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  • Wonderful Show!

    I was told to check this out by actually in one of the 'you should binge-watch this for Thanksgiving" articles. Thanks guys! Great, great show. Original, intelligent, nice on the eyes. Every character is likeable and doing something fun. Emmerson dream sequence was hilarious. Only problem with this show is only 2 seasons.
  • Awesome

    Another of my fav shows - and sadly cancelled.

    Just great.

    Great artwork.
  • I like it,filmed beautifully

    The story is great! A guy has the ability to bring the dead back to life with just one single after one minute they die again and if he ever touches those people again then they are dead story I never really seen they way it's filmed! Cute! I like the show very much,too bad only two seasons.
  • About this series

    This series had wonderful acting for Kristin Chenoweth in Season 2.
  • It's back!!!

    Pushing Daisies is back on the Chiller channel!!! Tuesday nights at 9pm!! Too bad Comcast doesn't carry Chiller : (
  • me too. I want it back!

  • I want it back!

    A shame it ends!!! I just loved this show as no other one!
  • Pushing Daises is one of the most interesting, unique, adorable...

    Pushing Daises is one of the most interesting, unique, beautiful, colorful shows I ever had the pleasure to watch. I loved every minute of it, I just wish it didn't have to end, because the concept of the whole show was unique and charming like no other. Loved every second of it. It's really a shame that they had to cut such a great series so short, when it had everything to succeed, the fantasy around it, the caracters, the narration, the colors, it's uniqueness made me really enjoy it, like few other shows did.
  • Pushing Daisies, gone too soon

    This was such a great show. Not only was it full of hilarious, candy-colored visuals, the fairy-tale elements worked so well with the grimness of death and murder. It was so unique and striking that I still mourn that I didn't get more episodes before it was fatally cut short.
  • A delicious show perfectly sweetened by a cast of truly unforgettable actors. The Pie-maker, Ned, uses his magical finger to bring people back from the dead with a single touch, works closely together with PI Emerson Cod to help crack cases

    Pushing Daisies delivers such a sweet-curdling goodness week after week, that ABC is crazy not to renew such a wonderful and appreciated show. The show follows the antics of Ned, Emerson, Charlotte, Olive, and Digby as they bake pies and bring happiness into people's lives. Emerson gets the call as Private Investigator to solve crimes that come with high cash rewards (he has to make a living...) using the power of Ned's touch, and the time limit of 1 minute, they find out who did the killing, and go after the perps. Together with Ned's undead girlfriend, Charlotte, aka "Chuck," and Olive, Ned's Pie-Hole waitress, they team up to bring us pie-godly-ness with their witty dialogue, up-roaring charm, and all-around feel good atmosphere.
  • Another Victim Killed by the Writer's Strike

    Okay where to begin with this wonderful show. Let's start with the basic's. This was one of the most original and witty shows ever to have aired on TV. With a rare quaility that felt like a Modern Day Fairy Tale, complete with it's own own Omniscent Narrator, the visual sights were as strikingly beautiful as the colorful and quirky cast were humourous. It also carried a genuinly innocent love story between two people who could never touch, ergo none of the sleeping together then figuring out the relationship afterwords like so many other shows at the time.
    I truly feel that if it was not for the Writer Strike, that took place before the show even had a chance to establish a larger audience, then this show would still be on the air today. It's sad to see another show killed before it's time.
  • Few shows will ever achieve what Pushing Daisies has achieved...

    Few shows will ever achieve what Pushing Daisies has achieved in just a few episodes. It normally takes one to two seasons for writers and actors to truly find their character's voice - some shows never find it at all. From the very first episode of Pushing Daisies it is evident that Bryan Fuller (Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls) has created something uniquely wonderful where everything clicks from the very start. The premise of this show at first sounds unworkable but, when I tuned in for the first time I fell in love. We learn of a man who can resurrect the dead with only a touch. The next touch will kill permanently. If the second touch doesn't come within 60 seconds some one else in the general proximity will die. It is all delivered to us as a modern day fairy tale with bright colors and a narrator ala Harry Potter. The writing is clever and witty and full of double entendres. Pushing Daisies has not let me down yet. I start to smile from the moment I hear the narrator's voice to the end of the credits. The only time I am not smiling is when I am laughing - this show just makes me happy.
  • Pushing Daisies is a wonderful show that will be sorely missed. A beautiful romantic fairy tale in the (almost) real world.

