Pushing Daisies

Season 1 Episode 3

The Fun in Funeral

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Oct 17, 2007 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: While Lawrence is gathering a real treasure his family-name might hint to this from the very first beginning: "Schatz" is the German word for treasure. This is also true in the context of the the pirates' dialogues.

    • The sign in front of the funeral home used to read "Coeur d'Coeurs Funeral Home" (in the first episode) instead of referring to the Schatz brothers.

    • Ned's watch must've been slow because, excluding the commercial break, he let Lawrence Schatz live for two minutes. Lawrence should've been touched after/before he talked about Chuck's father's pocketwatch.

    • In this episode, the spelling of Ned's childhood hometown has been changed to its correct spelling: "Coeurs d'Coeurs", as can be seen on the envelopes of the hate mail and the gift tag on Aunt Lily and Vivian's package.

  • Quotes

    • Emerson: (to Ned) Future Me is saying 'I told you so' all upside your head... but Now Me is standing here quietly.

    • Chuck: The pirate metaphor, it's weak.
      Emerson: It's apt.

    • Chuck: I was having conversations with myself.
      Ned: What did you guys talk about?

    • Chuck: We're going to Heaven.
      Louis: I got in?
      Chuck: Yeah, and Heaven is closing in five minutes.

    • Ned: (about the coffin) It's stuck.
      Emerson: Chyeah! You better be playin'!
      Ned: Twenty-nine seconds!
      Emerson: Ohhhh hell no! (runs)

    • Narrator: The expression "pie in the sky" / Entered popular culture in 1911. / It refers to a dessert so sweet, / It could only be found in heaven. / If you're craving something / Before you die, / I recommend where / The Pie Maker makes his pies. / But if you're like Chuck, / You may enjoy the pie / Even after you die. / Her sixty seconds came and went, / She stayed alive / And instead, / Someone else had to die. / He kept Chuck blissfully / Unaware of this fact. / She was alive again, / That was that.

    • Chuck: You won't even know I'm here.
      Emerson: 'Cause you're leaving?
      Chuck: No.

    • Olive: (about Chuck) I could smell trouble on her like she stepped in it and it stuck to her heel.

    • Narrator: At that very moment Chuck saw the pie maker, perhaps not as he really was, but as he would always appear to her: her Prince Charming.

    • Ned: You framed someone for a murder, you ass!
      Wilfred Woodruff: I had no choice.
      Ned: Of course you did. Everything we do is a choice: oatmeal or cereal, highway or side street, kiss her or keep her. We make choices and we live with the consequences. If someone gets hurt along the way we ask for forgiveness. It's the best anyone can do.

    • Emerson: I ain't gonna fit.
      Ned: You'll fit. There's plenty of room.
      (cut to)
      Ned: (inside, looking at a stuck Emerson) Ohhh, the window looked bigger from up there.

    • Ned: What are we going to do with the body?
      Emerson: We're gonna put Schatz back exactly where he died and show whoever this sucker was who tried to frame you how a sucker gets framed.

    • Lily Charles: (to Vivian) Why are we having pie... (to Olive) ...and who the hell are you?

    • Emerson: Lawrence Schatz wasn't murdered, he was accidentally involuntarily manslaughtered.
      Ned: I appreciate that.
      Emerson: There ain't no killer.

    • Ned: Louis Schatz is a big fat liar. And I say fat in reference to his size as a liar, not as a judgment of his physical appearance.

    • Emerson: (referring to the funeral home situation) Anybody dead back there that shouldn't be?
      Ned: No.
      Emerson: Sweet.

    • Narrator: One minute's time was nearing it's end. Random selection was about to begin.
      Ned: Five seconds!
      Chuck: Maybe I should let him have his life back?
      Ned: Not how it works!

    • Lawrence Schatz: Hey, how did I die? Did somebody kill me? Hey, did Louis kill me?!
      Ned: Nobody killed you, per se.
      Chuck: Yes they did. It was so that I could live.
      Ned: It wasn't personal, I didn't pick you, the selection is purely random, but it didn't help that you were in the next room.

    • Ned: (to Lawrence Schatz, about being the reason he died) I'm sorry for what I did. It was mostly on accident, but partially on purpose. However inadvertent, I'm sorry I did it. That's all.

