Pushing Daisies

Season 2 Episode 7

Robbing Hood

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Nov 26, 2008 on ABC

Episode Recap

The Past Ned is playing marbles by himself but takes sympathy on Eugene, who has a jaw distortion and no friends. Ned lets him play even though he always wins. However, Eugene accidentally breaks open the cages holding his rabbit and snake. The snake ate the rabbit and choked. Ned decided to bring them both back to life so Eugene would have his friends back. The Present Ned is stress-baking over the fact that Dwight Dixon is dating Vivian and getting close to Chuck's secret. Olive delivers a pie to the aunts' home to find out more and discovers Vivian leaving on a date with Dixon after revealing to Lily that she's dating. Lily is less than thrilled. Meanwhile, lawyer Daniel Hill hires Emerson to investigate the death of Gustav, who he was in love with. Gustav's only family was his wife, Elise, who wanted to inherit. Daniel reveals that Gustav was robbed the night he was killed, and made his money from making automatic yarn-ball spinners. Ned, Chuck, and Emerson go to the morgue and bring Gustav (impaled on a chandelier) back to life. He tells them to track down his missing second will, which is hidden in a trophy in his trophy room. He tells them he doesn't want his money to go where it doesn't belong. He finally tells them that the bellman killed them. The trio goes to Gustav's manor and is greeted by Elise Hoffer, who is preparing for the wake. She has the bellman-porter, James-Andrew, come in, while Ned slips away to the trophy room… filled with stuffed animals. As Ned tries to avoid touching them, Andrew arrives and says that he was at a key party the night of the murder. Elise also has an alibi: she was at a charity ball. Ned manages to get the safe open but the only thing is a message written: "orbis pro vox." There have been a series of robberies of the rich with the robber leaving the same message. While Emerson checks his contacts at the police department, Ned and Chuck go back to the Pie Hole and Chuck suggests that Ned bring her father back to ask him about the pocket watch Dixon is looking for. Ned refuses, saying he loves her to much to let her see her father die again. Emerson arrives and says the police have determined the robber always makes a charity donation the day after he robs someone. The trio goes to the charity organization, the Bellmen, where all the workers ring bells for charity. Their motto is "ring for right:" "orbis pro vox." The owner, Rob Wright, offers his help. They talk to one of the workers, Tam Phong, who quickly hide the phone list they want to see and leaves. Dixon plays the clarinet for Vivian on their date and asks her if anyone else saw Chuck's body before she was buried. Vivian admits that she feels guilty for getting Chuck to leave on her vacation so she could live vicariously through Chuck, and breaks into tears. Dixon comforts her but when Vivian shows him a picture of Chuck from her obituary, he recognizes her from the Pie Hole. The trio meets with Daniel at the Pie Hole and reveals that all of the houses were robbed by people on Tam Phong's phone list. However, they're not sure if he's the guilty party and think Gustav wrote a second will. Daniel doesn't know about it but they explain they have their own methods. Daniel wants them to find the missing will and offers to double the fee if they bring it to him. After Daniel leaves, they figure they can set up someone for Tam Phong's phone list and use the aunts' house, while Chuck goes through her father's old letters in her bedroom to find a clue to Dixon's interest in the pocket watch. Olive goes undercover and visits the Bellmen, threatening to buy the building and demolish it unless they stop calling her. Tam Phong takes her number. Meanwhile, Chuck and Ned sneak into the aunts' house and Chuck reveals she had a secret can on a string to listen in on her aunts. As she goes through her childhood belongings, the others tell the aunts they need their help. Lily isn't interested and takes her angry out on Vivian, and Vivian thinks she's jealous over Dixon's interest. Chuck listens in as Lily figures out that Ned and Emerson are drawing the drapes closed to make the house look empty so the robbers will visit. In the cellar, Chuck is going over her father's letters, unaware that someone is breaking in behind her. Rob Wright is the robber, and he asks her to help him because he robs from the rich and gives to the poor. He insists that he hasn't murdered anyone and Tam Phong doesn't know anything about his robberies. Rob explains that Gustav asked him to rob him. Gustav questioned whether his wife truly loved him and Rob offered a plan: he'd rob Gustav and return half the money: if Elise still loved Gustav then he'd know she loved him. However, Elise caught Rob in the middle of the robbery and when she tried to shoot him with a musket, he managed to escape. Rob asks her not to reveal him since he has to save some puppies the next day by making a donation to their animal shelter. Back at the Pie Hole, Chuck insists that Rob is innocent but Ned is angry she let him go. They figure James-Andrew might know something and watch the manor. As they wait, Chuck wonders if it might be better if it became known she was alive, but Ned is afraid that his power is discovered and he'll be dissected. As they watch, they see Andrew and Elise together and figure they have a motive. Dixon goes to the Pie Hole and breaks into Chuck's room to get the pocket watch. He then confronts Olive, leaving a "message": Chuck's obituary. She proceeds to stress-binge on pies while waiting for Ned and the others to return. Meanwhile, Dixon goes to see Vivian and Lily tells him to leave. He notes he and Charles Charles are similar and had the same ambitions. She draws a shotgun on him and tells him to leave, and he departs. Lily goes to Chuck's grave to find it dug up, and wonders if Dwight found the watch there. Emerson and the others confront Elise and Andrew and she says she got Andrew's key at the key party, and they have mutual alibis. Elise denies having ever seen Rob Wright and says she couldn't have pulled the trigger due to her manicure and all her rings. Realizing that Rob Wright lied to them, they go to the Bellman office and Rob Wright draws a knife on them. He hands over Gustav's second will and then escapes on a bell rope. Emerson shoots the rope, plummeting Rob to earth. The facts are these: Daniel discovered that Elise was having an affair. Gustav overheard him defending his client and wrote a new will leaving his money to Daniel. When Rob arrived to rob Gustav, Gustav tried to cancel their plan, they struggled for the musket, and the shot went off, dropping the chandelier on Gustav. Lily goes to Dwight's apartment to find evidence against him to convince Vivian to leave him, and discovers the room filled with guns and Charles Charles' watch. She hides out on the ledge as he returns and discovers the watches are gone. Dwight takes a gun and goes to find Chuck, who he believes stole the pocket watches back. Finding Dixon's "message" at the Pie Hole, Ned realizes he has to bring Chuck's father back to life. He and Chuck dig up Charles Charles' grave while Ned insists that he'd rather take his chances with Dixon and the possible revelation of his ability then put her through emotional turmoil. She admits she loves him and he hopes she'll feel that way when it's over. They open the coffin…
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