    This show was a fantastic combination of well written comedy, brain teasing mystery, heart stopping drama, heart warming romance, and constant plot twists! You couldn't help but fall in love with the characters. Each one had their own very distinct personality as well as their own set of issues which made it even more entertaining and heart warming to watch them interact and grow throughout the seasons. I, for one, am very sad to see this show end, I could see this going on for a few more seasons and drawing in even more viewers. Alas, all good things must come to an end.
  • A really fun, light, imaginative show.

    I love this show. I love The Pie Hole with its silly clever name and its little roof. I love the narrator and the very colorful flashbacks. I love that every episode has a theme. I love Chuck with her little dresses and eccentric hobbies and talents. I love her and Ned's complete willingness to admit their feelings for each other at any time. I love Ned's awkwardness and ranting, and that he's a pie maker as well as his general cuteness. I love Emerson's blunt honesty and permanent nicknames for Itty Bitty and Dead Girl. And I especially love Olive. I love her cute little smallness, her cute little voice, and her Jiminy Crispies. I even love her love for Ned.
  • WTF?

    Are you serious? Why do they cancel all the good shows? I really fell in love with this show. I've seen five episodes on the firt season and there are only one and a half season left? I read a forum here that someone else would/shall do another season but it would be about Ned, Chuck etc vs zombies?! I just say DON'T do a show were they are fighting against zombies! It should be just like now. This is an loving show which are romantic and adorble. Shame on they who drops shows like this one and make severel season with the bad ones. I WANT TO KEEP THIS SHOW
  • Boring

    A very boring show. No surprise it was canceled. I really tried to like it, and gave it several chances. Ultimately I found it just wasn't entertaining enough. I gave up on the show after watching the first 2 or 3 episodes from season 2. It really did have potential. I liked the lead characters, but the supporting cast was weak. The story line felt too repetitive, and their attempts at dry humor often fell flat. The show didn't seem to have any real direction, and there was no strong story line continuing from episode to episode that made you want to tune in the next week.
  • An amazing new show that's funny, adorable, and a little bit strange all at the same time.

    Pushing Daisies really surprised me when I watched its season premier. The idea of a man bringing murder victims back to life seemed a bit questionable to me, but the way this show pulls it off makes it unique and fun to watch. Besides that, there's a lot of quirky humor in this show, and the characters all have fun and dynamic personalities. The relationship between Chuck and Ned is absolutely adorable, and the fact that they can't touch makes it all the more interesting to watch. Ned is awkward and shy, while Chuck is outspoken and vivacious, and their two personalities offset each other perfectly. The other main characters als haveo their own distinct personalities. Between the no-nonsense Emerson, slightly eccentric Olive and withdrawn Aunts Lily and Vivian, there's never a dull moment on this show.

    All in all, this show has everything. The murders each week are also well done, and are usually enough of a mystery to keep you guessing until the end of the episode. With all of the snappy jokes and one liners and the romance and unrequited love woven in between, Pushing Daisies will keep you smiling until the credits roll.
  • An excellent show! Too bad it is already ended!

    I think this is the most original show with an original story line. I love the fact that a P.I., a pie maker and a dead girl all intertwined together so perfectly. Everything is flawless in this series. Of course, with the addition of Digby and Pigby, it adds in the fun of watching the series. Imagine dog and pig are best friends. It is really bad that this series isn't doing very well compared to other series such as Ugly Betty, Prison Breaks or Desperate Housewives. Although Ned seems like having God-like power, but this is the interesting part that keeps the story flowing. Of course, remember this is just fiction so don't take it too serious. Just enjoy the show and have fun!
  • 'Pushing Daisies' is easily one of the most outstanding, original television masterpieces of our time. For there was never something quit like it, nor will there ever be.

