Pushing Daisies

Season 1 Episode 3

The Fun in Funeral

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Oct 17, 2007 on ABC

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  • Not as good as the pilot last week but still very funny and Charming

    Ned is called to the Morgue where Mr Schatz the funeral director from the pilot (that dies in Chuck's place), lies dead. Ned can't believe it and feels shocked by it but ends up going back to the funeral home to investigate when Luis Schatz claims someone killed his brother. Meanwhile Olive, the waitress at the Pie Hole, feels jealous of Chuck and Ned.

    This is an extremely baffling show to watch sometimes as the dialogue is so fast, witty, but fast, however its never short of entertaining. Where as last week was much better balanced I feel in this episode they overused the Narrator, he was too prominent in events, rather than last week where he was more likely to give a side take on things.

    The most character development comes from Olive in this episode as she discovers that Chuck is dead when she delivers a pie to her Aunts. She will most likely use this information in the future. It's a nice touch that the pie has anti-depressants baked into it as well, just to cheer up her aunts. That idea is like something out of a Roald Dahl book.

    The best bits however come in the final act when they find the other Schatz brother dead in the Pie Hole's freezer. Their attempt to break into the Funeral home and resulting sword fight are reminiscent of the Princess Bride and the reference's to Winnie the Pooh are never short of hilarious.

    Next week hopefully won't have anything to do with the big loose ends from the pilot, which will be good because we'll see how the show really pitches itself.
  • I am hooked on this show

    Ned, Chuck and Emerson go to another crime of a murder, to find it's of the funeral director that Ned accidently killed in episode 1. Chuck finds out and thanks him when they wake him up. The dead guy stole Chucks grandmothers watch and chuck steals it and (accidently) locks the coffin. They manage to re-kill him and the other brother, Louis dies choking on a Ham Tounge. The owner of a civil war sword that was stolen tries to kill Ned, but Ned stops him and manages to give back all of the stolen heirlooms. The comments from chuck aout Emerson being like Pooh were hilarious.
  • Another amazing episode.

    Ned and Chuck speak to Lawrence Schatz, who they find out died 1 minute after Ned brought Chuck back to life. Meanwhile, Chuck decides to stay true to her original threat of baking anti-depressants into her aunts' food, in the form of Ned's pies. Olive unwillingly becomes the messenger in Chuck's plan and accidentally stumbles onto a secret about her unrequited lover's love. This episode was amazing. At the start I was abit cinfused, but that was only because of ITV, not showing the second episode of "Pushing Daisies". Anyway, this episode was so funny, the bit were Ned kept touching the dead bodies. This show is nothing like any other show and I think thta is why I love it so much. I can not wait until next weeks episode it looks amazing.
  • very nice.

    this was a really good episdoe. they tell what happend to the funeral director that accidentally died because of chuck. at least he wasnt a saint or anything. and her and ned get closer, while olive ets really jealous of them. and suspicous of huck, who should be dead.

    emerson has some great dialogue. he is such a likeable character. and funny. he just tries to break up chuck and ned. chuck leaves him no alone time with ned. and she just gets on his nerves. and ned and chuck kiss for the first time. using plastic wrap, but they still do. it was so cute. olive visits chucks crazy aunts, they are so funny. one is really perky, while the other is morbid. olive tries to cheer them up, but she cant even mention chuck without making them sad. this show just keeps getting better and better. i cant wait for more.
  • So glad this series is getting a full season. Its one of the few new shows that beat my expectations. This episode was as good as the first 2.

    The story line concerning the dead thieving funeral director that resulted from Ned keeping Chuck alive concludes in this episode. Recapping things for new viewers was a nice touch.

    The interaction between Ned, Chuck and Emerson is a little like the 3 Stooges meets Edward Scissorhands. The 3 of them work well together. Its definitely an offbeat surreal series that is often illogical but always enjoyable. This episode was no different.

    So glad the network suits are giving this series a chance to develop over the course of a full season. With so many good shows getting the axe lately I was afraid Pushing Daisies would end up six feet under.
  • jedi vs the grey?