    • Louis: Do you know what it's like to live in daily fear that one minute you could drop dead, right where you're standing, because of something somebody else did?
      Emerson: I feel like I could smoke a cigar with you.

    • Narrator: As the pie maker found himself back at the scene of his crime, Chuck found herself back where her second life began. Now with the understanding of how it began.

    • Ned: I'm not touching Lawrence Schatz. It's too traumatic. I am fragile on this issue.
      Emerson: That how it is?
      Ned: Yeah, that's how it is.
      Emerson: Whatever you say. Killer.

    • Emerson: I need to chat with Lawrence Schatz before he goes into the ground. Tomorrow.
      Ned: I'm not going back to that funeral home. It's returning to the scene of a crime, that's just sloppy.

    • Ned: Why did you take this case?
      Emerson: You want me to take this case. I'm making sure nobody else solves it.

    • Emerson: You, on the other hand, made me an accomplice to a murder.
      Ned: Stop saying that, I didn't murder anyone. There was no malice or forethought. Okay, maybe accidental, involuntary manslaughter.
      Emerson: What? You accidentally, involuntarily let Dead Girl live?

    • Ned: Chuck, say something.
      Chuck: I can't, for the life of me, think of anything to say. Oh, I forgot, it's not even my life, is it?

    • Ned: Why are you still talking?
      Emerson: I'm rippin' off the Bandaid!
      Ned: I'm not a ripper, I pull up a corner a little at a time and then run it under warm water and I pull it up a little more. It's a process.
      Emerson: Lettin' it rip. (walks away)

    • Chuck: But you didn't touch him how are we supposed to find out who killed him if you didn't touch him?
      Emerson: Already know who killed him.
      Chuck: So the mysterious part is how he was killed?
      Emerson: Already know that too.
      Chuck: Okay, how was he killed and who was the killer?
      Emerson: (to Ned) Yeah, who is the killer?
      Narrator: The pie maker's eye twitched in anticipation of the lie he was about to tell, but instead what he told was the truth...
      Ned: Me.
      Chuck: What? You killed someone?

    • Chuck: Why are you running away?
      Ned: Vertigo, dizzy, the room's turning, spinning. And I I think it's my shoes, they're probably stiff and they pinch and I, uh, I think they are cutting off my circulation.

    • Emerson: (about talking to Ned without Chuck) In private. My private. Which doesn't include her, so she better not come.

    • Ned: What did you say it was, besides mysterious?
      Emerson: I have not yet expressed my opinion.
      Ned: Would you care to express it now?
      Emerson: My opinion is you need to take a coupon for this conversation and redeem it at another date.
      Ned: I want to use my coupon now.
      Emerson: Redeem it tomorrow. There's somebody in the county fridge you need to talk to.

    • Chuck: How did the somebody die?
      Emerson: He said it felt like life just got up and left him, like I'm going to get up and leave you.

    • Chuck: Do you think dying has made me morbid?

    • Olive: Ever feel like all the oxygen left the room?

    • Narrator: Chuck wasn't the only storm brewing that evening. An innocuous low-pressure system was forming that would soon become Hurricane Olive.

    • Chuck: Why is it only a minute?
      Ned: Hm?
      Chuck: A minute seems awfully arbitrary.
      Ned: A minute's a long time, a lot can happen in a minute. Besides, the longer someone's around that some place could be around them the more likely it is that something will...happen. Not necessarily directly or by any fault of theirs but you know butterfly wings and such
      Chuck: What about 'em?
      Ned: They cause hurricanes.
      Chuck: Oh, right. Am I a hurricane?
      Ned: Little bit. But I, uh, I like the weather-
      (Chuck cuts him off through a saran-wrap kiss)
      Ned: You really shouldn't do that.

    • Chuck: Which birthday do I celebrate? I've got two of them now: The first day I was alive or the first day I was alive again?
      Ned: The one that requires less explanation.

    • Narrator: Fearing the consequences of his actions, Ned vowed to never ever again bring the dead back to life for more than a minute... until he did it again.

    • Olive: SOS! OS! OS!