    The show, created by the romantic and visionary Bryan Fuller, features unthinkable clever murder plots, beautiful scenery in the line of Tim Burton, heavenly music and adorable characters that wouldn't fit anywhere else but here. Starting with Ned's special gift of bringing the dead back to life with strings attached. It's unique, a tad cruel, but also very much acceptable for it creates one of the most endearing relationships of all time. Chuck and Ned (wonderfully eccentric, played by a charming Lee Pace and a cute-as-a-button Anna Friel) are a power couple as they suffer through a modern, less bloody version of the likes of Romeo & Juliet. The concept of two childhood sweethearts who cannot touch each other for it would mean the death of one of them, is a perfect example of the overall mix of grim and bitter sweetness that dresses the show. Though it is sometimes unbearable to watch (nobody could live like that, could they?) it also results into endless entertainment. This kind of extraordinary twists in the plot keep fans on their toes, because; What if they ever accidently touch? Not to mention the countless fun you have seeing Ned and Chuck finding inventive ways of being a normal couple by wearing gloves and kissing through foil paper. But that is just the tip of the iceberg of all the wonderful ingredients that make a pie so original and timeless as they do in the Pie Hole. From characters bursting into singing songs loved by everyone, to hearing the time from the amount of years to the exact amount of seconds, the use of double names and the voice of Jim Dale kicking off every mystery with "The Facts Were These", and let’s not forget about Emerson Cod and Olive Snook, more than sidekicks to a love story and equally fresh and exciting as well as excellent extravagantly played by Chi McBride and Kristin Chenoweth, just like the talented aunts Lily (Swoosie Kurtz) and Vivian (Ellen Greene), they are all part of the universe of Pushing Daisies in its complete groundbreaking charming way. There is only one word to describe this show completely and it is "love", for it is as romantic and witty as a modern fairytale. Going on the heavy shelf of "best television you never watched", Pushing Daisies will always be an odd one in the bunch, because with its magic, warmth and a little touch of death it will keep on shining bright as one of the high points in quality network television that was killed before it's time, and died in a world so cruel, that it didn't have luck of being touched once more.
  • Pushing Daisies is a wonderful show for all ages! I would hope if you never heard of it you would watch at least one episode because believe me you will find yourself in love and wanting to live in this magical world.

    I absolutely love this show. It is the best show ever!! It has something for everyone; comedy, romance, and crime fighting. I think Brian Fuller did an excellent job and I love the cast! Lee Pace is perfect for Ned just like everyone else are perfectly fitted for their characters. It is such a heartwarming show with all the depressing shows that are on nowadays. It is truly a break from reality. I love watching it because it is so fake but yet the underlying message is so true. When you think of it I think everyone who has ever experienced a death of a close loved one would agree that you would like to believe that your loved one didn't really die, they are just no longer with you, they are someplace else but still alive. Pushing Daisies is a wonderful show for all ages and I pray that somehow it could come back on the air.
  • one of the most original shows to hit American television in years!

    Pushing Daisies is a romantic fantasy comedy about a pie-making man called Ned who discovers as a young boy that he has the power to bring things back from the dead. Fast Forward twenty years later and after bringing his childhood sweetheart Charlotte (or Chuck as she's more commonly known as) back from the dead, Ned uses his unique gift to help Private Investigator Emerson Cod solve crimes by bringing murder victims back from the dead for 1 minute to grill them for clues. One of the best things about this show was that with every episode it blended romance, comedy and fantasy flawlessly into one neat little package. Overall, Pushing Daisies is a great little TV show that didn't deserve to get cancelled so soon. Hopefully one day some other TV Network will revive it.
  • fairy tale or tv show?

    ever since i was little i loved stories, every king, except the ones with animals ( i always found the talking animals kind of weird and creepy, mostly because i think animals have their own language and we have our own language, so i wondered why would they learn our language when we treat them so bad? ) and "pushing daisies" is a story worthy of being heard. the narator, the characters, the plot, they re all just right. the narator voice makes you think you just opened a book and read the opinions of the writer, a good omniscient voice in a movie/series is always a plus in my book. ned is a wonderful character and lee pace is a terific actor, i can t think of a better person for the job. the plot, a person that can awaken the dead if he so choses, with an awakening that has consequences, is not unheard of, but it was put into play in a unic way. i wish more people would write scripts like this. i read a review in imdb that said: the show is full of cliches. what s wrong with that? cliches aren t what they used to be. people have tried so much to do movies without them that now cliches are in again. and stop comparing wonderfalls with pushing daisies. if the same person created both shows doesn t mean they have to be the same. each one was great and had something to offer. though i have to admit i saw wonderfalls some time ago and forgoten all about it untill i saw it again after wondering who created pushing daisies. anyways the show was great and i will most definitly not forget this instalment. peace and an enchanted out.
  • Pushing Daisies is no exception - a surreal world that even such an anti-romantic like me liked, but short lived :(

    Watching the last few episodes I had the distinct feeling the actors knew the show was going to end :( - something was missing, barely noticeable but still I felt it. Well, it happens with all the good shows - there could be 5 full seasons of the Earth Final Conflict (after 1 good season this was the worst case of pulling stuff from places I don't want to talk about I've ever seen), but no future for Crusade, there could be 4 seasons of prison break (they run out of ideas at the end of the 2-nd season, but they got the money for 2 more), but only half season for Wonderfalls ...