    No singing from olive but the snake oil salesman was interesting. I'm glad she found out ned's secret. Emerson will blow a gasket when he finds out that more people know ned's secret. But I think it will make the show better because now we can have more hijinks ensue. Hopefully they are slowly moving into letting the entire cast know of ned's power. Having everyone know that he killed chuck's dad isn't important. They never made clear what the metal rod was that ned picked up for his duel with the civil war re-enacter, but the jedi line was very funny. Another saran wrap joke makes me wonder if they are going to continue making more and more risqué jokes about their love life. Another good balance of things to appeal to both genders.
  • Daisy Pusher!

    Boy I love this series. I'll tune in every Wednesday untiul the end of the season. it no other show before. I tune in to one show called "Picket Fences" back in the early 1990's. I though it was a weird series. After viewing one episode, I was shock to learn it was a dumb drama. I never watch the show again. "Pushing daises" never disapoint. Especially with this episode when a death at a funeral home. It tuens out that the dead owner love to steal stuff form the dead. Also we get to know Chuck more. Chuck's name has been all over the media as of late. Anti-depressant pies anyone?
  • An episode that serves to tie up a minor story arch about what happened to the funeral director "accidentally" killed in the pilot. Ned and Chuck grow closer, Olive grows suspicious, and Emerson grows annoyed.

    If Pushing Daisies continues at this pace, I don't think a bad episode is in sight. Even when I watched the first three episodes of this show, if I picked out anything wrong, I forgot about it because everything else was so unbelievably perfect.

    Emerson is hilarious. He's probably my favorite character on the show. His speaking voice and facial expressions are perfect for every scene, and serve to make the show that much more humorous. His interactions with Ned and Chuck are also hilarious.

    Ned and Chuck's relationship gets closer in this episode, they find out that they can kiss using plastic wrap, and it's pretty much the same thing. One thing I'm kind of wondering though, if that would work, then couldn't they touch each other if they had clothes on? Like, just normal clothes? If they can't, then that doesn't make sense.

    Olive's quest to find out who Chuck really is is kind of funny too. I really love Olive's aunts, they play the whole insane recluse role perfectly. I hope we see more of them in the coming episodes.

    Pushing Daisies continues to avoid repetition and create a substantially different episode each week. Whether it's the variations in the case that Ned and Emerson have to solve, the ongoing relationship between Ned and Chuck, Emerson's annoyance with Chuck, or Olive's ever-increasing jealousy, the show brings something new to the table each week. Just may be the best new show of the season.
  • Leave It to Beaver Boy

    Another great episode, but one that left me a little cold compared to the first two. Unlike Dummy, I found the case of the week was the weak link in the episode, while all the character development worked a lot better.

    It was a good decision to further the Ned/Chuck relationship beyond the kiss last episode. They've discovered plastic wrap and automobile gloves so far, and it's great to see them getting closer. I do notice though that the writers are constantly playing up sexual humor, probably to balance the show out from all the sickly-sweet stuff. Like the previously mentioned automobile glove, you can't help but think something dirty about it. Same with the plastic wrap. Maybe it's just my sick and deprived mind, but some of the dialogue and "equipment" just stink of double entendres. And don't even get me started on the "Kiss My Beaver" shirts!

    I've read on a couple of message boards that people are finding Chuck annoying, and I can kinda see why people feel that way. She is burgeoning on irritating, and it's understandable why Emerson would be getting annoyed by her constant presence on their missions. While I still love her, and Anna Friel is so cute in the role, I worry that she'll eventually just become a pain in the ass. Maybe Bryan Fuller should tone down her intrusive-ness.

    I loved Olive slowly working out who Chuck really is. Her scene with the aunts was hilarious, especially when Lily began crying and pulled her eye-patch off, making all her tears leak out. I also love the banter between Olive and Emerson, who are my two favorite characters. It's so fantastical and extreme, but also makes both characters so endearing. I'm finding the dialogue goes past so quickly though, that you need to watch the episode at least a couple of times in order to catch it all.

    The case of the week wasn't great. I did like the ties back to the Pie-lette, but I found it dragged a little toward the end, especially when the other Schatz brother ended up in the freezer. Great guest performance by Greg Grunberg's brother though, especially when eating that tongue...

