Pushing Daisies

Season 2 Episode 10

The Norwegians

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Dec 17, 2008 on ABC

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  • Perhaps the best of the season

    My enjoyment of "Pushing Daisies" has largely been dependent on an episode's concentration of amusement. In other words, if an episode delivers great material at a brisk pace, keeping me laughing and smiling the entire time, then it's likely to earn high marks. If those moments are a little less frequent, then the marks aren't so high.

    I can happily say that this was one of my favorite episodes of the season. Nearly every scene was a laugh riot, with nearly every line of dialogue contributing to the beautiful madness. It reminded me very much of the pilot episode in that respect. Unlike some episodes this season, where the plot elements seemed to overpower the comedic and absurd underpinnings of the show, this was a near-perfect balance.

    My only caveat would be the examples of overbearing exposition and recapping at the beginning of the episode. Granted, there are some viewers who might have missed an episode here and there, and the plot has been accelerated lately, but given the ratings, I would think most of the current viewers are devoted fans who have been there since day one. So is it really necessary to recap the same information, over and over again? (I had similar quibbles with the season premiere, as some might recall.)

    Kudos to the entire cast, including Orlando Jones and the rest of the Norwegians, for pulling off some very impressive comedy. I'd love to see some of the outtakes from this episode, because I'm sure there were tons of moments where the cast lost their composure! It all seemed to come together more seamlessly than some of the other episodes this season, and for that reason alone, I found it notable.

    As of the writing of this review, ABC has yet to announce its intentions for the final three episodes of the series. It would be a shame if those episodes never saw broadcast and the fans were forced to wait for the DVD. For a show that gained so many accolades after the first season, it deserves at least that much consideration.
  • Another brilliantly funny episode.

    Well this is the last episode before Christmas and if the final 3 episodes aren't aired then it could be the last episode ever. It was ever bit as funny, witty and charming as the rest of the series. The excellent cast acted wonderfully and the plot simply rattled along at a funny fast pace - just as we come to expect from pushing Daisies. Emerson's one-liners were brilliant throughout and Olive was perfect. The final twist when Ned's dad turned up was so good, I didn't actually see that one coming. I hope those last 3 episodes get aired as soon as possible!
  • A team of PI's are hired to find out what happened to Dwight Dixion, and panic ensues as the investigation brings the team closer to uncovering the truth.

    This episode was amazing it reminds me how amazing this show really is! The plot-lines are exciting funny and enthralling to watch. You never know what is going to happen and right up until the end I was on the end of my seat. The Norwegians were quite a funny accent to the already quirky cast but it made things that much more fun to watch. The shocking conclusion of the episode with Ned's father had me shaking with anticipation for more, which is the only bad thing I can say about the episode it wasn't long enough! Plus I loved what Olive did I never saw that coming I cannot wait till the next episode!
  • 3 weeks left and It's keep getting BETTER! This makes me depressed. :(

    Ahhh that was a fantasticccccccc and a yet again a breath-taking episode. Seriously I'm gonna go crazy with my growing love for this show. Its still getting better and better. :)
    So sad that it's the last one for the year. I wanted to cry.
    But enough boo-hoo, lets get to reviewing. :D
    The first scenes were great. I cried of laughter when Ned & Chuck touched Emersons hand -- haha! The Norwegians made me laugh because all 3 of them looked just like Ned, Chuck and Emerson. I liked that they did this. Quite humurous! :D

    Loved Olive's story line the most in this episode. I was so sad for her. She does all sorts of things for them and they keep secrets, it's not fair to her. :(
    But teaming up with the Norwegians -- Wow she is def. becoming a good P.I. LOL! :D

    Btw, Emerson's "That itty-bitty traitor" line about Olive craked me up completely. :D

    Ned & Olive in the "Mother RV" was exciting. She finally got some answers she's been wondering. Even though they weren't exactly correct. :P

    The last scene was yet another cliffhanger, dammit! :(
    Where did Ned's father come from? Holy wow! Theres 3 weeks left. Some things are still not solved but we're getting there. :S

    HOW on earth are we going to wait for LONG weeks for the remaning 3? Ughh no sleeping tight at nights for us Daisie fans til the show comes back. :(
    Lets hope the ratings comes around 5 mil. so that ABC will air them all. They have tooooo!!! :(