Pushing Daisies

Season 1 Episode 3

The Fun in Funeral

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Oct 17, 2007 on ABC

Episode Recap

As a child, Ned tested the grace period he had of how long he could keep something resurrected without killing someone.

In the present, Ned hasn't mentioned to Chuck the cost of keeping her alive, and they almost kiss through Saran Wrap. A jealous Olive, watching, chats with the traveling salesman Alfredo Aldarisio, who believes Earth's oxygen could be sucked away and treats himself with the medicine he sells. Emerson comes in for ice cream, and Olive expresses her frustration to him. He also has a new case of a man who died under mysterious circumstances. They go to the morgue to check the body, and it turns out to be Lawrence Schatz, the man who died to keep Chuck alive and was revealed as a grave robber. Ned leaves, refusing to touch him, and Chuck wants to know who the killer is. Ned finally admits that he killed Schatz.

Meanwhile, Alfredo shows off his herbal wares to Olive, while an unhappy Chuck comes in, clearly distraught and making Olive happy. Emerson is unhappy because it might have been him, and he worked with Schatz. Now Schatz's twin brother Louis has hired Emerson to solve the murder and find the missing heirlooms. Ned refuses, but Chuck wants Ned to talk to Schatz and apologize, while she thanks him.

They go back to the funeral home and meet Louis, who is a fan of Chuck's aunt, but reveals they had a relapse and canceled their synchronized swimming tour. Lily and Vivian found a late-arriving postcard from Charlotte. Louis has come up with a theory of his own: his brother confessed to him but never revealed where he hid the heirlooms, and one of the angry family members killed Lawrence and will come after Louis next. Once Louis leaves, Ned resurrects Lawrence and apologizes, then Chuck thanks him. Emerson asks him where the heirlooms are buried, and Lawrence reveals that Louis was his partner. Chuck realizes that Lawrence stole her watch from her corpse and slams the coffin lid shut. With time running out, Emerson runs as far away as he can, while Ned and Chuck try to knock the coffin open. They get it open just in time, and Chuck, looking at the watch that was a gift from her aunts, wants to do something for them.

The trio goes over the letters from the families of the dead people the Schatzes stole from, while Chuck worries about her aunts. Alfredo offers his herbal medicine as a solution for their depression and provides a sample pack. Chuck mixes it in a pie and arranges for it to be delivered to them. Olive ends up delivering the pie, unaware that Louis Schatz' corpse is hidden in the Pie Hole.

Chuck comes in to discuss the situation with Ned, and they find Louis in the freezer. Meanwhile, Olive arrives at the aunts' house and, creeped out, tries to leave it off only to be invited in. They invite Olive in for pie and remember Ned, and Olive puts two and two together and realizes Chuck is their niece...while eating the pie.

Chuck and Ned call Emerson, who figures someone is setting up Ned. The police arrive, so Ned brings back Louis, and he explains that he confronted one of the family members who had a Civil War heirloom stolen, while he was eating. Louis choked to death on the piece of tongue he was eating. They get him out, Ned kills him again, and they head for the funeral home, where Emerson gets stuck in a window. Meanwhile, Ned bumps into a couple of corpse and has to quickly make them dead. Ned then finds a man lying on a table who is alive and wielding the Civil War sword. It's Wilfred Woodruff, whose family member has the sword stolen. Woodruff thinks back to how his great-great-grandfather ended up becoming a hero in the Civil War and getting the sword.

Ned and Woodruff fight, while Emerson is stuck in the window. Woodruff thinks that Ned killed Lawrence because he ran out of the funeral after resurrecting Chuck. Chuck arrives and Woodruff goes after her, but Ned trips him and Emerson kicks him unconscious. Ned knocks down the curtain, revealing the hidden heirlooms.

An unnaturally cheery Olive arrives at the Pie Hole with Digby, while Emerson decides to lose weight after considering the somewhat obese Schatz brothers. Lily and Vivian have the pie, while Woodruff is charged with murder. Ned and Chuck send the heirlooms back, and Ned admits he would still keep Chuck alive, confident in his decision. They start to kiss, and Ned goes to get some Saran Wrap.
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