    Loved the dialogue and Kristin Chenoweth (as always), but I wasn't a fan of the Schatz case. But after two first episodes which were so amazing, they're excused this week.

    Director: Paul Edwards
    Writer: Bryan Fuller
    Rating: A-
  • The Cat out of the Bag!

    The cat is out of the bag. As sadly, Ned & Chuck can't touch each other again. And that must be killing both of them as you can tell that there is a lot of sexual chemistry between the two. Hopefully they will find a way. Meanwhile, Olive, who has lived, as Ned let her live in order for the funeral manager to die. Is depressed about Ned. But learns the reason that it is one of the pies. He puts the fruit in. And that finally, the cat is out of the bag. And Ned's secret is out. And that it would be out sooner or later. A very good and cute light-hearted show that I hope will continue down the road.
  • Review

    I thought the episode was really good and I think this show has just been bumped up to my favorite new show of the fall season. I continue to love the narration and the interactions between Chuck and Ned as a love story where neither can touch the other one ever again. I find it cool the way the writers find ways to ease the pain of them not being able to touch...aka plastic wrap kiss. I thought the "case" in this one was really well done, because the wrtiers used excellant flashbacks to the pilot to complete a nice little story arch that was both interesting and plot advancing. I thought the entire episode was good from start to finsih, even the slow part with Olive going to Chucks parents house and finding out that she is in fact still alive. I think this will turn into something big in the next episode, thought Im not sure what yet. Nothing more to say about this episode - it had everything you could ever want. Some comedy, an advancing plot, and very good fast talkative drama that really makes you like the characters that much more.
  • Prince Charming Gets a Sword

    The third week of this show has rolled around, and it amazes me to say this - I'm still entirely charmed. It's rare for a show to continually bring the same enchantment three times in a row, and this episode has made me truly optimistic that this original, quirky format might be able to last not only the season, but hopefully more to come.

    Ah, love. Ned and Chuck are still in their honeymoon phase, so to speak (what do you call the phase after reanimation and near-death plastic make-out sessions?), with happy pie-making and celephane kisses. Did no one else worry that they're going to end up suffocating just trying to get a little action? Not to fear! Emmerson is to the rescue, but not in a way that's to Ned's liking. Chuck finally learns that the price for her own life is a bit too high for her liking - the life of the morally repugnant funeral director who happened to be, um, taking a bowel movement break in the room right next to her coffin. Side note - how adorable is flustered Ned? Lee Pace, you are my new season crush for sure.

    A rather twisted tale ensues. Emmerson is on the case of Larry's murder, both to protect Ned and get his Captain Jack on (morally ambiguous taker of dead people's treasure, for those not keeping track). Chuck is wallowing in guilt, from her inability to regift her life (though Larry's watch-stealing helps matters) or, if she must keep it, help her aunts through their emotional relapse. Ned is trying to decide whether he's made a good decision in reviving his childhood sweetheart, even if the person he killed (involuntarily manslaughtered) is hardly worth missing.

    On a side bar, Olive has her own secret admirer, who, similar to Olive's own obsession to the piemaker, is only secret to herself. Feeling abandoned, she inadvertantly helps Chuck deliver a pick-me-up pie to the downtrodden Darlings. She bonds with a least one aunt over some cheese pie, inadvertantly making an important discovery. Or so she thinks.

    I won't ruin the ending (because what fun would that be, when you can watch it yourself online?), but I will say give you some of the best moments.

    The cute little plastic wrap kiss.

    "Go on. Redeem your coupon."

    Ned's little freak out after he discovers out who the dead person is.

    The dead body in the freezer.

    "Oh. The window looked bigger from the outside."

    The awesome sword fight. Many wonderful quotes, but first and foremost "I wanted to be a Jedi."

    Check it out!
  • Classic pair of bumblers.