    Pushing Daisies is no exception - a surreal world that even such an anti-romantic like me liked, but short lived :(
  • Enchanting story line that the entire family can enjoy about a man that can reanimate people, animals, and other life but only for a short time.

    A captivating and witty series that appeals to everyone. In the current TV age of unrealistic crime solving dramas, reality shows that are not based in reality, and comedies that could not stand in the shadow of some of sit-comms greats; Pushing Daisies offers humor, mixed in with a little crime solving, set in a magical and visually stunning backdrop. Shows like these are rare in an entertainment industry that lack originality and talent and replaced it with sex, violence, and greed. If you enjoy Tim Burton or movies like "Big Fish," this is a series you would want to watch over and over, since it is actually worth it to buy this series on DVD.
  • A magical and surreal show. To touch or not to touch, that`s the question!

    A man/boy named Ned has the ability to bring the dead back to life. The catch is, it's only for one minute, if they are alive longer than a minute someone must die in their place. He also can't touch someone he saves again or they will die, "for good". He discovers this when he's ten years old and he saves his mother after a sudden death. The result is, his next door neighbor dies, unfortunately, his daughter is the girl Ned dreams about. Later that night when his mother tucks him in she kisses his forehead and dies. The girl, Chuck(nickname), now lives with her aunts(two cheeseloving syncronized swimmers.) and Ned is sent to boarding school by his father. Many years later, Ned owns a pie shop(The Pie Hole) because his "gift" allows him make rotten fruit fresh again. He also helps a PI with cases because he can ask murder victims about who killed them. One day, on the news it's announced that a reward has been set on information about the murder of a tourist, and rewards being the Emerson's (the PI) only motivation the two of them get involved in the case and soon Ned finds out that the dead girl is Charlotte Charles, the girl he called Chuck.

    It is a must see type of show, not for the faint hearted;-)
  • Ned is a man who can bring people back to life with a simple touch but a second touch will leave them dead forever. Orignal Genius!

    This show only began in Australia last month so needless to say I knew I was about to watch a show that was doomed to be cut short. At first I thought I would give it a miss but then I thought I shouldn't deprive myself of quality TV. Boy am I glad I started watching this show.

    The premise that the show is built on is simply brilliant. The story revolves around a man named Ned, who ever since he was boy was able to bring dead things back to life with a simple touch but another touch would condemn the person to eternal death. He learns this when he brings his dog (Digby) life only to have to live the rest of his life without touching him. Over time he realizes that the things he brings back to life come at a cost after 1 minute where something must take that life's place. Pretty soon Ned runs a pie store and helps a P.I to solve murders and collects the rewards by waking the dead finding out who killed them then putting them back to their dead state. This backfires one time when Ned's childhood sweetheart is killed on a cruise and Ned wakes her up to find out who killed her but he can't seem to make her dead again. Chuck (the dead girl) decides to help Ned to solve the murders as they both reconnect and fall for one another all over again. But the cruel joke is that they can never touch each other or else Chuck will die.

    I could go on and on about the stories and all the quirky characters but all you really have to know is that it is brilliant. The show is infinitely positive but at the same time mildly dark in its humor at times. All the while the show has this truely romantic story that flows through it and makes it a really sweet show to watch. The strength of this love story is without a doubt the casting of Ned and Chuck as Pace and Friels (respectively) have this great chemistry that makes you smile as well as feel bad for them at the same time which is no mean feet. Knowing that the show ends in the US in the coming months, all I can say is even if this is the case don't rob yourself of this truely strong and original TV show. Watch it, Love it, Thank me later!
  • The rating system doesn't work

