • About this episode

    It was excellence. This had wonderful music score
  • Ned, Chuck and Emmerson are hired to prove a pilot was murdered and did not commit suicide

    Another great, awesome, witty episode, I would expect nothing less from Pushing Daisies Which became officially my favorite show on television. And this episode is one of 9 perfect episodes. Great plot with the mystery/dead person and great plot with Olive and really good Banter with Ned and Chuck. Emmerson said some great one liners this episode. I think Olive's character is so sad and lonely and I Love Kristin Chenowith! She's wonderful. Anyways if you have not yet seen Pushing Daisies it's definitley worth a peek try watching the episodes online or get it on DVD in September and watch season 2!
  • Las extrañas formas de presentarnos el amor.

    La enamorada de Ned no es tan mala despues de todo. Me gustó mucho la forma complice en que Olive y Chuck se quedaron calladas mientras sacaban al par de tias por la puerta de atrás. Y además también fué excitante la forma en que dos personas se enamoran cuando ambas tratan de cumplirle una promesa a una personas querida que ya falleció. y al final el manco no era tán malo después de todo. Es que muchas veces uno se deja guiar por las apariencias, cuando las razones ocultas por las que la gente actua están así precisamente ocultas.
  • Pidge rules!

    Ned brings a dead bird back to life. The bird is pidge and olive takes care of him. Chuck, Emerson and Ned see a plane crash into a building and find out the man who says hes the survivor is actually a killer that killed the pilot, conrad (the house owner and the man he pretended to be) and hes an escaped convict. It turns out hes hunting Diamonds that were left by his cellmate in his lovers house. The cellmates lovers daughter falls in love with the convict (we're calling him lefty) and lefty gets arrested. Also, Vivian sees Chuck for a brief second.
  • But Still Good...

    A plane crash into an apartment building leaves the trio with a case - did the pilot commit suicide? - while Chuck finds herself drawn to the man who appears to be the sole survivor (guest star Dash Mihok), much to Ned's distress. Meanwhile, Olive takes a wounded messenger pigeon to the aunts for help. I thought this episode was abit silly, the Pigeon just wreck it. It didn't even look real. But saying that I enjoyed watching it. You never see a one-winged pigeon on any other show. I think this is why I love this show so much. Eventhough this episode was the worse one so far, and I'm giving it a 9.2, that is saying something tthis show is awesome. Ned is so cute, I just love him. Well, I can not wait until I watch the next episode.
  • A brilliant episode..!

    Definitely the best episode of Pushing Daisies so far! This episode is so magical,i truly loved it!
    Ned,Chuck and Emerson must solve a murder of a pilot who crushed on a building.
    It is an amazing moment when Chuck comes so close to her lovely aunts..but she does not meet them.Also the very first scene of this episode when Ted was young and encounters his dog is so nice.In addition, the scene in the ending of the episode when Ted and Chuck dance wearing the bee-suits is wonderful. It so unfair they cannot touch each other..
    I must say that the story-line of this episode is very interesting and i enjoyed every single minute of it.
    It deserves 10 out of 10,no doubt.
  • A one-armed man and a one-winged pigeon are only a part of the zany cast of characters that make up this installment. Quite possibly the strangest episode of Pushing Daisies to date, and that's saying something.

    It's kind of weird that a strange episode like this can still be as good as the others in the series. Pushing Daisies was weird to begin with, but from the start, this episode just kind of...was weirder.

    It starts off with the Piemaker touching the pigeon that died thing. The whole random sequence of events eventually leading up to a crow dying and a plane crashing into a building kind of made me scratch my head, as was the random catch from the guy when Chuck fell and the subsequent twist in the plot that revealed said guy to be the plane's hijacker.

    The whole windmill plot was where it got interesting though. While the realism is stretched a bit as to how much a "relationship" can actually exist via passenger pigeon, it was still a cute concept, and portrayed well via the usual zany effects. The crew of Olive and the Aunts singing "Birdhouse In Your Soul" was a classic as well.