    Emerson and Ned seem to be developing a real chemistry as a pair of crime-investigating buffoons in this episode. I particularly liked the scene in which Emerson gets stuck in the window while Ned finds himself in a coffin-filled parlor. Look familiar? It's a visual pun recalling an identical scene in Roman Polanski's immortal horror-comedy The Fearless Vampire Killers. Only instead of having to drive a stake between a vampire's ribs, Ned is usually compelled to touch the cadavers to raise them up and drop them back. Someone ought to trace the lineage of ghost-hunting or zombie-finding comedy duos in films & televison from Abbott and Costello down to our boys in this series. Maybe more visual referents would be uncovered.
  • This episode finally explained what dies to keep all those wonderful fruits alive in his pies...

    3 amazing episodes back to back! This series can do no wrong! I felt this episode wasn't quite as funny as the 2nd, but marginally better than the pilot. That being said, all 3 are better than anything else on TV right now!

    This episode deals with the consequences of Ned bringing fruit back to life for use in his pies. It would seem a lot of flowers are suffering for this gift. Why oh why does he not just buy fresh fruit from the grocers? ;)

    The plot deals with the death we experience in the "pie-lette", namely the funeral director who was killed as a result of Chuck being brought back to life for longer than 60 seconds. The exchange between Emerson, Ned and Chuck regarding the death was extremely amusing, and only got funnier when we were finally told who the dead body was... which unnerved Ned since Chuck still didn't quite understand how his power worked.

    Emerson is definitely the best character in show, and his comedic timing, facial expressions and overall execution of his lines. That being said, none of the characters are unlikeable... and the writing is top notch!

    In the 40minutes of watching, there isn't one slow moment you wish would end. The flashbacks helping bring others up to date don't bother hardcore fans because they fit so well with the comic book style, and there is a lot of wit in even the smallest of phrases.

    Highlight of the episode was definitely the coffin lid getting stuck, and Emerson running as fast as he can to get out of proximity of Ned to avoid keeling over!

    It's nice to see that the Ned's gift isn't being used to create formulaic episodes. Each one so far has been substantially different, and the character development is coming along nicely. Emerson is growing increasingly weary of Chuck. Chuck and Ned are getting closer now she knows the true cause of her being alive. They even share another kiss in an ingenious way! Olive is growing suspicious of Chuck, and has started to believe she's faked her own death for one reason or another. It will certainly be interesting to see where that is headed.

    Can't wait for the next episode!
  • Just great !

    This show is definetely coming out as a surprise for me, i didnt expect it to be so good, so funny, charming and cute :)

    In this episode, Chuck finds out the true about how did she got to live again, so at first she gets mad but then understand.

    Adorable the scene when the "pie maker" tell her that he would do it again, choose her instead of the fat guy.

    Oh and i loved the "I wanted to be a Jedi!" hehe that was crazy funny.

    Expecting for the next week episode ansiously.

    I think this will be an amazing show, and im loving it.
  • Lol. It was hilarious and had such an awesome plot. Pushing Daisies just keeps getting better and better.

    Lol. It was hilarious and had such an awesome plot. Pushing Daisies just keeps getting better and better. (I mean, the part where the brothers died wasn't hilarious of course. XP ) I can't believe Olive found out about Chuck's secret. Of course she was bound to eventually, and it's definately going to add much anticipated drama to the show. Oh I can't wait! But poor Chuck. That'll be hard on her. And after getting the chance at a second life but with so many restrictions, and having to see her aunts so upset over her death. Oh Pushing Daisies is going to be such an amazing show. I can't wait to see how it's going to develop.
  • Still going strong

    Two stray thoughts come to mind after viewing this episode. In truth, there were many, many more, but two of them rush to the top of the list. Two more reasons why this show is working so well for me and those with similar tastes (or so I would hope). Both thoughts are good thoughts, which is more than I can say for some other new shows on the schedule.

    First there is a clear sign of continuity, which is always something to look forward to, especially when a series can stray from a center path without penalty. I wasn't expecting them to return to the funeral home at all, so using that previous calamity as a means of complicating Ned and Chuck's relationship is a nice touch. It also reinforces one of the ideas early in the episode: the metaphorical connection between butterflies and hurricanes.

    Second, there is the under-appreciated narrator, who continues to inject the perfect amount of sarcastic wit to each and every story. Not nearly so smarmy as the voiceovers on "Desperate Housewives", the narrator is a closer cousin to the style found in "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" (in book, audio, and video forms), fleshing out aspects of this strange little world that wouldn't be nearly so fun without it.

