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ABC (ended 2009)





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  • Few shows will ever achieve what Pushing Daisies has achieved...

    Few shows will ever achieve what Pushing Daisies has achieved in just a few episodes. It normally takes one to two seasons for writers and actors to truly find their character's voice - some shows never find it at all. From the very first episode of Pushing Daisies it is evident that Bryan Fuller (Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls) has created something uniquely wonderful where everything clicks from the very start. The premise of this show at first sounds unworkable but, when I tuned in for the first time I fell in love. We learn of a man who can resurrect the dead with only a touch. The next touch will kill permanently. If the second touch doesn't come within 60 seconds some one else in the general proximity will die. It is all delivered to us as a modern day fairy tale with bright colors and a narrator ala Harry Potter. The writing is clever and witty and full of double entendres. Pushing Daisies has not let me down yet. I start to smile from the moment I hear the narrator's voice to the end of the credits. The only time I am not smiling is when I am laughing - this show just makes me happy.