    This episode of Pushing Daisies is probably the worst one of the season so far, but it was still so much better than 90% of television today. Next week's Halloween episode looks to add a horror touch. I'll definitely be tuning in. =]
  • A Pigeon who teaches us to love

    There is an amazing undercurrent in this episode which begins with the pie maker touching a pigeon. Chuck finds a new man in her life making Ned go wild with jealousy. Ned also gets stung by love( check for the pun ) in this episode. Olive starts chatting up with Chucks Aunts. She begins to like them as well. Finally a beautiful back story of the dog which will touch all the dog lovers out there. The show seems to turn into a complete show. It gets better with each episode. This is one series which will take its time to grow on you.
  • What's with the CSI thing?

    Is it just me or there was a tremendous amount of CSI analogy in this episode? I know the premisse of show involves Ned supposedly using his unique ability to solve murder cases and suspicious deaths but him trespassing a yellow "crime scene" tape up hanging on the door of a guy's apartment and later on the whole bee suit kiss thing at the end of the episode just looked like too much of a coincidence on the week just after Grissom proposed to Sara wearing bee suits and failing myserably to kiss through their protective head-gear! Who's stealing ideads from whom?
  • Review

    This was the lowest rated episode in the history of the show for me - with a low rating of...9.3? Winner! The episode as a whole wasn't as "powerful" as the first three of the series, but prooved that even in a slow episode the writers could find a way to be consistant. I still continue to love the use of narraration to guide the episode and handle questions and answeres effectivly. I thought the early scenes with Olive and Chucks guardians were a little slow but picked up closer to the end of the episode when they were brought into the main storyline at the windmill. I thought the end of the episode did the best job so far of bringing everything together and giving us a satisfying conclusion to all of the episodes mysteries. I liked the connection with the diamonds and the two people that were writing to one another. I loved the use of flashbacks and the scene at the gravyeard was very well done. I thought the writing overall was still very strong in this episode and am happy to rank this show as most likely to break into my top 10 shows of all time very soon.
  • The first underwhelming episode

    This was a good week for "Pushing Daisies" fans. The show was picked up for a full first season (pending the writer's strike), and this is a good news for fans of original storytelling. That tempers somewhat the slight disappointment I felt in this particular episode.

    I found the script to be a bit less hilarious this time around, focusing instead on elements of whimsy over black comedy. For me, much of the charm is the darkness within the brightly colored world of the Pie-maker, as seen in rapid effect in the first two episodes. This was more dramatic, focusing on the oddities of plot progression, and I found it more amusing than consistently funny.

    Perhaps this was a conscious choice, given how the rest of the episode was constructed. This show has been the depiction of a modern fairy tale since the very beginning, but certain artistic choices were heightened in this installment. From the use of model-esque wide shots to the bald use of soundstages and matte paintings to the openly mechanical patchwork pigeon, the audience was directed to enjoy it for what it was and focus on the story being presented.

    The aesthetic was charming enough to overcome most of my reservations with the dialogue, but not quite enough. It's far too soon to tell if this is a slow shift on the part of the writing staff, representative of this particular writer, or just one of those episodes that didn't click for me personally. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for the writer's name in future credits.
  • Ah, another great day at the Pie Hole...what's that, you say? Another murder case? Emerson, Chuck and Ned are off to find out if it was a murder or suicide that caused a plane to crash into a building. **MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS IN REVIEW.**

    This was an excellent episode of Pushing Daisies! I started watching with the "Dummy" episode and that was my favorite one because it had a lot of tension especially at the end. Of course, don't get me wrong as this one was almost just as delicious. Opening this "Pigeon" is Chuck making another pie for her aunts, which Olive delivers...with a plan. But CRASH! a pigeon lay dead after hitting a window. Knowing that Ned can bring back the dead, Olive pushes the pigeon toward his hand and the pigeon comes back to life for more than a minute. You know what that means! Don't worry, though! Only a crow is sacrificed (I am not in favor of hurting animals, so don't assume anything!) Anyways, again CRASH! with a BOOM! a plane crashes into a building. Yes...another murder case to solve. It seems that someone committed suicide. So...we go through Chuck falling and Ned not catching her, but someone else does and thus creating a "relationship" between Chuck and "Conrad" if that's his real name (you'll find out after). Anyways, this is more of a complicated episode so I'm going to start just giving facts. It appears that "Conrad" is not the real owner of the apartment, the bowling Conrad is, who is stuffed inside a box. "Conrad" supposedly hijacked the plane, which I'm not real clear on. Maybe someone else can explain this better. In the end, a carrier pigeon carrying (ha! carrier pigeon carrying, sorry for interrupting) a message for this woman actually caused the crash. The message was part of a long line of letters between two lovers. This was a nice addition because it just adds a cute little storyline to "Pigeon," which was very complicating (did I mention that?) Aside from the actual murder case, Ned is jealous that Chuck was holding a fake hand of a man who lost his hand in a something (Idk what it was). See how complicating and long this review is? That was also nice. This was an especially "romantic" episode if you call a letter exchanging conversation between a criminal and a woman romantic. So...another nice thing was Olive deciding whether or not she should reveal Charlotte to her aunts. She didn't which makes me like Olive more (character development!). Also, we're beginning to see the aunts more and more, which I like. To conclude this dreadfully long analysis of "Pigeon," Ned made a beekeeping center on top of The Pie Hole, which is illegal by the way. The longest inspection I've ever done is now complete.