    Beyond that, I can only say that the first three episodes have been very consistent, and that it's a joy to have one hour of pure positive absurdity each and every week. It can be a bit too sweet for its own good, but I suppose that's how it always goes with pie. The last great show with an obsession with pie started off strong as well; I only hope that this show finds its niche, and a large enough audience, to keep it around for a while.
  • Ned, Emmerson and Chuck investigate the murder of Luis Shultz the funeral manager whom died because Ned decided to let Chuck live. Olive continues to be depressed over Ned.

    A stellar episode. I am loving this show! Best show of the new season. I need my fix every week! I love how CTV shows it on Tuesday at 8 so I have 2 chances to watch it! I loved the plastic wrap thing it was so funny! Poor Olive maybe the herbal medicines guy will be the love interest for her other than Ned he did come back and look in the window at her! And I hope Chuck's aunts get to tour again they are very depressing but very funny I love the way they dress! Can't wait for the next installment.
  • Narrator is killing the story!!!

    This epsiode of Pushing Daisies was ok still silly narration getting in the way of the storyline to me. Piemaker has to go back to the funeral home and bring back the funeral director he killed, (really let die by accident) because the of dead funeral director's twin brother things soemone killed him because his brother was steal from the dead, come to find out they both were stealing from the dead and the families found out and send death threats. The P.I. and Chuch don't get along and the Piemaker is stick in the middle because he really loves Chuck that covers that in a nut shell. Maybe they could just use the narration on the backstory of how piemaker dealt with his power over life and death as a child.
  • Ned goes to funeral home with tears for fears

    This episode starts with how Ned learned about his power. Also how long he could give one person before he had to kill him again. Ned is smitten over Chuck. Emerson is angry with both ned and chuck. But he vicious calculates plot to kill Chuck once and for all sorry for the pun. Ned on the other hand is devastated at seeing the dead funeral director. He has to solve a case now but is afraid of facing a man he killed. The strength of this episode is how the recap is done and also how the plot is driven forward with an added taste of sugar and salt. Watch this one for its beautiful twists and great introduction of character
  • Both the 'Pie-lette' and this episode, penned by Fuller are so good it's ridiculous. If he continues to be an active voice in this series Pushing Daisies could be on track for the short list of the greatest TV shows of all-time.

    Both the 'Pie-lette' and this episode, penned by Fuller are so good it's ridiculous. If he continues to be an active voice in this series Pushing Daisies could be on track for the short list of the greatest TV shows of all-time.

    One of the few high water marks of network television. I am very much looking forward to what this show will blossom into in time. Oh, yeah- and is it just me or is the cleavage per minute in this series a little something like a Russ Meyer film? Not that I'm complaining mind you, just an observation by a viewer who can't get enough. Um, of Pushing Daisies that is.
  • Still interesting and original. The creativity is really flowing on this show.

    This episode brings the main characters back to the plot from the pilot, but from a different perspective. It expands on the second major aspect of the Pie Maker's guilt. He unintentionally caused the death of Chuck's father. Now he also has to deal with intentionally causing the death of the funeral director. He accomplishes this in this episode. He also manages not to be made a fool of when bringing Chuck along sometimes seems like a terrible idea.

    I love Emerson. He continues to grow and become more annoyed with Chuck. In the last episode, he was mostly concerned with the financial loss as a result of taking on another partner. Here, he is more concerned with long-term implications. And honestly, how long can this last? How long can Chuck stay in hiding? She obviously doesn't want to. She obviously has a hard time doing so. One final note. The narrator implied that there was some special significance to the fact that the time he had before something else would die was 1 minute. This has not yet been revealed but I am intrigued. Not so much because I want this story to develop long-standing story arcs, but because it shows that the writers have so many good ideas that they can't fit them all in.
  • Pusing Daisies, ABC, don't ruin this one for yourselves. You got a winner here.

