Pushing Daisies

Season 1 Episode 7

Smell of Success

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Nov 21, 2007 on ABC

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  • A woman dies from scratch n' sniff

    The gang investigate a death by explosion from scratch n' sniff. It turns out the suspected killer may be le nez's once best friend and now enemy who lives in the sewers. Le Nez has his car explode in front of him. Chuck and Olive find the guy come to the Pie Hole and it turns out hes innocent and Le Nez's just doing these near deaths to promote his new book. Ned finds out as well and Le Nesz tries to kill Emerson and Ned. The guy who lives in the sewer (i will now call him mole man) saves emerson and ned and npotices something about chuck, something he will find out.
  • Scratch and sniff murder mystery.

    There are enough reviews of what happens in this episode so I won't go into that here. What I would like to comment on is the overall artistic beauty of this show. Ned's powers don't belong in the real world. Putting him in a world of intense colors, uncrowded streets, retro-cool costumes, and high calorie foods the likes of which don't exist anywhere else in Prime Time was a stroke of pure genius. The sequence of the aunt's return to water after their long, self imposed hiatus was not only heartfelt, but visually stunning as well. With all the reality shows taking center stage now, it's nice to have a show like Pushing Daisies to remind us how important creativity and effort is to enjoyable television.
  • Another great episode with a great story !

    I think is just amazing how the writers of this show keep coming up with such interesting, different, new, funny, dramatic stories.

    Each episode is more intriging than the last and the case is more unique, and i do watch a lot of series, and i never saw something so different.

    This episode was like that, a guy that writes a book about the influence that a smell can have in your life and then first it looks like someone is trying to kill him, but we find out that he is doing that for publicity.

    Great eppy, just one thing i didnt liked, the end with the singing, that was kinda lame.
  • So far a great step ahead!

    A really great step ahead for this freshman show as we see the people from the Pie shop go and find a obituary assistant in which they died from a scratch and smiff thing. And that it was filled with cigarettes for some reason. Paul Reubens is cleary a scene stealer as I hope that they bring him back for more shows. As he does clearly just that. Meanwhile, we find out that Chuck has a beehive while Ned doesn't know why she is obsessed with bees and honey. As he doesn't like surprises as we see. Despie their so-called nervousness around each other. These two make a great chemistry so far.
  • An episode entirely based around the sense of smell sends the quirk factor of this show into overdrive.

    This episode of Pushing Daisies quite literally had me rolling. From the absurdity of the topic (olfactory mood generation?) to the superb performances as usual from the cast, "Smell Of Success" was a definite success, making it one of the better episodes of the first season.

    There were a lot of references in this episode, some obvious and others not so much. I think this added to the strenghts of the episode, because it's funny when certain shows on TV reference other shows and movies from pop culture and do it well enough to make it all interesting. The Olive/Ned/Chuck triangle didn't really have anymore major developments, but the continued interactions between the characters are fun and entertaining.

    The best part of this episode is that we may finally get to see an earlier episode connect directly into a new one. It seemed as if the newly introduced character of Oscar Vibenius is going to come into play in the very next episode, even.

    Like other reviewers, I think the Darling Mermaid Darlings story needs some fine tuning. The aunts of Chuck haven't really been characters or been developed well enough for their stories to be interesting--they've just served as a sort of springboard for other characters' growth. However, hopefully the writers of Pushing Daisies have something in mind to bring them into play. It should be interesting to watch.

    Only a couple of episodes left before the writers' strike begins to affect Pushing Daisies, so hopefully it can stay strong before the finish.
  • The Sweet Smell of Sucess!

    Give that episode of "Pushing Dasies" another 10. Yeah a 10! I voted "Pushing Dasies" as the best new comedy for the People's Choice Awards. Pat me on the back! Matter of fact, pat this episode on the back also! the gang from the Pie Hole goes down to investigate a murder of a aid to an olfactory when she was blowen up by those Scratch 'n' Sniff cards. this episode is weird, but fun to watch. this is one of the best episodes of the series and I'm watching it every Wednesday, right before to go to NBC for "the Bionic Woman." (which I voted the series as best new Drama)
  • A step in the right direction

    Perhaps it was appreciation for the longer holiday weekend, but this episode seemed to slide back in the right direction. I thought the past few episodes were a bit forced, as if the writing staff was trying to figure out how to replicate Bryan Fuller's absurdity. Something must have worked, because the strange and unusual elements in this episode felt more natural.

