Pushing Daisies

ABC (ended 2009)





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  • A delicious show perfectly sweetened by a cast of truly unforgettable actors. The Pie-maker, Ned, uses his magical finger to bring people back from the dead with a single touch, works closely together with PI Emerson Cod to help crack cases

    Pushing Daisies delivers such a sweet-curdling goodness week after week, that ABC is crazy not to renew such a wonderful and appreciated show. The show follows the antics of Ned, Emerson, Charlotte, Olive, and Digby as they bake pies and bring happiness into people's lives. Emerson gets the call as Private Investigator to solve crimes that come with high cash rewards (he has to make a living...) using the power of Ned's touch, and the time limit of 1 minute, they find out who did the killing, and go after the perps. Together with Ned's undead girlfriend, Charlotte, aka "Chuck," and Olive, Ned's Pie-Hole waitress, they team up to bring us pie-godly-ness with their witty dialogue, up-roaring charm, and all-around feel good atmosphere.