    Last Night's episode was truly great. We got some great and comedic one-liners, cute moments between Chuck and Ned. Plus, Olive sorta learns Chuck's secret. And to top it all off, we get a swordfight. Oh Yeah, PD has got it. The Narrarated can be a little bit less talkative but other then that, this series is absolutely fantastic. It's got everything a good Tv show should have. Spread the word and make sure everyone you know watches next week. The ratings need to get so big that ABC has to give it a full season. Then maybe more people will check it out.
  • Back to the fineral home for Ned and Chuck.

    After the first episode I had my doubts whether they could manage to keep up this level of quality but they I shouldn't have doubted the writers. They manage to come up with new and fun and relatively believable stories (within the context of the storyline).

    I hope that Olive gets to realise that she has a secret admirer and I hope it works out for them, she deserves to be happy.

    The main storyline was great but some of the minor storylines are brilliant too. The history of the Woodruff family, for instance was hilarious.

    The stage manager does such a great job as do the costume designers, it all combines to create such a fun, quirky series.
  • It is back to the funeral home to talk to the funeral director and ask for his forgiveness and find peace that Ned accidentally killed him.

    I loved this episode and I can't get enough of Chuck and Ned as a couple with problems touching. The whole Saran wrap over his mouth so that they can kiss was adorable. Getting to kiss again with plastic. Olive is so cute and she has a way about her that you still feel sorry for even if she wants to harm Chuck. Emerson trying to get Ned to the funeral home alone since he knew who the victim was. Ned having the guilt of killing the funeral director even though he did not plan his death, he knew that letting Chuck stay alive would kill somebody. I am glad he did die, he was not a good man. How can you steal from the dead and the grieving family. The sword getting sold on EBay was a nice touch. The Oriental man with a southern accent was great and the sword fight between Ned and him was awesome. I loved the fact the Ned dreamed of becoming a Jedi Knight. That was cool and I love Star Wars as well but not the new ones. When Ned was caught in the red curtain holding the sword he looked like a champion. Chuck saw Ned as her Knight in Shining Armor. Emerson getting stuck in the window was hilarious and laugh out loud scene. Chuck calling him Winnie the Pooh was fantastic and takes me back to my childhood memories of watching the cartoon as a child. Olive delivering the pie to Chuck's aunts and discovering Chuck's secret. What will Olive do with this information? This is such a great show. :)
  • When a funeral director's death is looked into by his scheming brother and Cod, our self-centered PI, Chuck learns the truth about her re-birth and the repercussions it has on those in proximity; a new level of honesty for which Ned wasn't ready

    An absolutely charming and irresistibly funny installment in the ever addictive world of Pushing Daisies. The humor was both simple yet brilliant, laugh-out-loud and snicker to yourself. Silly little bits played perfectly by "Olive" with banter as goofy as 'homeopathic medicine thankfully being mainstreamed for the gay community.' And even a possible new love interest for Olive-the ever romantic, though herbally addicted homeopathic salesman who kindly repaired the espresso machine. Perhaps Olive will one day look upon him as she does on Ned. Although, Olive thinks she's on to something after meeting Chuck's aunts, the magnificent mermaids synchronized water dancers, she's not quite sure what part Chuck plays in all the mystery.
    In a twist and revelation I didn't expect until later in the season, Cod blurts out that Chuck is only alive because another man is dead. That's how Ned's abilities work. This causes some angst and soul searching on the parts of both Ned and Chuck, and looks into the moral obligation they have to humanity as a whole.
    This episode had Cod giving some of the funniest lines ever! "The future me is telling you I told you so all upside your head". Future me and current me comments continued without the joke becoming old or stale, delivered with expert timing.
    Besides the enjoyable humor, there was a story line, about the death of the funeral director (directly related to the reviving of Chuck), his penchant for stealing from the corpses, and angry relatives wanting their loved one's precious items returned. There was a bit of a whodunit plot added in when the twin brother (also scheming to steal from the dead) winds up dead in Ned's pastry freezer.
    After a flourish of swordplay, the culprit who was responsible for the twin brother's death was neutralized, the jewels were discovered and returned to their rightful owners, and Chuck viewed Ned as her knight.
    Since there's the no touch rule, other ways of contact had to be created. Who would've thought Saran wrap would be so romantic?