    The cast is definitely getting comfortable with the variations in writing styles as well, and that helps tremendously. Dialogue delivery on "Pushing Daisies" is practically an art, which is why it's easy to miss the mark ever so slightly if the words don't fit the character cadences. Even the guest characters seemed to have a specific rhythm in this episode. Add the musical element to the mix, and this was another solid hour of television magic.

    Now would be a good time to give a special mention to Kristin Chenoweth, who has done an admirable job of making Olive a semi-sympathetic character. The audience is clearly meant to cheer for Ned and Chuck and their fairytale romance, and Olive started out as the most potent threat to that relationship. Instead, Olive has taken a more difficult path, caught between desire and kindness, and a lesser actress might have stumbled over the nuances.

    If there is one element that still needs better attention, it's the integration of the Darling Mermaid Darlings within the overall story. While they've been instrumental in Olive's aforementioned character growth, they still feel tangential to everything else since their prominent role in "Pigeon". I find them to be the least interesting part of the show thus far. Hopefully there's a larger purpose waiting in the wings.
  • Funniest death yet!

    Pushing Daisies has been one of the few TV shows I look forward to watching every week. It's got exactly what I want in a good TV series. This episode in particular. After a terrible yet hilarious death from a scratch-and sniff book explosion, Ned and Detective Emmerson set out to envestigate. Meanwhile, Chuck continues to drug her aunt's pies, while Olive delivers them. They then carry out "Plan B" by trying to get Chuck's aunt's back in the water. This episode is nearly perfect and is timed out just the same. It will keep you thinking and on the edge of your seat the whole way through.
  • Making the most of the quirk factor.

    I think this episode encapsulates the many facets of Pushing Daisies as a show. The quirky and original situation was utilised very well - olfactory mood generation isn't the most common of subjects for TV material, and that fact was exploited to the full here. Our introduction to Napoleon Lenez was great - I was laughing very hard at the scene in which he sniffs each of them in turn. The brief sidetrack to popup books was also a nice addition, and gave Emerson Cod a new hobby (always a good thing). While the plot was slightly predictable, it's my view that the solution to the mystery itself is less important than how that solution is arrived it, especially with this show's aforementioned quirkiness.

    A new plot arc was also begun with the introduction of Oscar Vibenius, and that bodes well for continuing to keep interest levels high - something more than just a story of the week type thing was required, and it delivered.

    The one part of this episode I wasn't particularly fond of was the section with Chuck's aunts. Maybe it's because I watch this show for the laughs I get out of it rather than for the generation of emotional connection with the characters, but I don't find their return to Darling Mermaid Darling status particularly interesting. Still, I shall see where they go with it before I trash it completely.

    Really enjoyed this episode and got some good laughs (and for once not all of them were generated by Emerson, which is a good thing). Look forward to next week, and hope that the Writer's Strike doesn't go on too long and ruin it's chances in the future.
  • hmm

    I thought this episode was pretty good. All the characters are so quirky it's great. I really like the Aunts. They are sooo funny. I really liked the end scene with them swiming in the water. I want to see them in their mermaid costumes though. I'm sure we will eventually. That dirty smelling guy was pretty creepy. I'm sure he'll be back. There was no closure for his character. And he stole Chuck's jacket. So something's gonna happen with that. I think this show is so original. It's great haha. I always look forward to watching it. I think Olive is amazing haha.
  • Review

    The case was really not my favorite in this episode. I thought the ending was quite easy to see cooming, so I wasnt shocked when it was the author all along that was trying to commit crimes against himself. It made perfect sense for his book continuing to jump in value. The acting in the epsiode was solid, but the writing didnt jump out at me this time like it had in other episodes. Jim Dale seemed very underused in this episode, but even certain times when he was used I was confused as to why the writers decided to make that a time when he was to speak. Overall, I thought the episode was pretty good as far as expectation goes, but of the seven (I think we're seven episodes in) that we have done I would have this has to be in the bottom two for me. It just didnt do it for me.
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