    • Lily: (to Olive, talking about Ned) He gave Charlotte a beaver t-shirt for 8th birthday. (turns to Vivian) How we called him?
      Vivian: Beaver boy.
      Lily: Beaver boy!

    • Olive: Someone has made you the happy recipients of a pie from The Pie Hole. As in "shut your." Or, in this case, "open your," because it's really good!
      Vivian: (thoughtful) Pie Hole... I like it, it's provocative.

    • Alfredo: Might I make an observation?
      Olive: Compliment or criticism?
      Alfredo: A neutral thought I would say. It's not a compliment nor critical.
      Olive: Neutral thought, gives me pause!
      Alfredo: Neutrafully this portion of the conversation but I do have complimentary observation as part of a followup discussion, which I intend to headline with an offer to repair your espresso machine.
      Olive: What's your neutral thought?
      Alfredo: You seem decidedly unhappy.
      Olive: I haven't decided that!
      Alfredo: No anxieties? Neuroses? Pathologies?
      Olive: Garden variety. What are you beating at?
      Alfredo: I'm beating at happiness. I've beaten it into submission and bottled it for convenience. It's homeopathic.
      Olive: Meaning it deeply relates to gay people.
      Alfredo: Gay only in that they are bright, they are happy!

    • (Ned is about to be struck down by Wilfred Woodruff)
      Narrator: The pie maker considered the choices he made that brought him to this very moment. A moment that may be his last... the irony of being struck down by the man who murdered the twin of the man he killed, was not lost on the pie maker. Also not lost: his agility.

    • (while Chuck is trying to release Emerson)
      Chuck: Remember, mind over matter will make Pooh unfatter.
      Emerson: I might be stuck, but I can still reach my gun.

    • Ned: I'm gonna see if I've got some plastic wrap.

    • Ned: I made a choice and I'd do it again. I let Lawrence Schatz die and if I was faced with that choice right now I would make the same choice. You could put me in a loop and I'd make the same choice every time, that's how confident I am that it was the right choice for me to make. I'm sorry if that makes me a bad person, but... I'm not sorry that you're alive.

    • Emerson: That was the Truth bus.
      Olive: That wasn't the Truth bus, that was the Bitchy Crosstown Express.

    • (while Emerson is trapped on a little window)
      Chuck: Are you stuck?
      Emerson: No.
      Chuck: Yes you are! Like Winnie the Pooh. Give me your paws, Pooh.

    • (During a sword fight)
      Wilfred Woodruff: You should know that I was thrice named ultimate sword master at the Southern Area Regional Volunteer Infantry Reenactment Regiment!
      Ned: I wanted to be a Jedi!

  • Notes

    • International Airdates:
      Denmark: February 15, 2008 on SBS Net
      United Kingdom: April 19, 2008 on ITV1
      Israel: April 22, 2008 on YES Stars 1
      Latin America: April 24, 2008 on Warner Channel
      The Netherlands: August 26, 2008 on Net 5
      Belgium: October 22, 2008 on VT4
      Germany: November 5, 2008 on ProSieben
      Greece: November 22, 2008 on Star
      Finland: February 3, 2009 on Sub
      Norway: February 15, 2009 on TV3
      Australia: April 21, 2009 on W
      Sweden: July 5, 2009 on TV3
      Czech Republic: January 17, 2010 on Prima
      Slovakia: July 28, 2010 on Markiza

    • Paul Reubens, aka Pee Wee Herman, was originally cast in the role of Alfredo. However, for reasons unknown the role was recast. Reubens would later appear in Daisies in the recurring role of Oscar Vibenius.

  • Allusions

    • Emerson: Who do you think hooked us up with Corpse Bride?
      Emerson refers to Chuck as the Corpse Bride, which is the title of a movie by Tim Burton, whose movies are probably a role model for the look of the world of Pushing Daisies.

    • Ned: I wanted to be a Jedi.
      In the Star Wars movies, Jedi Knights are protectors of peace and justice. They use light sabers, a type of futuristic laser-sword. Ned apparently wanted to be able to duel as they did and picked up some skills.

    • Chuck mentions several times in this episode the character created by A. A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh, as Emerson is stuck in a window, with half body inside the house and half outside, as seen in Winnie the Pooh many times.

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