Pushing Daisies

Season 2 Episode 9

The Legend of Merle McQuoddy

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Dec 10, 2008 on ABC

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  • Another great slice of pie!

    The penultimate episode before the Christmas holidays gave us everything we come to expect and more. Emerson's brilliant one liners were as sharp as ever and his working relationship with Olive really blossomed. Ned and Chuck had their ups and downs but in the end Chuck chose Ned over her father. Charles Charles is still totally wacky and ended up driving the car away. The Lighthouse story was funny and so were Emerson and Olive's raincoats with the olives and cod on them. The darama lady was also completely mad. This series is so good it pains me still that it has been cancelled.
  • A nice, tight episode

    Fans of "Pushing Daisies" received a small slice of good news this week. While the series is still cancelled (extremely minor details aside), Bryan Fuller has made an effort to give the final episode more closure. It's probably going to be as fleeting a sense of completion as the "ending" of "Journeyman" was last season, but it's something. (Now the question is: will ABC even bother to air the final three episodes, or just dump them onto the inevitable DVD package?)

    With another episode heavy on the ongoing plot elements, this is good news indeed. Because as I've said before, that's the side of the series that I enjoy the most, and the part that had the least chance of receiving the aforementioned closure. Now, if nothing else, I can hold out hope that Chuck's father and his decision to be Dead Man Driving will amount to something when the final curtain falls.

    I loved the emphasis on the nature of the relationship between Chuck and Ned, and how Charles Charles continually challenged Ned's assumption that it was a good thing. This is a modern fairy tale, of course, so the love between the piemaker and his undead paramour cannot be in true jeopardy. But that doesn't mean that Charles Charles can't make things hilarious in the attempt!

    I'm also warming up to the Emerson/Olive private eye connection that has emerged. It gives Olive a lot more to do, and in terms of her revived lust for Ned, it gives her an ally. After all, Emerson barely tolerates Chuck on the best of days (not unlike his reaction to most of humanity), so why wouldn't he want to help Olive in her little quest?

    In short, this was another episode that reinforces why the series will be so missed by fans and critics alike.
  • A nostalgic tribute and great fun!

    I worked on the production of "Pete's Dragon" from beginning to end. This was a marvelous tribute, and great fun. I'm biased, of course, but this will be my favorite episode of "Daisies" of them all.

    It brought back all the wonderful events of that production, from Jim Dale and Red Buttons and Mickey Rooney, chasing and running from an imaginary dragon, to Helen Reddy's sweet portrayal of Nora and Sean Marshall's Pete. Sean had never been in any production, and was an amazingly gifted child. He made Elliot exist for all of us. He always will be real for me.

    If I could, I would give a personal "Thank You" to the producers of "Pushing Daisies" for this lovely adaptation.

    John M. Poer
    Assistant Director
    "Pete's Dragon"
  • "You made me love the rain again."

    That wonderful line was said in this wonderful episoe by Emerson, who seems to have all the great one-liners. In this episode, he and Olive to solve a lighthouse murder. Though the suspects were less nutty than usual, Olive and Emerson's banter made up for it. Plus they were wearing funny raincoats! Olive was wearing one with olives and Emerson had one with cods. It made me smile and laugh for a while...

    Meanwhile, Charles doesn't seem too keen on the idea that Ned, who killed him, is with his Button. He even tries to reveal Ned's secret by walking around in the Pie Hole. The two also get into a fight, culminating in Ned locking Charles in the back room. And as much as Chuck wants them to the cute quarterback and cheerleader couple, Charles wants to take this away and whisk Chuck to an adventure. Cake may have many layers and treasures hidden inside, Charles, but pie also feature many wonderous things underneath that crust and it goes better with ice cream.

    So in the end, Chuck decides that the spoon lies with Ned, her studly quarterback. But before they can make out underneath the bleachers with her pom-poms, Charles decide that the spoon lands somewhere else and leaves his daughter. How could he? Leave Chuck? That's just as outrageous as ABC cancelling this show. Oh, I'm sad again...
  • Wow! That was so nice, adventerous and romantic!!!

    This is the best I've been waiting for with anxiety since the season premiere and it DEFINITELY lived up to my expectations. One of the BEST of Season 2. The snowy scenes made this episoe very special to me because I adore snow. :)

    The murder mystery was humorous. Especially the killed lady who could not speak -- Haha!! :D
    Emerson & Olive were so sweet at the end, they made a terrific team together!

    While they were solving the mystery, Ned and Chuck had an arguement for I think the first time -- awww.
    But they were so cute throughout the whole episode. We finally had that LONG anticipated plastic wrap kiss -- and a LONG one... YESS!!! =))
    I was gonna be pissed with Chuck because I thought she chose dad over love but she didn't. So happpy. :)

    But I have to say I hated Charles Charles I know he's upset with Ned but come on -- don't be annoying. Hehe! :D
    I wonder if we'll see him again. The last scene was exciting. =))