Pushing Daisies

Season 2 Episode 7

Robbing Hood

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Nov 26, 2008 on ABC

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  • Not the best of the season

    With the cancellation announced, watching "Pushing Daisies" is already an exercise in wondering what might have been. Bryan Fuller has already admitted that the show will now end on a cliffhanger, so the fans won't even get a fulfilling conclusion to the story (unless that film version miraculously happens or the proposed comics prove worthwhile). Perhaps it makes sense for a show about resurrection of the dead to end with what feels like a wake.

    That seems to be a trend for Bryan Fuller shows. The writing is often brilliant and the concepts are simple but unique. Yet the execution is frustrating: it's excellent enough to gather devoted fans, but just far enough left of center to make the devoted throng a ripple in the ratings pool. Bryan Fuller is not unlike Joss Whedon in that respect.

    This episode is another strong entry for the second season, which has matched along despite losing a bit of the magical luster that came with its original premiere. The character through-lines are certainly ambitious, as secrets long kept threaten to blossom into the light of day. It's devastating to realize that there will be little to no resolution in the end.

    In the case of the episode's central mystery, however, it wasn't all that engaging. Maybe it was too easy to see where the story was going to go, but I was far more interested in the subplots involving Chuck's family matters. I suppose that's part of my problem with the current state of "Pushing Daisies"; the things that brought me to the table are the very things that will be left hanging.
  • Another excellent episode.

    Here we have another example of just why Pushing Daisies is one of the best TV series around right now. All the members of the cast were excellent, the writing was superb and the show is even beginning to parody itself like when the robber said 'the facts were these'. Emerson was brilliant as ever and the mystery of the watch still continues. Ned, Chuck, Olive, Lily and Vivian were also eccellent. The trophy wife, Elise and James-Andrew her lover were really well done too. The huge shame is that the show has been cancelled now so there is very little more of this to see.
  • This episode will definitely go down as one of the series best.

    This episode will definitely go down as one of the series best. A series that will soon be at it's end however. I'm very upset at it's cancellation, but that's how it goes. It's a shame that we will not be able to see just how far the show and it's character's could have expanded. I have high hopes for the entire cast though, Lee Pace especially. This show really helped it's stars show incredible acting rage and I'm sure it will help them land good roles in the future.

    Okay let's talk about this episode. As I said, this was one of the best episodes of the series. The performances from all the regulars were, of course great. Kristin Chenoweth's imitation of Lisa Douglas from Green Acres was the highlight of the episode for me.

    I love how they are connecting Chuck and Ned, emotionally, deeper and deeper, with just about every episode. Showing us that they really are good together. The conversation they had while digging up Chuck's father's grave was very heart warming.

    To add to all the great performances from the regulars we also got great performances from the guest stars as well. Danny Comden, Jennifer Elise Cox, and Ethan Phillips all complimented the leads very well and were very funny.

    I'm sad to see this show go, we'll just have to savor it while it lasts.
  • Great!

    Maybe its nostalgia now that the show is canceled, but I really think every episode is getting better. This makes the cancellation hurt even more, but now back to the review. This was a well written episode that managed to balance the crime solving with the deeper mystery of who is Dwight and what does he want. Vivian is now dating Dwight who is clearly up to no good, apparently that is her type and Lily is trying to put an end to it. This does come off as jealously, but I think it works. I really hope this arch finishes before we run out of episodes as I think its a good mystery. Overall, another great episode!
  • Its Breathtaking!!!!!

    Aww crap another GREATT Daisie night over...! I think the show just keeps getting better and better. This episode had moments that gave me the goosebumps like when Dwait left Charlotte's article on the counter -- woww owww!!! What a moment that was huh?! A second WOW moment was Lilly at Charlotte's grave. The murder mystery was fun. I liked the gold-digging wife. Funny! One of my favorite part was when the robber said "The facts were these..."
    Hehe its the first time that someone other than Jim Dale has ever said that line. The ending....OH justt woww...I dont know what to say. For the past 2 weeks PD's endings makes you want moreee and moree.
    Next week's ad looks AWESOME! Cant wait.
  • this is one of the best shows ever. please make sure that this series is on for at least another five years.

    I have enjoyed ever episode and this one is no exception. I don't know why those of you who enjoy this as well don't put in your two cents. I would like nothing better than to see this show on for about another 5 years at least. The colors are so vivid and if you list very carefully you can hear the little things that they say that so clever. It's been developing the characters so to a point now they are becoming deep. Imagine that about Ned. There just aren't enough shows that are well written and fun to watch. But this is one of them.