Pushing Daisies

Season 2 Episode 11

Window Dressed to Kill

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM May 30, 2009 on ABC

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  • Do not read this if you have not seen this episode! Unless you want spoilers!

    I did a dance, an actual dance, just before this episode started on TV. Like most I was devastated when Pushing Daisies was cancelled last year and then ABC refusing to show the last three episodes was like driving the knife in.
    So seeing this new episode after so many months was simply a delight. ITV1 here in the UK decided to do the decent thing and air the last three episodes after the fiasco over them refusing to show the second episode of season 1 last year.

    The opening to this episode like all Pushing Daisies episode starts back in time. Young Olive Snook was apparently neglected by her parents and ends up being kidnapped by two crooks for a couple of days. Years later they bust out of prison and are after Olive it seems.
    The case in this episode didn't seem all that interesting at first (by Pushing Daisies standards) but gets more intriguing as the episode goes on.
    Ned's decision to stop touching dead things in episode means that Emerson has to solve the case of the window dresser found frozen in a fountain the old fashioned way and Chuck volunteers herself to assist.

    One of the best things about this episode is the expansion of the Daisyverse, it's great when Ned and Chuck take a walk along the high street hand in hand (with gloves) with Pigby and Digby. The costuming and set design in the show is simply gorgeous. Chuck notices that the window display in the department store is exactly the same as the crime scene and she and Emerson begin their investigation.

    The main story between Olive and Ned however holds the most weight for me. Olive is still not over Ned and is totally hung up on what he said when they were they nearly fell over the cliff in the previous episode. He said he didn't not ever look at her in "that way". This prompts Olive to being reading books about double negatives and try some out double meanings out on Ned which is really funny. Ned is totally perplexed when Olive launches herself from the Pie-Hole counter and hangs from one of the cherry shaped ceilings lights trying to recreate his cliff side confessional.
    This is when the two crooks that kidnapped Olive when she was a kid turn up. But all is not what it seems. Due to the fact that Olive was ignored by her parents as a child she stool herself away into the crooks get away car and they did not kidnap her at all she refused to go home. Whilst in prison she maintained her friendship with them and wrote to them, but it seems she has been telling a few porkies. Olive has told them that she and Ned are a couple!
    I love that Randy Mann made a reappearance in this episode and he also goes along with Olive's lie which just gets bigger and bigger. Randy agrees to help get the crooks across the border in his taxidermy van to try and avoid the law. For some reason I can't remember they end up and Lilly and Vivian Charles house.
    Ned and Randy have a chat and Ned says he just wants to be Clark Kent not Superman. Randy says that if he had super powers he would totally use them who wouldn't? The police are waiting outside the house and Ned does something totally un-Nedlike he creeps outside to Randy's van and touches the dead animal in there which is a rhinoceros! The rhino goes on the rampage and the police scarper which gives the crooks time to escape.

    Chuck is dismayed to learn that Ned "tried on" a relationship with Olive (which involved touching and kissing) but Ned says he his fine about it and Olive seems to be over Ned. But Ned sees the now close Olive and Randy holding hands and he his totally jealous! What a shocker!

    Mystery, delight, drama, Olive singing, this is true Pushing Daisies mastery.
    "Obtain" this episode as soon as you can!