    P.S. How can anybody hate Chuck, yeah she can be annoying, but she's just too darn cute.
  • Yay Pidge!!!

    I thought this episode was one of the best!! I really loved the whole thing with Pidge!!! That's so funny how they used a bejewler to put a fake parrot wing on him!! That was really, quirky, and original. I loved it hahaha. Other than Pidge, it was a great episode, all the weird things that happen make the episode so funny and great. I just love this show. I think it's funny how Chuck feeds her Aunts antidepresants in their pie. I also like how Ned and Chuck cant touch, that's a unique thing to put in the series. Everything is good so far.
  • I love Birds, so this episode was even cuter to me.

    Four eisodes into the series and it's still awesome. Funny, witty, and yet still suspencful and surprising. Gotta love this show. The episode had all of these twists and funny moments. The colors still amaze me. This still is one of the best shows I've seen on television in a very long time. The episode was great and we finally see another side of Olive. I tend to like her more when she isn't scheming to get in bed with The Pie Maker. Lets hope they can keep all of this up. I definetly know that I'll be sticking around to fine out.
  • Olive takes pity

    When watching this show, you simply have to suspend you disbelief about the impossible coincidences and enjoy the writing, acting and especially the scenery, the costumes and props. Where else could you see a pidgeon with a parrot wing, talk to the dead and not be horrified at the digging up of a coffin?

    The holding hands scene was very moving as was the final dance, excellent idea to use a bee-keeper's hood and costume as a way for Chuck and Ned to be able to dance.

    Olive having pity on the aunts was sweet too. Even though she had planned to expose Chuck's deception, or what she thought was Chuck's deception, she didn't go through with it in the end.
  • Character development! We see a less vengeful side of Olive, delve more into aunts Lily and Vivian, and see a few problems arise with Chuck and Ned! This episode also shows a little more information into Ned's gift.

    Currently the best episode of the season, if you ask me!

    We learn that the death which arises from Ned keeping someone alive for longer than 60 seconds is relative to what was brought to life. Although this has sort of been implied, it has now been confirmed by Ned who was more concerned of the squirrel dying because of the pigeon living, than of Emerson and the others. (Much to Emerson's delight, of course!)

    Olive makes a decision to let Chuck's aunts know that she's still alive, but towards the end decides she doesn't want to break their hearts after befriending them and getting them out of the house. The silly side-plot of them stitching a stuffed parrots wing onto "Pidge" was amusing, but mostly served to further the character development between these characters. It did add a lot to the charm of the episode however.

    Those who didn't like Olive's musical scene in episode 2 may be dismayed to know that there's another sing session with the aunts (well, Vivian) in the car... but it's a cover of a great song and honestly doesn't last all that long! I personally, loved it.

    We see that Chuck and Ned's fairytale love story isn't going as well as they'd hope when Ned is unable to catch Chuck as she falls, and instead is caught by the bad guy of the story! We see Ned's jealous, almost-angry-but-not-quite side when he catches her holding the guys hand in the Pie Hole... Of course, this is resolved in the end, but it's nice to see the light bickering between them.

    Another positive to this episode is the inclusion of guest star, Jayma Mays. The love interest between her and Lefty is an odd twist to the storyline!

    Emerson is as funny as ever, the characters are beginning to gain more depth, and the plot is typically Pushing Daisies crazy and unpredictable!

    Looking forward to next week!
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