    If it did, shows like this wouldn't be canceled. I generally don't give a perfect 10 every show I love. I usually give it 9.5 or something because not everything can be a perfect 10. This is. It's brilliant, with a unique story, witty dialog, gorgeous and perfectly composited cast and the most beautiful cinematography and green screen landscaping work on television. The problem with the Neilson rating system is that there are so few ratings boxes installed in peoples homes. Because there are 112+ million people in the united states alone who have televisions and only about 12 thousand ratings boxes, each box accounts for nearly 10000 people watching a show. If none of those few thousand watch a particular show, but 110 million people without boxes do watch it, the ratings will still register as zero. This is the most bogus system What we should have done as fans was not watch it on television, but watch it on ABC's website. (unfortuately the problem I have had with their streaming video was that the plugin either wouldn't download on my computer or they would have one I managed to download and then they decide to "upgrade" it to another one that wouldn't work grr...) Everytime an episode is streamed online it is tallied and the 'vote' is counted for that show. So ah.... watch Castle online folks.
  • One of the most beautiful, intelligent, and interesting shows that has ever been aired.

    What started out as a cute story, evolved quickly into a unique and unbelievably fantastic world where love is rampant but has a cost (such as never, ever being able to touch the one you love). I fell in love with this show immediately from the very first episode. It is reminiscent of classic Tim Burton films (such as Edward Scissorhands) with its wide use of bright and exotic colors down to its quirky and intelligent characters. Along with being a love story that can never truly be, it is a detective story, a comedy, a science fiction fantasy tale with a sensitive heart. I have rarely seen a show with such beautiful cinematography coupled with great direction and well performed parts. This show deserved so much more time and it is an awful shame that it took its title literally and ended up in the dirt. Rumor has it that there will end up being a comic book to continue the thrilling story line by its creator, so let's all cross our fingers and hope that like Charlotte "Chuck" Charles, it will be brought back from the dead and remain with us (though, we may not be able to touch it.)
  • A guy and a girl, a very basic storyline. However, this show takes it ten steps further by killing off the girl and having the guy bring her back to life. Now the two try to find time for their romance while solving a series of quirky mysteries.

    I just love the characters and the over-the-top plotlines. The mysteries are gruesome yet funny. Death by bee stings, a flower car, and a hugging machine were just a few of the outrageous things Ned and Co. investigated. A detective agency that brings people back to life to hear their story was a fun idea. I really like every aspect of the show; I just wanted to see the part when Aunt Lily and Aunt Vivian discovered that their dear Charlotte Charles was not quite as dead as they thought. They should never have cancelled this show. It had a lot of potential.
  • This show has a fun plot that the entire family can sit down to watch. It is very slim on the vilolence and had colors that will entertain anyone over the ago of 9 (some younger!). I highly recommend this show.

    Pushing Daisies is a show chalk full of mystery, romance, and a little touch of bringing to life, the dead. Ned --Main Character-- finds out at a very young age that he has the ability to bring the dead back to life with the touch of a finger, but when he brings a person back to life they can only be alive for one minute or else someone/thing else has to die; also Ned can never touch the people/animals that he brings back to life again or they will be dead forever. 1 tough alive, another touch dead forever. Charlotte "Chuck" Charles --Ned's love-- is a girl that Ned has brought back to life, she is Ned's childhood sweetheart but they can never touch or she will be dead forever. Olive Snook --Employee at "The Pie Hole"-- is one of Ned's employees at The Pie Hole; she loves Ned deeply and is always trying to get his attention, only to have his attention stolen back by Chuck. Emerson Cod --Private Investigator-- works with Ned by reawakening murder victims and asking them who they were killed by. Vivian Charles --Chuck's Aunt-- and Lily Charles --Chuck's other Aunt-- are Chuck's aunts who are patrons at The Pie Hole, they usually never enter The Pie Hole because Olive delivers their pie to them at their home. Digby --Ned's Dog-- was brought back to life by Ned and has an uncanny ability to understand that Ned and he can never touch. All of the characters in Pushing Daisies go on mysterious murder investigations. Although Emerson does not like Chuck very much Ned usually insists that she come along while Olive is left behind to care for The Pie Hole. This show is by far the best show I have ever seen, and it is also by far one of the most colorful literally and figuratively. Even though this show had come face to face with is untimely death, I recommend purchasing season 1 & 2 and viewing them. All an all this show is for anyone who is delighted by wonderful cinematography, splendid writing, flamboyant colors dancing across your television, and an extravagant plot propelled by simply beautiful acting.
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